Also.Also.Also: BAT FACTS Facts About Bats BAT FACTS and Other Important Stories

I don’t know what happened but somehow I’ve lost entirely all of my chill this week and it’s just awful. I’ve never lost this much chill at once. It’s terrible. I don’t even know what to do! It’s like a constant feeling of dread? Y’all, I don’t know. I just want my chill so bad. I hope you are so chilled, reader.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support the documentary What I’m Made Of!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Dannielle Owens-Reid and Julia Nunes on the Ally Coalition podcast!

+ New Study Aims to Improve Health Care for LGBT People of Color.

Doll Parts

+ Why Are Sports Bras So Terrible? by Rose Eveleth.

+ Meet NYC’s All Latina Skate Crew, Brujas by Xatherin Gonzalez with photography by Laurel Golio.

In many ways, the Brujas skate crew encompasses a spiritual practice. “Practicing magic and practicing skateboarding are really similar because it’s all about your energy, intention, and personal perspective,” says Gil. “For a lot of people, it can serve as a vehicle of healing.”

+ A fresh new thing to read at the next meeting of your Jasika Nicole Fan Club: What’s In Your Toolbox, wherein Jasika talks about making things and lessons learned from her mama and other brilliant bits.

+ The Fragile Ears of Men. Bless you Leah Finnegan.

+ Why Are So Many Feminists Transphobic?

+ At 81, Feminist Gloria Steinem Finds Herself Free of the ‘Demands of Gender’.

+ Since Caitlyn Jenner, Renaming Ceremonies Gain Visibility by Hannah Seligson.

+ Female-Centric Movies Make a Ton of Money by Danya Evans.

+ Sarah Mirk on Who Gets to Call Themselves a Gamer?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ My Dad, the Exorcist. Hm.

+ Ella Morton on How Long It Would Take for Vampires to Annihilate Humanity.

+ What’s It Like to Become a Certified Tea Sommelier? I WANNA LIVE THIS LIFE.

+ New York City Has Officially ‘Banned the Box’ for Job Applicants.

+ Do you like Mary Jane candies? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

And Finally

BAT FACTS. Facts about bats! BAT FACTS.

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  1. I love bats! They play a huge roll in our ecosystem. We own a bat rescue/rehilibiation center in Orlando,called City Bats Conservancy. Education is the key for these little ones to survive and thrive.

    Also, male bats exhibit the highest rate of homosexuality among mammals. Even more reasons to love them!

    Thank you for including them in your article!!

  2. 1. oh heyyyy maybe your chill is with my chill? i hope they are having a really great chill time together wherever they are. i feel like a useful exercise might be to make a quilt like in how to make an american quilt and it will be all about “where chill resides” and it would have lots of patches about herbal tea and lush products and deep tissue massages and we can all wrap ourselves in it and run through an orchard.

    2. due to the apparent dearth of chill, i hope everyone can spend some quality time this weekend with the nihilisa frank tumblr because it will most assuredly make your life better and easier to manage.

    3. i caught a bat in my house about a month ago and it was overall a fascinating experience (after it was in a net and not swooping around my head as i tried to sleep at like 1am. my words to my sleeping gf: “YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP SOMETHING EXTRA FUCKED UP IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING”). we named her evie and we kinda miss her and often wonder what she is up to #batfacts

    4. [youtube

  3. One more fun fact about bats: the Finnish word for bat, LEPAKKO, is also slang for LESBIAN. It pretty much translates as dyke. Because of this, Finnish dykes use bats and the Batman logo for queer flagging, in clothes and even tattoos. (It also makes for great puns.) Soo we Finnish lepakkos are extra fond of bats and it was funny to see a listicle about bats linked on AS!

  4. I’m terrified of bats, but I clicked on this anyway because apparently I like doing things that scare me.

    Also, that sports bra article is fascinating, and I hope all that leads to a sports bra I am able to put on without getting tangled up.

  5. I agree that the sports bra article is fascinating. I had no idea that there were whole studies on this, but given how lousy/annoying bras in general often are (sports bras perhaps less so in my opinion; I feel less like a dog in a collar in them), it makes sense to do them.

    That men have oddly fragile ears was not particularly shocking, though I had not thought about the possible ramifications of this for music criticism. Nor had I heard Joanna Newsom’s music before, a situation that I am now rectifying.

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