Also.Also.Also: Lesbians Have Decided We’re Just Taking Over Politics and Other Stories from the Week

Hot damn, you made it to Friday! Drink lots of water today. You haven’t been drinking enough water and now’s a good time to turn that all around.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ California Leads the Way Teaching LGBT History to Schoolchildren.

+ Palm Springs Elects an All-LGBTQ City Council.

+ Oklahoma Replaces Anti-LGBTQ State Senator With Married Lesbian.

+ Hole’s Lesbian Drummer on Drug Addiction, Courtney Love and Punk Rock.

+ Photos of Queer Life on a Sprawling Native American Reservation.

+ China Urged to Stop Using Electroshock Therapy to ‘Convert’ LGBTQ People.

+ Rosie O’Donnell Claims She Knew Whitney Houston Was a Lesbian.

+ Kansas City Teen Is Trans, Black and Muslim — For Her, ‘America Is a Dangerous Place’.

+ Highlights Adds LGBTQ Families.

+ Lesbian Woman Brutally Assaulted in Los Angeles Hate Crime.

+ Jenny Durken Elected as First Lesbian Mayor of Seattle.

+ Coming Out in Religion: Queer Actress-Writer Fawzia Mirza on Embracing ‘Muslimness’.

+ 195 Lewis Is Black Lesbian Perfection.

+ Too Queer, Too Poor, Too Young: An Excerpt From Nina Packebush’s Girls Like Me.

+ Why My Queer Heart Wept Through Stranger Things 2.

+ ‘Allah Doesn’t Care If You’re Transgender’: The Indonesian School Fighting a Backlash.

+ A Transgender Woman Is Suing Massachusetts for the Right to Be in an All-Female Prison.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The Campaign to Impeach President Trump: A User’s Guide.

Doll Parts

+ Don’t Let Female Creators Be Collateral Damage When Male Abusers Go Down.

+ When Does a Watershed Become a Sex Panic?

+ The Tech Industry’s Gender Discrimination Problem.

+ How I Was Treated After My Suicide Attempt.

+ The Life and Death of Radical Sisterhood: “Fifty years ago, a group of women convened in New York with one clear goal: Dismantle the patriarchy. Their struggle feels all too contemporary.”

+ Mara Wilson: A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Not “All Grown Up”.

+ Let This Flood of Women’s Stories Never Cease by Rebecca Solnit.

+ Report: Jeffrey Tambor May Be Written Out of Transparent‘s Next Season.

+ Inside Godless, the Gritty Netflix Western About a Town with No Men.

+ Becoming a Woman.

+ ‘Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty’: Women Accuse Vice of ‘Toxic’ Sexual-Harassment Culture.

+ What Flannery O’Connor’s College Journal Reveals.

+ Worker Abuse Is Rampant and Sexual Harassment Is Just the Start.

+ Salt Lake City Jogger Stabs Man Who Groped Her During Morning Run. “Then she chased him down the street.”

Keep Up

+ The Uncounted: U.S. Airstrikes and Civilian Casualties in Iraq.

+ What Happens If China Makes First Contact.

+ Texas Sheriff Looks for Driver with Profane Anti-Trump Window Sticker, Finds Controversy Instead.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Tracing the Development of the Doppelgänger.

+ I saw a thing titled “Forensic Files Is Extremely My Shit” but didn’t even read it because Rachel Kincaid didn’t write it.

And Finally

Once-Banned Kinder Eggs Are Finally Coming to the U.S.!!

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  1. Look, I know there are serious things to comment on here, but I stand firm in my (correct) belief that Kinder Joy is not what anyone means when they say Kinder egg. We all mean Kinder Surprise. It is the superior Kinder egg, and Americans are still being denied.

  2. okay, speaking of lesbians and politics, ARE Y’ALL FOLLOWING THE PORTLAND TEETH STORY? i’ve been yelling about it to everyone in my office for the past week. i’m obsessed with it. i’m basically a tooth truther at this point. i won’t rest until we get to the bottom of what happened.
    the initial report:
    the follow-up:
    i’m literally begging you to watch this.

  3. On a related note, I heard that Jeffery Tambor is being investigated for sexually harassing Trace Lysette and that the show will go one without him(be interesting to see where they go with this), because they don’t want to see more women(cis and trans) and lgbtq community as a whoile going down as collateral.

  4. Can someone watch Godless for me and tell me how queer it is before I dedicate myself to a story that is only nominally about women? I fear it’s mainly a backdrop against which to play out some male redemption story.

  5. I live in Seattle, and none of the queer people I know support Jenny Durkan. She’s an establishment Democrat and she wants to build a new youth jail in Seattle which would drastically increase the racist profiling and incarceration of youth of color in our city. Seattle is dealing with wealth disparity, tech industry gentrification, racist violence from our police, neo-nazis attacking antifa, and more. We need people who are going to confront these problems head-on, not people invested in the status quo. Nikkita Oliver, a queer BLM activist and amazing presence in the community here, ran for mayor and would have been a much more appropriate one than JD.

  6. I’m having a lot of trouble with the Stranger Things article, unfortunately. I have a lot of trouble with Stranger Things in general, as a rule – I was deeply troubled by the misogyny and homophobia of season one (and tenfold by its complete and total lack of being called out by any major pop culture or social justice voices), I was deeply troubled by the Duffer brothers’ comments in relation to filming Sadie Sink’s onscreen kiss, and I stopped watching the show entirely after the Hopper/Eleven scene this season where he verbally berated her and threatened to send her back to her abusers for having typical adolescent emotions about an incredibly valid basic-needs concern.

    So I’ll admit that’s part of where I’m coming from with this comment… but in general, I have a LOT of issue with pop culture and fandoms conflating acute trauma response or C-PTSD as an indicator or metaphor for sexuality. It reminds me of Agent Carter fandom’s insistence on Peggy’s comment about her poisoned lipstick when Dottie drugged and kidnapped her in season one as supposed proof of her bisexuality, for instance. There are a lot of lovely ways to read metaphors or subtext of queerness in stories, and a lot of lovely instances where that queer reading involves a character in a traumatic situation or with a history of abuse, etc., even. But I’m uncomfortable with this article’s reading, both in the sense that it yet again blatantly buries the show’s serious misogyny and homophobia issues for the sake of holding it up as some sort of perfect iconic masterpiece for liberal millennials with ’80s nostalgia, and in the sense that it attempts to equate the trauma of child abuse and neglect directly with the experience of having a queer identity or being in a queer relationship. That’s not to say that growing up queer in a heteronormative society doesn’t carry with it many forms of abusive microagressions (or worse), or that many queer people don’t experience abuse as children for reasons related or unrelated to their sexuality,of course, but a queer viewer relating to Eleven’s story because of those similar elements to their own narratives needs to name that for what it is – relating to an abuse victim because of shared history of abuse, not queering a narrative explicitly (reading a specific character as queer within the story) or implicitly (reading a narrative as having metaphorical similarities to the queer experience) by conflating abuse with sexuality. In addition to the practice being insensitive to those who have been through traumas and abuse related or unrelated to their queerness, I honestly don’t know why we do it and give homophobes the fodder for more “all queer people were abused and can therefore be fixed/are therefore sick deviant abusers perpetuating the cycle themselves” rhetoric.

    (There’s also something to be said about the uncomfortable hypersexualization of the Stranger Things kids, both in the show and in real life, and the idea of an adult author relating Eleven and Mike’s relationship to their own choice to make their adult life partner their made family. As I said before, I haven’t watched the second half of this season and don’t plan to, so I don’t know the specific plot point being referenced, but I’m especially uncomfortable with the comment in the frame of Finn Wolfhard’s pushback against being inappropriately sexualized by adult fans.)

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