Also.Also.Also: Let’s Be Reptile Scouts Tonight and Other Stories For Your Face

I hope you have the best plans for this weekend! I mean, they don’t even have to be big or important or even productive, just any plan you’ve made is good. Plan to set aside 48 hours to find your remote. Plan to eat a lot of peaches. Plan to sleep and grin and sleep some more. Plan to stare down a ne’er-do-well, plan to perfect your baby bangs, plan to read all those books on your nightstand, plan to breathe on a hill. Plan to be here on Monday because I’m excited to see you all the time!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support The Surf Report! A film made possible by queer women in the roles of director, writer, and two producers. So many jobs for queer women!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Read Lee Lynch‘s account of The Golden Crown Literary Society’s 11th annual literary awards in New Orleans, because it’s really fucking beautiful.

Published initially in 1973 by the early feminist press Daughters Inc., which was founded by novelists June Arnold and Bertha Harris and by feminist political theorist Charlotte Bunch, this was a novel of its time, a slap in the face of the heterosexist world and a daring gift to lesbians. It—along with Desert of the Heart ( 1964 ), and Patience and Sarah ( 1969 )—was a voice of lesbian liberation, parting the curtains we hid behind with humor and insight. From it, lesbians learned they might be alone, but they weren’t the only lesbians on earth. Readers felt buoyed, felt human for a few hours or days. It changed lives and, still very much in print, continues to do so to this day.

+ A Stonewall Survivor Spills All: “It was 70% people of color.”

+ Lesbian Model’s $25M Estate in Limbo Because She Could Never Marry Her Partner

+ ASA Forum Looks at Infertility Treatment Disparities by Carrie Maxwell. PROGRESS?

+ I hereby call this meeting of the Kristin Russo Fan Club to order! Here Kristin interviews Meredith Graves about punk and feminism and it’s just grand as fuck.

Doll Parts

+ Black Lives Matter Calls Attention To Killed Black Trans Women On National Day of Action by Meredith Talusan.

+ Oh this is very good. Read this. What Menopause Taught Me by Darcey Steinke. Read it!

Are you reading it yet.

+ ‘Is your boyfriend in the band?’ Critic airs tales of music industry sexism by Amanda Holpuch.

+ I mean I don’t know your life, but tomorrow sure is Saturday and maybe this is applicable? Sad Saturday: A Playlist for Wandering the Beach at Luna Luna. Like maybe your Saturday isn’t sad but it’s so chill that it could look sad to the casual passerby. I fucking love those days.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ 17 Bucket List Items Ruined by Real Images. Our Vapid Fluff Editor and Queen of the Night, Stef Schwartz, found this for you.

+ Read every last damn thing you can get your hands on re: Katrina. Read it all. The kids who survived Katrina: ‘The memories don’t go away’ on Fusion, and New Orleans Is Locking Up Hundreds of Traumatized Kids and The Lens: Nola on the demolition of so many homes.

+ Lord have mercy Donald Trump is so awful and horrifying.

+ Drought Relief Bill Threatens to Drown Sacred Sites of a Northern California Tribe by Rucha Chitnis.

+ Hey sometimes Mey Rude, our Trans Editor, Comics Genius and Dinosaur Consultant, sees a thing and thinks of you, and this is one of those things: A Drawing of a Guinea Pig on a Skateboard from 1899 by Katharine Trendacosta. You’ve never been so lucky.

+ Eat the fucking food you buy good grief. I’m taking a bold stance here, Autostraddle, I’m picking a side! Eat the damn things! This article is full of resources and real talk.

+ Drunk shopping at Target, possibly. I mean, say what you will about capitalism and the wheel but guys, sometimes Target does require at least something to get through it. Do I need the Q-tips, or am I simply buying into Q-tips? :sip: Does it even matter? If I enjoy the acquisition of the Q-tips and believe that I need them, then is it not real? The need? The enjoyment? :sip:

+ What this ol’ thing? Why it’s just some history as it pertains to the practice of embalming and the soldiers of the American Civil War! Thought you’d like it.

+ One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks. Bless us all! Speaking of national parks, do you have a fourth grader? Because if you do, you can get into those national parks for freebies!

+ Hubble Finds That the Nearest Quasar Is Powered by a Double Black Hole. “Mrk 231 is located 600 million light-years away.” Ugh please make this a song title for a new Tripping Daisy + Veruca Salt-esque band and then make it my theme.

+ You need this today. Willa Cather on Happiness: A Soulful and Deeply Alive Account of True Bliss on Brain Pickings.

+ Also praise all the figs, here’s Brandi Carlile Live from Newport Folk 2015. Just living your best life.

+ Help Atlas Obscura map America’s best/worst pun business names.

+ Speaking of maps! Here’s a great one that shows how segregated our American cities are!

And Finally

reptile scouts

Do you want to be a Reptile Scout?

Reptile Scouts was founded by Sophie Argetsinger and Alyse Knorr in 2015, after they both realized all they’d ever really wanted to do in life was earn cool merit badges for reptilian-related activities.

If you’re familiar with our Better Together zine series (currently part of our biggest merch sale ever!), you probably recognize Sophie Argetsinger and Alyse Knorr as vital parts of that project, so you’re probably very excited to dig a little deeper into their world and also REPTILES. I mean you could spend the weekend cleaning out your closet, or you could spend it earning Reptile Scout badges. Your call.

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  1. Just so you know: when I click on the link to the lesbian model inheritance one on my phone, I get the top of that article for about one second beforethe site automatically adjusts and scrolls down to other articles from Out in rapid motion, including some closeup beefcake shot of men’s bare asses. Meanwhile, the placeholder to the article I wanted to read is lost.

      • I’m with you there.

        That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone describe that experience in a remotely legitimate or affirming way, and my heart swelled at the thought of getting to that point in my own life.

        The experience of reading the last part of that piece at my age feels like a fucking gift because now I am going to probably live out my entire life differently than I would have otherwise, and I get to start working with that perspective at 32 instead of 52.

        Its intense when switches inside you just get flipped like that.

  2. target! those slippery devils! they are full of schemes! the “clearance” end caps are the biggest scheme of all time. and also i swear the target near my duplex in dc would purposely not fill prescriptions on time so i would buy everything near the pharmacy. i would get the autorefill call that my scripts were ready, go in a few days later thinking surely they have had enough time, head straight to the pharmacy counter with my head down only to be invariably informed upon arrival that it was going to take just a few minutes to get it ready and perhaps i wouldnt mind just casually walking around and maybe buying the damn whole store while i wait? and you know what? i did. every.time. why? because arent we already drunk enough off the atmosphere in target? like the powerful push to buy facewash and pens and reed diffusers that we dont need is so great and all-encompassing i do not want to add alcohol to that equation.

  3. I finally have a positive way of looking at hot flushes – Thank you!
    And that guinea pig …I couldn’t see the connection until I realised it was probably drawn to illustrate what menopause can feel like – except it’s missing the scarlet red skin tone.

  4. Lots of great stuff here, as usual! The food waste article really sets out the consequences in concrete terms, and I wholeheartedly agree with you, Laneia. I also enjoyed the history of embalming piece, and second the recommendation for Drew Gilpin Faust’s This Republic of Suffering (the third source in the endnotes). It goes into great detail about how the Civil War affected American beliefs regarding death and how new mechanisms had to be developed to deal with the sheer number of casualties, and is one of a few texts that did much to shape my approach to thinking historically.

  5. I’m about to go check out the link to mapping the punny businesses, and it made me think of one of the best games I’ve ever heard played on the radio.
    Anyone else listen to Z100? Elvis Duran? They’ve played a deceptively simple game (which you can find on the interwebs; don’t say I didn’t warn you) called “Steakhouse or gay bar?” in which you’re presented a name like

    The Loading Zone
    The Velvet Hammer

    and you have to guess whether it’s a steak house… or a gay bar.

    Fucking genius!

  6. Read every Katrina you can get your hands, but beware what you’re reading and who’s written what you read and why they wrote it. I can’t remember the person’s name but she worked for the New York Times and she made some shit up (lying lied) because every one loves anguish and failure that happens in “one of those places” it makes for a good bitchfest for why would any one with brain live there. Don’t remember all the detail, but I was 14 and kinda busy dealing with life Post-Katrina as a freshman highschooler ect.

    Local news here made a 4 part documentary on Katrina and the aftermath that was worse than the storm itself over here:–special-wwltv-documentary/32090681/

    Part II gets into the levee failure and what little was done by authorities to do any stoppage. Which to me is one the most important things because it could happen again and it happened in this first place because shitty policies and “cost saving” measures in there construction. Such as filling one of the levees with newpaper rather than the specialized filler material that was a part of the original and agreed upon when it was planned.
    People lost their lives, their homes, their everything because some asshole contractors or sub-contractors with government money or hired by the Corp of Engineers wanted to make more money by doing things cheaply so they could pocket the spare money.
    It outraged then and will outrage me till my dying day and if it doesn’t outrage you my apologies, but you clearly have no soul or something.

    This is a 5 minute piece into the how of the levee failures:

    It also brings up a bit about the destruction of our natural protection, the wetlands, but it isn’t clear on one of the causes. The petrochemical industry, which became our bread and butter after the changes in where American got her agricultural products gutted us decades ago. It is clear on the fact we need a program to restore our wetlands, but doesn’t mention why that is hard and if anyone wants to know. The short answer is it involves the life cycles of creatures that are seafood industry staples getting interrupted by changes in salinity and other displacing factors.

    Wasn’t going to Katrina myself all over the place, but what those kids went through should not have been gone through. And it happened because of greed.

  7. first of all this column always sets me up for such a week of living my dreams and secondly i am already working towards my first reptile scouts badge i just need one more of a a reptile in the wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wanna compare badges?

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