Also.Also.Also: Lesbian Activists Look Back on the AIDS Epidemic and Other Stories for Your Week

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Lots to do lots to see! Be safe out there!

Queer as in F*ck You

Lena Waithe Interviews Janelle Monaé for Hypebeast and just reading that headline made you gayer.

The ‘Nanette’ Problem. A take for your consideration.

Hear New Music From Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus’ Supergroup Boygenius.

I’m a Lesbian Basketball Player. Hateful Comments Are Pushing People Like Me Out of Sports.
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Queer Pro Golfer Maya Reddy Has Found Support, and Endured Racism and Homophobia, in the Sport.

Know An LGBTQ Student Itching To Study Abroad? Here Are Some Things To Think About.

Watch Lesbian Activists Talk About Their Work During the AIDS Epidemic.

Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy Talks Immigration, Feminism, and Those Anti-Melania “I Really Care” Jackets.

Cuties Coffee, Los Angeles’ Queer Community Space, Needs Your Help.
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Technically very NSFW but also technically in the only wheelhouse I truly love and claim, so here you go! This Photographer Documented Three Couples Having Sex On Their Period.

Navigating the Intensely Gendered World of Hair Salons When You’re Queer.

A Visual Record of the Joys, Fears and Hopes of Older Transgender People.

Malaysia Accused of ‘State-Sponsored Homophobia’ After LGBT Crackdown.

And now, the most relatable thing I’ve ever read on the internet: Straight Woman Wondering Who’s the Asshole in Lesbian Relationship.

New Project Aims to Document Southern LGBT History.

Second Arrest Made in D.C. Murder of Lesbian Found in Burning Car.

Trump’s Lesbian Pick for Judiciary Enjoys Bipartisan Support, Breezy Hearing.

The Enduring Queer Appeal of “Living Single”.
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Support Spectrum South: An Online LGBTQ Magazine for the South!!

Saw This, Thought of You

Arctic’s Oldest and Thickest Sea Ice Breaks for First Time. Um.

Sandra Oh on Killing Eve and Emmy Nomination.

How a Woman Disappears from the History Books.

Searching for Souvenirs at Dollywood. I loved this.

Two options for reading about Mitski this week, straight from Rachel Kincaid’s recommendations: Don’t Cry for Mitski and Don’t Call Mitski Emotional. You’re quite welcome.

How WNBA Players Fought Back Against the Twitter Trolls.

Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment.

The Sound Made Flesh.

Cold-Case Cure: Inside the New Era of Hunting Serial Killers.

California Lawmakers Pass Bill To Erase Old Pot Convictions.

HPV Tests Can Replace Pap Smears For Cervical Cancer Screenings in the Over-30 Crowd.

Where Does Journalism End and Activism Begin?

I Want to Log Off.

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  1. As someone who watched Living Single as a kid and anytime it’s on rerun now that article was very good and timely. I just saw last night the Queen herself in concert with my bff/something with and it was magical(the opener less so) and romantic.

  2. OMG I got sucked into Reductress (it’s The Onion for women, I guess?). I just started clicking headlines like “How to Freak Out About Shit Instead of Just Doing It” and “Nice! This Guy Has 3 Podcasts and No Toilet Paper” – and fell down the wormhole. Please send help.

  3. That article “How a Woman disappears from the history books” about Mary Stone Ross where they remove her name as one of the people that helped pass that bill by marginalizing and belittling her contributions is similar to how Dr. Rosalind Franklin was almost erased from the history books for discovering the structure of DNA. They did the same thing to Dr. Franklin by not adding her name to the original scientific journal article as one of the contributors, and when Watson and Crick were asked about it they also belittled her contributions and made it seem that they did not need her to determine the structure of DNA. Those attempted erasures along with the erasure of women’s contributions to the creation of beer really makes you wonder how many other things are erased. Also it shows us that we as woman and other people of marginalized communities really must not only just fight for are present and future but also our history.

  4. The period sex photos… I just got really hung up on the fact that they did it on white sheets without laying down an old fraying towel (in our home these are also known as “dog towels.”). What kind of barbaric behavior is this. Who wants to stand in front of the washer reviewing all that square footage of sheet with their bottle of OxyClean.

  5. All I can say about that Nanette article is “Holy skewed perspective batman”.

    Having seen the special more then once I’m having a hard time believing he watched the same show. All I gathered from reading his article was he was so much more consumed with his idea of what she was trying to do (completely in relation to how he feels about queer representation by the way) verse what I believe she was trying to do with this show.

    Not once during her show does Hannah Gadsby seem to be on a mission do something ground breaking. Nor does she appear to be doing anything other then sharing that she has had a realization in relation TO HERSELF about how being self deprecating in her comedy doesn’t work for her anymore. That “she” is going to stop doing it. That for “her” it’s low hanging fruit and is more harming and humiliating to “her” psyche then it is comically fore filling.

    >> “This is bigger than homosexuality,” Gadsby says after discussing why a man felt it was okay to assault her. “It’s about how we conduct debate in public about sensitive things, it’s toxic, it’s juvenile, it’s destructive. We think it’s more important to be right than to appeal to the humanity of those who disagree with us. Ignorance will always walk amongst us because we will never know all of the things.”

    — Nice sentiments, sure, but this makes for boring, trite, and even dangerous art. <<

    Honest to god man, how is that "Dangerous Art"?

    A pipe dream of hope for the world to think it will change or even be addressed, sure, I'll give you that. But implying that her voicing of such things is problematic was, well, completely comical.

    I did not personally find her show grand breaking as a viewer. Just refreshing, clever at times and ultimately enjoyable. I don't expect other comics (or other queer comics) to suddenly get behind the no self-deprecation in their humor. I doubt I'll stop using it in my own. But I do respect that she feels she needs to stop doing it for herself. And no, that is not dangerous nor is it a problem for the Art of Comedy.

  6. I was so relieved to find that “Trump’s Lesbian Pick for Judiciary Enjoys Bipartisan Support, Breezy Hearing” was actually a serious headline. I assumed it was another Onion-esque piece.

    Also, that piece on older transgender people, wow. I sent it to my local library’s “suggest books for us to get” inbox.

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