Also.Also.Also: How About Some LGBT-Only University Housing and Other Stories for Your Week

Well hello there, stargazers! It’s about as Monday as it’s gonna get, so I hope you’re super ready for the whole thing. Drink that water and stretch your energy up to the treetops while you still can! Eat a banana! I still can’t talk about The Toast! Zip!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support Plentitude Magazine: Canada’s queer lit mag that you will very likely love a whole lot.

+ Head on over to the LGBTQ Sundown Social in Bushwick! Or fuck it, if you’re not in Bushwick, maybe start your own Sundown Social, ya dang whipsmarts.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Whoa ho ho, your girl Aniya Wolf (of last Monday’s AAA title story and other great tuxedo history, etc) has been invited to be on It’s Always Sunny in her tux. Suck on THAT, Bishop McDevitt High.

+ Transgender People in Canada Are Getting New Legal Protections.

+ Xicana Icon Ana Castillo Talks Ageism, Writing and Queer Identity.

+ Well damn, y’all. Students Call for LGBT-Only Accommodation at UK Universities.

+ The Rush to Rewrite Transgender Politics.

+ Voices From the Front Lines of Our Nations True Bathroom Panic.

+ LGBT Activists Stage Rare Lebanon Sit-In.

+ My Life as a Queer Single Mum.

+ The Moving Revelations of Gay Home Movies.

+ What the

+ Everyone on planet Earth is talking about The Handmaiden, the “Korean lesbian revenge thriller,” so. I mean, almost everyone. Nearly. Lots of them.

Doll Parts

+ Rewriting the Destinies of Juvenile Girls, One Story at a Time.

+ Access, Not Just Google: Are Infosystems Erasing Women’s Work?

+ Susan Sarandon has said the damn thing: “[Woody Allen] sexually assaulted a child and I don’t think that’s right.”

+ Game of Thrones and the Paradox of Female Beauty.

+ Instagram What the Fuck.

+ Lord jesus what in the blazing fuck. Meteorologist in a Black Dress Interrupted Mid-Segment, Asked to Put on a Sweater. Get me the entire hell out of here.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ A Plan to Flood San Francisco With News on Homelessness.

+ I don’t know, but every time I read this last sentence I just yelp with some laughs. I make a joyful noise, you might say. Can the Christian Left Be a Real Political Force?: “Trump’s rise has thrown the religious right into turmoil. How Democrats could become the party of God.”

+ You and your mastodon friends, just chillin.

+ Truly the best thing the Nashville Airport has going for it: beers to go.

+ Gosh every last dang lifestyle person I follow on insta is cooking with rhubarb! RHUBARB IS NOW. Get on that rhubarb boat, friends.

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    • You were clearly living your best life at 3 <3.
      And yes rhubarb is the bomb.

      Strawberry & Rhubarb crumble
      Rhubarb pie
      Rhubarb compote

      Also NOPE Pets DO NOT "stay away from rhubarb leaves". we had this magnificent rhubarb in our garden and my dog as a puppy would chew on it without us knowing. Welp, she had horrible diarrhea for days and days and we couldn't figure out why. She almost died she was so sick :(. Turns out it was the rhubarb leaves! (stupid dog).

      Also the argument that people are intimidated by it because it "only grows for a couple of months" and "isn't there all year round" ?! Well SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE. Like tomatoes. Or strawberries. Peaches. Pumpkin. Cherries !!!
      Almost everything is seasonal ! It drives me nuts that people buy tomatoes and strawberries in winter when they live in regions where that shouldn't grow.

  1. Not sure how I feel about LGBT only housing. I have a trans friend who has definitely struggled to find housing, with landlords finding reasons to refuse her application and various other difficulties, but I’m currently living with 5 straight people and they’ve been incredibly welcoming and accepting and I love them to bits. My other concern is with British binge drinking culture and the levels of mental illness among students, even higher among LGBT students, could lead to a tense living situation in other ways.
    Everyone deserves to live in a safe space, but as far as I’m aware, most university housing is very good at dealing with conflicts – a friend reported she was facing homophobia from her flatmates and had moved to a separate flat within a day or two.

  2. As a student in England, I’ve actually only seen negative talk about the LGBT only accommodation from other LGBT students I know. It seems to be seen as segregating ourselves. I have to say I don’t have *huge* opinions on it, but I do wonder if it might turn into like a faith school scenario – “oh, just say you’re gay and you get prioritised for the nicer accommodation”? I wouldn’t strictly oppose it if it happened, but I’m not sure it’s the best idea?

  3. Related story, Rob McElhenney(Mac on It’s Always) mother is a lesbian, and his parents are actually still very close(I think I read a story where his father temporarily moved in with his ex-wife and her wife). And some of the plot regarding his mother and charlie’s mother living together are based on his mom and her wife.

  4. That “Voices From the Front Lines of Our Nations True Bathroom Panic” piece has kind of a weird focus for a lot of it. It makes the claim that feminine trans women don’t get harassed in bathrooms as much as masculine queer women and non binary people, but in real life, feminine trans women of color are constant targets of physical violence in public bathrooms.

    And undoubtedly it’s absolutely horrifyingly terrible that trans men face the rates of rape and sexual assault they do and that butch and moc lesbians and queer women are harassed in bathrooms so much, but these bills are very specifically about lawmakers wanting to be able to legally target trans women, so it’s kind of derailing to focus so much on those other issues when this article says it’s about bathroom laws. Both are important things that we need to talk about, but we can battle both without writing pieces like this that claim trans men are being ignored.

    • yeppp. The piece spent more time talking about so called silencing of GNC afab women/people and trans men than the actual threats and harassment we experience. I struggle with arguments like that bc it puts us against each other instead of holding up and combatting the discrimination we all face while centering the people who are at greatest risk of being targeted. Like yeah I fucking hate using public bathrooms these days bc Texas is full of idiots but no one is silencing my right to be mad about that, and I’m still gonna go to the mat for trans women and femmes every time I can.

  5. I said this on tumblr, but who is KTLA’s(LA’s CW affiliate) audience? Like have they not switch channels in the morning to see what meteorologist on the Fox 11 morning news is wearing? Or what they are wearing over at kcal9/cbs at night? Like this is LA, where a celebs are seen naked just getting in and out of cars. Were, a misogynistic radio host was telling women stuck in traffic on the 405 or 101 to flash people. I seriously think it was someone she knew who called in, cause I really, and I mean really doubt tv channels would do that over a random viewer calling in.

    Fuck KTLA, you haven’t been good since the 90’s.

  6. I’m always weary of segregation for reasons obvious to myself.
    I do think Everyone should feel safe in their own place of rest.
    This call for segregated housing should raise flags for the university. What is going on in these dorms to cause this request? What is the university doing to teach and discipline straight students?
    Are there LGBT students that are being harmed (harassment or violence) in their housing who feel they cannot report it? I’m assuming this qualify as domestic abuse.
    It is interesting considering the discrimination in housing issues and transgender discrimination issues.

  7. I just graduated from Ohio University and I can tell you a few things I know about the LGBT population here and their relationship with the surrounding community.

    At OU we just got our first LGBT class started last academic school year. This was the first time it was ever offered. We also have an LGBT center that has been around longer than most other Universities and the center frequently uses their OUTreach program that has LGBT volunteers visit classes and talk about inclusiveness and how straight people can be ally’s. We also have multiple LGBT clubs, events and even a prom. All of these things helped my Freshman self come out and proud and understand my community better.

    Now, as for the dorms I have never been harassed or treated differently while living in the dorms (this could however have a lot to do with me living in an “art” dorm, which had plenty of queer people living in it). Walking while lesbian however, I have been harassed by other students from porches and passing cars. The sexism here, like most colleges, is everywhere. The homophobia is less often but is definitely present. I would argue that if I was in any other college, lets say the college of science, I more than likely would have encountered more harassment for being a dyke while living in the dorms designated for science majors.

    The real problem I see with this new dorm is the fact that the University is planning on tearing down an entire section of older dorms (that were only built about 30 years ago) that should of been maintained (rather than letting them get to the point where no one is safe to drink the water or have heat in winter) instead to build up these new dorms with millions of our student dollars. This University is shit in terms of allocating money (for anything) to better student life and pay our faculty. If OU really wanted to give something to the LGBT community here then they should have given money to better our LGBT center and its many programs while providing better pay for the people running them. I don’t even recall them asking the community if we would want a dorm all to ourselves… Ayway, the university reminds me of how pride parades are increasingly becoming corporations running around saying “hey shop here we support gay people!” And how do they do that really? They don’t. They just say so because it’s trendy progressive just like OU is trying to do with this dorm.

  8. Laneia, you always crack me up. I guess a sense of humor comes in handy in this infuriating world of ours.
    I loved the breakdown of the Game of Thrones reveal! I also want to click on some other links but fear they’ll send me into an angry fit.

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