Also.Also.Also: Lesbians Are Here, Our Bars Are Not, and Other Stories for Your Weekend

Hi what’s your patronus?? Mine’s a polar bear! Even though I answered the last question against my instincts, which I’ll regret until I expire. But ok wait, what if I was always meant to go against that instinct on the last question? What if it was that act, not the answer I chose, that revealed a crucial true thing about me? Yes I like this line of thinking much better.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support Trish Bendix! She was fired after announcing — on her personal website, with permission from the parent company — that AfterEllen would be shutting down, because straight white men live every day like it’s their last chance to fuck someone over.

+ Get yourself a copy of Distractables: A Super Cute Very Nice Coloring Book!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Pulse Shooter’s Ex-Wife Says He Was Gay, Targeted Club to Impress Father.

+ Hey you’re in this — AfterEllen is Shutting Down: Is This the End of Lesbian Media?

The imminent loss of AfterEllen—at least as we know it—leaves queer women with just one major website devoted to them: Autostraddle, an independent outlet that uses a premium membership program to stay afloat. Even then, as Autostraddle senior editor Heather Hogan wrote candidly on Tuesday, “We’re often on the brink of not existing anymore.”

+ It’s Jasika Nicole talking about travel and just being generally inspiring and energizing, as is her habit. A font of energy and inspiration! Have you seen Suicide Kale yet? Hm?

+ We are well beyond excited for Grace Bonney’s new book, In The Company Of Women, and very grateful for this list of 10 Must-Read Books for Women in Business, which will have to hold us over until October 4.

+ Why don’t you take a moment to have deep feelings about a sidewalk plaque: Keeping the Legacy of an Iconic Queer Bar Alive.

by Lola M Chavez

by Lola M Chavez

“We were open on Christmas and on Thanksgiving, even if there was only one customer at the bar. If you didn’t have a place to go, you could come here,” remembered Liz Landacre, who was a bartender at the Lexington in 2007. “For many of us, the people [at the Lexington] are chosen family.”

+ Mapping Lost Lesbian Bars, 2006-2016.

+ Oh my god everything is making me cry! With “I Am Here: The Lesbian Portraits”, Photographer Aims to Honor Late Sister.

by Robert Kalman

by Robert Kalman

Doll Parts

+ Heather Gabel, Ex-Wife of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, Slams Rolling Stone Magazine for Recent Profile of the Musician.

+ Oh boy do I have some feelings about this! Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Rises, Defying Global Trend, Study Finds. America! Capitalist healthcare! The commodification of the human experience especially as it pertains to childbearing people!! What a world!

+ While I’ve got you here: The Disturbing Science Behind Subconscious Gender Bias.


+ This upcoming Maya Angelou documentary, And Still I Rise will probably push your heart right out of your chest and into outer space.

+ From He to She in First Grade.

+ Meet the Woman Who Pioneered Our Search for Aliens.

+ Hari Nef, Model Citizen.

+ 25 Famous Women On Being Alone. I don’t know your life.

+ Never Enough: Why Does Fashion Expect the Most From Trans Women of Color?

+ The Long History of the Ever-Evolving Rom-Com Bitch.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ If you think Carmen won’t also be putting this in the next Sunday Funday, you’re wrong and also you don’t know Carmen very well. Sad!

+ Teeny tiny galaxies. Cool cool.

+ Listen Up: Five Black Podcasts to Add to Your Arsenal.

+ NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo! ?

+ The Origins of 25 Fall Traditions. They left out the one where I cry in my bathroom floor about my dead dad! Come on, guys.

+ Can’t even convey how much I loved this show. Cannot. Salute Your Shorts Proved That a Good Ensemble Doesn’t Need a Protagonist.

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  1. For anyone rushing to find out their patronus ~ I recommend a darkened space, headphones etc. I’m really wishing I had been better prepared, as it’s magical and you can only do it once.

    Knowing this now, it feels ironic that mine was a saint bernard puppy, although maybe since it’s a puppy, it’s learning??

    Oh Laneia, I’m now forever going to think of you as a cuddly looking magical polar bear…that you should never never never mess with.

  2. My patronus was a pheasant. I do not know what that means.

    I’m holding off on that Maya Angelou trailer for when I’m locked away in my bedroom because right now I’m at work and y’all already know I cry at my desk too often.

    Annd–that piece on being alone was refreshing as I am perpetually alone and not all that sad about it.

  3. My patronus is a Husky and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t know how I feel about the test since the first instinct I think is more what I feel like I should choose and not what is really in my heart and true to myself, so…

  4. Reading the Hari Nef article I discovered that Jill Soloway has a sister, Faith Soloway. She first worked with Hari and introduced her to Jill. I googled the sister and she’s a Jewish lesbian folk singer. How neat.

  5. My city’s lesbian bar recently got sold to non-lesbian owners and while it was not officially a lesbian bar and is still open, they’ve taken the rainbow flag down and pretty much stopped booking queer dance parties, does that qualify it for the dead lesbian bar list?

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