Also.Also.Also: LGBT-Friendly Cities Would Like Your Attention and Other Stories for the Week

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Happy new week! I finally carved one pumpkin and decorated my house for Halloween, and I made soup yesterday, so I couldn’t feel more autumnal if I bathed in PSL and stapled a scarecrow to my backside. Are your costume plans all finalized and ready to shine? Did you go to a Halloween party over the weekend? Is it time for a second cup of coffee yet? (Yes.)

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Here you go! This is what’ll make your day 100% better!

+ I’m a Proud Queer Woman, But Here’s Why I’m Still Nervous to Come Out to Other LGBTQ People.

+ Divisiveness in Queer Spaces Undermines the Work of Change-Makers on the Front Lines.

+ Hannah Hart’s Newest Creation is Her Bravest Yet.

+ Chely Wright: Reconciling with My Estranged Mom in Hospice Care After I Came Out Inspired My New Album.

+ These are the Most LGBT-Friendly Cities in the United States.

+ Michelle Tea brings you A Walking Tour of the Places I Hit Rock Bottom.

+ Indonesia’s President Finally Speaks Out Against Worsening Anti-LGBT Discrimination.

+ SUICIDE KALE! Did you see the new poster, shot by Robin Roemer and designed by Alex Vega??

A photo posted by Robin Roemer (@robinshoots) on

+ Chicano artist’s ‘Gay Lotería’ Series Celebrates Queer Love and Identity.

+ Eileen Myles on Writing and Social Media. You can also check in on Sandra Bernhard on the Pleasure and Peril of Being a Big Personality and Stevie Nicks on the Importance of Being a Romantic and even more people, because this website is very fucking cool.

+ I’m not linking to it, but shit like this is why we can’t have nice things: “Filmmaker Says Straight People Can Identify as Queer.”

Doll Parts

+ Renee Davis, Pregnant Washington Woman, Shot and Killed by Deputies During “Wellness Check” on Tribal Land.

+ Leslie Jones is perfect, but you already knew that.

+ Pop Stars, Songwriters, and the Space Between.

+ The US States Prohibiting the Discussion of Abortion in High Schools.

+ An Arab Trans Woman, Struggling to Find Myself in Language.

+ Where Are Women in F.B.I.’s Top Ranks?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Emmett Till Memorial in Mississippi is Now Pierced by Bullet Holes.

+ How America’s Criminal Justice System Became the Country’s Mental Health System.

+ Drone Shot, Road Reopens at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest.

+ STUDY: Race Impacts Student Referrals for Gifted, Special Education.

+ Federal Court Rules That “Even the President” Can’t Legalize Torture.

+ The Fight Against the Private Prison Industry Was Just Dealt a Huge Blow.

+ US Soldiers Told to Repay Thousands in Signing Bonuses from Height of War Effort.

+ Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable We Tracking.

+ Liar, Liar: How the Brain Adapts to Telling Tall Tales.

+ Researches Have Found Where Depression Lives in the Brain.

+ The Power of Grieving, Even if by Proxy.

+ What “Ouija” Actually Means, and How the Game Has Changed.

+ Why do These Plants Have Metallic Blue Leaves? I don’t know, Margot.

+ The Great British Bake Off Changes the Way the British Bake.

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  1. I don’t know what the article says, but I know of straight Trans* folk who identify as being queer.

    For myself, my feeling is the intent is the important thing. There is a world of difference between “Here is a community I feel safer and more accepted in” versus “I feel cooler and edgier by calling myself this (but can change my mind anytime something better for me comes along)”.

  2. I really disagree with Hannah Hart’s recipe for saving queer women’s media. I really don’t get it – which one “compromised” to a higher degree, Autostraddle or AfterEllen, and which one’s still standing? I am a fan of hers for many reasons, but this talk is a huge question mark.

  3. That piece about being reluctant or uncertain coming out to other queer folks, that was so relatable. I am also a bi femme Latina (and I’m in a relationship with a cis man), so all of the unpacking in there, I have in stages in my life as well. I do applaud that she’s more comfortable than I was at her age (I’m mid 30s). And I feel positively overall about youth and discovery and all the resources we have available now.
    Yet, so much is familiar in there. I’ve found community with other bi women and nonbinary folks most of all, but the ‘not queer enough’ worries, comparisons, and other assorted questions are a reality.

  4. I looked up the “Filmmaker Says Straight People Can Identify as Queer” article and I think it’s an instance of a journalist giving a terrible title to an interview. The filmmaker in question (Jamal Lewis) uses they pronouns and cites “their black, gender-nonconforming, and fat identities as an integral part of their queer identity.” They’re working on a documentary called No Fats No Femmes that sounds awesome:

    “No Fats, No Femmes interrogates and explores desire and the ways in which it is deeply informed by media, pop culture, and capitalism through interviews, archival research, and performance. The film critically engages the phrase ‘no fats, no femmes,’ which is popularly used on queer social networking/dating sites to describe one’s dating preferences, through the personal narrative(s) of 5 Black and Brown gender-non-conforming, queer, trans, fat, femme, and disabled people.”

    I don’t think Jamal is an enemy here!

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