Also.Also.Also: Lots of Truly Terrible News for LGBTQ People But Also a Queer Femme Fight Club, So!

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Hello good morning and welcome to your link roundup, which is one full day late, but you have already forgiven that transgression because you understand the value of an early morning roundup of the finest, if truly fucking horrendous at times, links. Be honest, did yesterday stress you the fuck out? Me too! Well that day is over, friend. Here we are on the very BRINK of this new day, which is also the day that A-Camp tickets go on sale, so there really is hope.

Queer as in F*ck You

Report: Texas is at the Epicenter of an ‘Epidemic of Violence’ Against LGBTQ People.

Hate Crime Linked To Schools In England And Wales Soars.

Lesbians And Bisexual Girls Are More Likely To Be Suspended, Expelled.

Police In Tunisia Break Up LGBT Demonstration “For Their Own Security”.

Owner of Queer, Black-Owned Brewery Says ‘White Supremacy’ Led to Its Closure.

Julia Boom, Lesbian Who Planned To Wed Wife In 24 Countries, Tragically Dies.

The Queer Femme Fight Club Channeling Rage Through Wrestling. Do you think it’s too late to pitch this as an A-Camp activity?

Jesus I love this so much I nearly passed out. Photos of Total Strangers Pretending to Be in Serious Relationships. UGGGHHGHH I AM SCREAMING ughghghhh.

Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley Talks Queerness, Fat Acceptance, and Deleting Social Media.

Doll Parts

Riese shared this with us last week and I mentally flung myself from my chair and onto the floor where I then mentally thrashed around screaming YES YES! THIS IS IT! GODDAMNIT! AAAAAAAHHHH because The Female Price Of Male Pleasure is too true for me to even breathe, OK.

The Best Song of 1998. Correct.

The Stereotype That Women On Twitch Are ‘Asking For It’.

Does the Bechdel Test Have a Place in Circus? Some niche content for you.

Keep Up

How White Liberals Can Be Allies In Fighting Racism And The Oppression Of Minorities.

Saw This, Thought of You

You Can Elevate Native Americans Without Tokenizing Them.

The Follower Factory.

Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers in New Biopic, You Are My Friend, As If Anyone Else Could. Keep it no thank you.

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  1. I’m a recent migrant to the Northwest (about three years ago). I was born and raised in Texas, in a very religious environment. I’m black and trans. The entire experience left claw marks in me. My heart goes out so hard to all of those families that have experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one to hatred and brutality.

    People sometimes ask me when I’m going back “home” to visit. I tell them that I get to pick my home, and home is the Northwest now. I claim the whole thing. It isn’t perfect, but it’s less terrible. This region has been a place of healing for me.

    Oddly enough, claiming the Northwest as home sometimes offends people. I just walk away. Anyone that gets offended by my residency in this region isn’t worth my time, and I really don’t have to explain my chosen home philosophy to them.

    • Trite as it may sound, home is indeed where the heart is. You’ve found yours – just because it’s not where you began scarcely seems like any kind of justification to dismiss where someone’s found they *belong*. (In my case, that’s the Bay, San Francisco especially. Amazingly, I should finally be able to move back there in a few months =:)

      Congratulations on discovering where you belong, both geographically and in gender. ^_^

  2. I had a massive table-flip reaction to the news about the Mr. Rogers biopic and plan to pretend it never happened. I cannot fathom Fred Rogers ever signing off on this were he alive today. I get that trying to capitalize on our nostalgia is the thing we’re doing in lieu of creating new things now but @#$%@ IS NOTHING SACRED? (shhh I know it’s not)

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