Also.Also.Also: LGBT LiveJournal Content Now Subject to Russian Censorship and Other Stories

I was trying to write this opening bit and Slade, my oldest and tallest tax credit, wouldn’t stop talking about the snow cream he had Wednesday afternoon, so then I had to look up what the heck snow cream even is because I’m an uncultured swine who also, in my defense, doesn’t eat a lot of frozen treats. It’s xue hua bing, a Taiwanese creamy shaved ice situation that looks incredible. I want to take a second here to clarify that American snow cream (or at least in the south, I can’t speak for the rest of you) is made of literal snow, milk, and some vanilla extract, making it super hard to come by in my hometown because you don’t really see a lot of accumulated snow south of Nashville. ANYWAY now my #1 life goal is to get some coconut snow cream topped with pineapple and put it into my face. This is a very attainable goal so I’m pretty pumped.

Let’s read some news!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Persecution of Gay Men in Chechnya Escalates and Activists Are Scrambling to End Chechnya’s Persecution of Gay Men. Update: you can donate at All Out. (Thanks Chloe!)

+ LiveJournal’s Russian Owners Update Terms of Service, Jeopardizing LGBT Content.

+ How Police Entanglement with Immigration Enforcement Puts LGBTQ Lives at Risk.

+ GLAAD Responds to Outing of CBS Survivor Contestant, Zeke Smith.


+ Electronic Queer Trio TOMBOi Release First Full Length Album. Weren’t you just saying the other day that you needed a new full length album from an electronic queer trio?

+ Help launch Aisha Sabatini Sloan‘s new essay collection, “Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit,”, which, by the way, was chosen by Maggie Nelson as the winner of 1913’s Open Prose Book Contest!

1913 is responsible for publishing some of the most dynamic voices in print. Your contribution will enable Aisha to hire Lithub “Oscar nominated” publicist, Kima Jones, a pioneer at promoting writers of color.

Do you want to see the blooper real? Yes you do.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ U.S. Senators Want Answers on Trump’s Anti-LGBTQ Civil Rights Appointment.

Doll Parts

+ Write Letter Calling for an End to Misogyny After Nude-Photo Scandal.

+ Anything Men Can Do I Can Do Bleeding. Seemed like a thing you’d enjoy because it was a thing I enjoyed.

Keep Up

+ Here’s the Fine Print on the Country’s Biggest Ever Free College Plan.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ North: An Illustrated Travelogue by Christoph Niemann. Save this for when you’re done doing the thing you’re dreading doing today.

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  1. I want all afab ppl to remind cis men of the bleeding thing. Also some of us do it with horrible stomach cramps. And do all manner of work not just jobs like mine at a desk or jobs around a meeting table but physical stuff too. Stuff which ought to be impossible to do while bleeding. And one of the alternatives is not bleeding for nine months then pushing a human body through our own, which has grown in there all those months.

    That being said I don’t like cis women using the phrase ‘shark week’. I might be wrong but I think this comes out of trans language originally and has to do w dysmorphia. I don’t use it myself as an nb afab period haver cos I think I’d not mind my periods if they didn’t strongly physically hurt my stomach and groin so that’s something even cis women have to deal with rather than something dysmorphic.

    • Could you elaborate on the associations you have between shark week and dysmorphia, please? I’ve only heard it in the context of “bleeding while swimming attracts sharks”, but absolutely don’t want to be unconsciously appropriating a term and causing unnecessary offence.

    • Did you mean to say dysmorphic? Most trans people have dysphoria, not dysmorphia – they’re two different things.

      The classic body dysmorphic disorder example is someone who looks into a mirror and sees themself as heavier than they actually are. It’s not just that they wish they were thinner; it’s that they actually don’t have an accurate self image. (It’s not uncommon for someone who has anorexia to also struggle with dysmorphia.) (And yes, everyone’s self-image is distorted to some extent, just like most people feel sad sometimes but that’s not the same thing as being depressed.)

      Dysphoria, however, is when you do see your body the way someone else would and that causes you distress. For example, knowing that you have breasts and being distressed because that doesn’t match up with what your brain says your body should be.

      You might already know this so sorry if I’m coming across as too preachy! Just, as a person who experiences dysphoria, I really appreciate people using these terms accurately.

  2. What’s happening in Chechnya is fucking HORRIFYING. But what’s scaring me more is that the only place I’ve really seen it being talked about is on my FB feed from my queer friends posting from predominantly queer sites. I’ve seen articles from the Advocate, and Out, and Pink News Daily, and Daily Xtra, but when I Googled “Chechnya New York Times”, there was only one article from 2 weeks ago referencing a report from a Russian opposition paper, no original reporting from the NYT.

    I recognize that there is A LOT OF SHIT happening right now – a civil war in Syria, bombs being dropped on Syria and Afghanistan, Russia hacking, Pepsi commercials, a fight between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer saying stupid things – but seriously, WHERE is the mainstream media on this!? I’m an avid reader of the mainstream media, I am not usually the one running around screaming about how the mainstream media is ignoring such and such, but this too horrible to be ignored.

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