Also.Also.Also: Lesbian Vloggers Bringing Useful Sex Ed to Queer Teens and Other Stories from the Week

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Every Sunday and Wednesday, you’ll find me staring dead-eyed at Feedly while this never-ending stream of headlines and thumbnail images from the past few days scrolls up my computer screen for the better part of an hour. It is, in a word, dispiriting. Not just because the same story is usually regurgitated by every outlet I follow, but on account of the world being on fire. It’s like a really fucked up version of exposure therapy, in that it ruins my life and solves exactly no problems! And I’m sharing this personal tidbit with you because sometimes the only thing you can do is scream WOW JESUS EVERYTHING IS SO! WILDLY! FUCKED! AND TOM PETTY IS DEAD. You know? So thanks for listening to me scream.

On a much, much brighter note, I’m currently on my way to Los Angeles to witness two really cute lesbians tie the knot! Hopefully this is the weekend when I learn whether or not there’s a limit to how many clips you can post to Instagram stories in a 24-hour period. DON’T TELL ME if you already know. I want to be surprised.

Direct Action

+ Carmen put together a list of ways you can help Puerto Rico!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The Lesbian Vloggers Teaching Queer Teens How to Have Better, Safer Sex.

+ Can A Child Be Raised Free Of Gender Stereotypes? This Family Tried.

+ Arrests, Anal ‘Exams’ and Prison: Egypt’s Assault on LGBT Community Is Only Getting Worse.

+ One in 50 People in the UK Now Identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual.

+ Black and Queer and Living in the South, Ahomari Sings It Like It is.

+ This Is Why The US Voted Against A UN Resolution Condemning The Death Penalty For LGBT People.

+ Feminist, Lesbian, Warrior, Poet: Rediscovering the Work of Audre Lorde.

+ ‘I Can’t Stop Crying’: The Posters Are Being Pulled Down.

+ All Your Questions About Gender-Neutral Pronouns Answered.

+ Raquel Willis Is an Intersectional Transgender Activist Fighting for Authenticity.

+ Help raise funds for QTBB, a queer/trans youth camp!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The Damning Moral Consequences Of Twitter’s Refusal To Ban Trump.

+ ‘It Was Either Food and Diapers for My Kids or DACA’: Talking to Immigrants Hours Before the DACA Deadline.

+ If Newtown Wasn’t Enough, Why Would Las Vegas Be Enough?

+ Why Do We Keep Having The Same Argument About Guns?

+ Every Member of Congress Who Took Money From the NRA and Tweeted ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Las Vegas.

+ Australia Confiscated 650,000 Guns. Murders and Suicides Plummeted.

+ We Snuck into Seattle’s Super Secret White Nationalist Convention. Oh.

Doll Parts

+ The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts.

+ I Tied My Tubes at Age 31. And It’s Not Up for Discussion.

+ Fayrouz Saad Wants to Be the First Muslim Woman in Congress.

+ Rosie and Me: Remembering the Hyde Amendment’s First Victim.

+ I don’t think there’s anything in this piece that I don’t relate to 100%: Chasing Respectability. I know most of you weren’t teen moms, but for the few of you who were/are, maybe you’ll see yourself here, too — a feeling we don’t usually get re: this topic.

Gradually, I’ve realized that although I might finally be considered ‘old enough’ to be a mom (an arbitrary line in the sand that keeps getting pushed further and further out), I’ll never be old enough to be this kid’s mom.

+ Caitlin Doughty Traveled the World to Find the Best Death Rituals.

Keep Up

+ The Looming Mental Health Crisis in Las Vegas.

+ Senator Calls on Voting Machine Makers to Details How They’ll Prevent Hacks.

+ Can Teachers Lead a New Revolution Against Racism?

+ Queens School’s Amateur Radio Club Offers Messaging Lifeline to Puerto Rico.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How Macklemore Laid Down His White Burden.

+ The Best Tom Petty Songs to Perform at Karaoke.

+ Raccoons Could Totally Overthrow Humans, Scientist Warns.

+ The Value of Nostalgia for the Anxious.

+ Blood Is Donated, Plasma Is Purchased.

+ A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Awareness.

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  1. I’m calling bullshit on the “1 in 50” thing… I’m from the UK and when I look at randomly-assigned groups I’ve been in, like form groups at school, I’ve very rarely found the proportion to be anything less than 1 in 10!

  2. In some positive news, my computer just told me the Anti-abortion congressman who told his mistress to get an abortion(the one from Pennsylvania not the other congressman who got caught twice for this), just resigned from his seat. Maybe we can get a Democrat to replace this hypocritical asshole.

    I may have to do Refugee next time I sing karaoke. Speaking of in his recent tour over the Summer Tom Petty showed support for the trans community during the song American Girl. Such a class act!

  3. Thanks for the lesbian vloggers article! Riley J. Dennis, one of the women mentioned, has a great YouTube channel I’ve been keeping up with. She gets lots of awful transphobic comments, but she continues to put out really eloquent and insightful work.

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