Also.Also.Also: Loretta Lynn, Lesbians in Tech, and Other Stories for Your Weekend

I’m sorry, I finished Half-Blood Prince last night, so mostly I need a month long vacation and a warm bath. Or like, a time machine so I can go back to 2005 and experience this collectively with the rest of the world? Whew I’m just so tired and sad! Lordy be.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Women Perceived to be LGBTI are 30% Less Likely to be Called for a Job Interview.

+ How Bryn Kelly’s Death Irrevocably Changed My Life by Devan Diaz.

+ Is Family-Friendly Search Engine Kiddle Leaving Behind LGBT Youth? Make sure you read all the way to the update at the bottom!

+ What Gaga’s Oscar Performance Meant to a Queer Rape Survivor by Sunnivie Brydum.

+ Ellen Page is a SXSW Keynote Speaker.

+ Is it Easier to be a Lesbian in the Tech Industry? Lots of questions today.

+ Here’s 15 Trans Actors You Should Know!

Doll Parts

+ The only thing keeping me afloat on this sad, sad day:

+ Cherno Biko Returns her NBCBLK28 Honor in the Wake of Melissa Harris-Perry’s Firing.

+ In today’s Loretta Lynn News, Loretta Lynn releases her new album, Full Circle, and you can catch the documentary, Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl, tonight on PBS! Loretta! LO-RETTA!

+ A handy dandy waltz through the presidential candidates’ stances on feminist issues. So cool and chill! So much.

+ Watch the women of Hamilton sing feminist quotes for Women’s History Month!

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Coalition of Immokalee Workers Launch National Boycott Against Wendy’s.

Nearly every major fast-food company has signed on to the CIW’s Fair Food Program, which increases the price of tomatoes by a penny per pound to increase pay, improve working conditions, and extend new rights to workers. Wendy’s remains the lone holdout.

+ Hi it’s wine by Tituss Andromedon.

+ New Weapon in Day Laborers’ Fight Against Wage Theft: A Smartphone App.

+ Total Solar Eclipse You Guys!

+ Ahem, how to speak Cat.

And Finally

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  1. Ghost busters looks really fun, and I want to make it a success to p*** off the misogynists but did they really have to make the only non scientist the black woman?! Come on, why couldn’t she be the bad ass genius!

    • This is exactly what I was thinking!
      It felt like here is the white team, plus the add-on black character, who is funny in an “outsider” way??? Which is weird, because she’s playing the New Yorker, so it’s her home town.
      idk, I’m obviously not the right person to be commenting – would like to hear other people’s thoughts.

    • Homage to the original possibly;the only normal person was Wintson played by Ernie Hudson.
      I still giveth some side eye though.

      But also glad a badass normal will be included, god moding/perfect types are lame and bore me to almost tears.

    • That is unfortunate, but people are complex and who she supports politically doesn’t erase the many positive things she’s done.

      Lynn is interesting because her personal politics aren’t conventionally liberal or conservative. She certiantly holds positions that I disagree with deeply, but she also took a strong stand for women’s rights at a time when it was a lot riskier to do so, especially for a country singer. She’s talked about how several doctors told her that her song “The Pill” did more to raise awareness of/de-stigmatize birth control pills in isolated rural areas than any of the literature they’d released. In some ways, the fact that she isn’t exclusively liberal has allowed her to positively influence people who would otherwise have dismissed her ideas out of hand.

    • Ha – yep. And I was just reminded that she was once sued for pointing out a black person in her audience and saying to the audience something like, “well that’s the color of coal”, while introducing Coal Miner’s Daughter. She won the case, but only because Virginia’s laws are pretty terrible. The court wouldn’t say it was “outrageous” just “insensitive”, so she won. But really, other than Dolly (please don’t fuck up, Dolly), who can we expect of old south country singers to not have some ridiculous ideas (Trump support being a big one)?

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