Also.Also.Also: Lesbian Teens Give Texas Homecoming an Update and Other Stories From Your Week

Hello the entire bottom section is dedicated to our collective trauma because listen we know how to have fun around here. LOVE U BYE.

Queer as in F*ck You

Circuit Court Gives Anti-LGBTQ Street Preachers Free Rein to Intimidate Pride Festival Attendees.

Queering the Environmental Movement.

The US Won’t Give Visas to Same-Sex Partners of UN Officials Anymore.

Lesbian Couples Persuade Texas High School to Get Rid of Homecoming Kings and Queens.

Survey: LGBT Elders Face More Hurdles As They Age.

This is horrifying and fucked and that is your warning. Cameroon’s Response to Lesbian ‘Witches’: Rape and Torture.

Saw This, Thought of You

If Men Had to Get IUDs, They’d Get Epidurals and a Hospital Stay.

Lisa Borders, Time’s Up’s First President and C.E.O., Knows This Isn’t Going to Be Easy.

For the First Time in 55 Years, a Woman Wins the Nobel Prize in Physics.

California Just Passed a Law Requiring More Women on Boards. It Matters, Even If It Fails.

Leave me alone this is all I want to do for the rest of the month: DIY Macrame Feathers.

Lady Gaga Isn’t Done Shape-Shifting. I LOVE A GOOD PROFILE.

Shockingly, Free HPV Vaccines Vastly Reduce Cervical Cancer.

Brazilian Surfer Maya Gabeira Broke the Guinness World Record for Largest Wave Surfed by a Woman.

Married Women May Be Moving Away From the GOP.

Trauma Snacks

Here we are.

How to Survive the Traumatic 24-Hour News Cycle If You Have PTSD.

Rebecca Traister Wants You to Stop Suppressing Your Rage.

The New Era of Confrontation.

The Southern Code of Silence.

Dear Dads: Your Daughters Told Me About Their Assaults. This Is Why They Never Told You.

Why Other Women’s Trauma Can Feel Like Your Own.

Experts in Masculinity Explain Kavanaugh’s Anger. Fun.

And just in case you need it: The Autostraddle Guide to Queer Mental Health.

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  1. The IUD article is well written. I do want to add my own anecdote though because her experience sounded awful enough that had I not already gotten one, I’d quite likely not do it. Of course everyone’s mileage will vary, but she had no pain management and no one to help her get home/at home afterwards. I did (Misopristol and ibuprofen ahead of time, ibuprofen after, and someone in the room with me who held my hand during it, helped me get up after, let me lean on them walking to the car, drove me home and took care of me the rest of the day so I could just be a lump).

    It was still quite unpleasant. Not as bad as giving birth (even the pre-epidural part of things). The worst part was worse than my worst menstrual cramps, but that part was only 30 sec or so and literally the moment they were done it got much better (down to “bad cramps”). Improved to “moderate cramps” by the end of the day, “minimal cramps” by the next day and no problems since. I know this is really imprecise and everyone’s body (and experience of what “bad cramps” means) is different. I just want to put my anecdote out there to say the interventions the article author unfortunately didn’t have may be enough to take the experience from “ack no never!” to “unpleasant but doable with the right supports.”

    Mind you, I wouldn’t object to _better_ pain management.

    • I feel like having actual, consistent pain management, or even just proper warning about post visit symptoms would make a world of difference. Gyno care is consistently garbage when it comes to those things.

      I’ve not had an IUD, but I’ve had two cervix biopsies. No pain management AT ALL, no “make sure you have someone to take you home”, just a free pad and a warning not to have sex for a week after they’ve ripped a chunk out of you without anaesthetic. I was not at all surprised to find out it’s the same for IUDs

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