Also.Also.Also: Lena Waithe Gets Super Real, Super Inspiring and Other Stories for Your Weekend

There’s a tortoiseshell cat that comes to my front door every night around 9:00, expecting food and for me to leave her the heck alone while she eats it. And of course I oblige because I love this feral darling and truly believe that one day she will love me, too. Or maybe she already does? You can love something and still want it to stay on the other side of the screen door, right? Probably. Anyhoo we talked for about 20 minutes in the middle of the night on Wednesday, because when I went to lock up and turn off all the lights for bed, there she was, still sitting right outside our front door even though she’d already eaten hours ago. She helped me pick out her name, Samwise Agatha Butterbottom, and I fed her some treats through the space below the door. She didn’t come over to eat them until I’d left, but I’m sure she’s looking forward to seeing me again tonight. It’s the little, littlest things, after all.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Lesbian Activist Sidney Abbott Remembered by Rita Mae Brown and Barbara Love. Beautiful.

+ This Lesbian Hip-Hop Duo from Cuba Fights Homophobia with Music. Have we talked about Krudas Cubensi before? Feels like we have.

+ The Criminal Black Lesbian: Where Does This Damaging Stereotype Come From? by Nicole Pasulka.

+ Episode 6 of The Tell Show features Lena Waithe being very vulnerable and open about coming out and her relationship with her mother. You will probably listen to it and then melt into whatever you’re sitting or standing on, and then we’ll never hear from you again but at least you will have melted happily.

+ In news that will shock no one at all, Trans Teen Suicide Rates Rise When Bathroom Access Is Restricted.

+ Iowa Community Mourns Death of Gender-Fluid Teen Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson.

+ Have you seen Kristin Russo‘s new video project? Well it’s called “Getting In Bed with Kristin” and you’re probably gonna love it. Here’s the second episode with her wife, Jenny Owen Youngs!

+ Here is a Resource Guide to Coming Out as Bisexual, ya big glorious bisexual!

Doll Parts

+ Emalie Marthe brings you Not a Hit, Not Yet a Cult Classic: Shonda Rhimes on the Making of ‘Crossroads’.

+ Congresswoman Unveils Plans to Prosecute Severe Online Threats Against Women.

+ Melissa Gira Grant and Selling Sexualization.

+ Why We All Need to Recognize that Trans Women of Color are Powerful by Princess Harmony.

+ Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write by Meaghan O’Connell.

+ Seven Lessons About Hollywood from the Original Six by Katie Kilkenny.

+ Melissa Anderson with The Black Girl Pushout: Why Are Black Girls Disproportionally Being Pushed Out of Schools?

+ THISSSSS Why Is So Much of Our New Technology Designed Primarily for Men? by Soraya Chemaly.

+ The Restaurant Industry is Very Diverse, But It’s White Chefs Who Win Most Awards by Soleil Ho.

+ LA Mayor Garcetti Announces New Transgender Advisory Council.

+ Excuse me, this is an interview with the creator of a blog dedicated to the imagined adult fashions of each babysitter in The Babysitters Club. Talking to Ruth Barabe About ‘Babysitters Fashion Club’ by Nicole Dieker.

+ Oh my sweet lord men are so fucking fragile. Also idiotic misogynists! Wheeeee and it’s another day ending in -y.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ You will like this: Refreshing Alternatives to #longhairdontcare by Christina Lee.

+ Death Rituals from around the world! Always love a good death ritual.

+ Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Museum in a New York Sanitation Garage. Very much here for this.

And Finally

I want to make this please! DIY Sand Art Terrarium!

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  1. Laneia, I was going to ask if your feline romance had progressed to the stage where you are holding hands/paws through the catflap

    but then I realised that if you had a catflap

    the cat would probably just walk through it

  2. Kyxkydjydjysjyysjdjyd UGHH!
    My life is so easy, that sometimes i really truely forget how much some people have to struggle just to love.

    The article about bathroom laws, the one thats not supposed to shock me, enrages me. WTF kind of people can sit and look a kid in the face, hear them say i know for a fact this law will make other kids kill themselves, AND PASS IT UNANIMOUSLY ANYWAY. Omg just omfg.
    Then the slide show on coming out as bi sexual- which i needed- but i got to the part where it tells you to make sure your telling people who will accept you, and not people you think will physically abuse you for telling them you love all people…

    Can you imagine what miserable lives these abusive maniacs live? I would never evvvver want to go there. No thanks. Ill stay over here, accepting and loving all souls. And ill pee in a circle around my life if it keeps them out.

  3. NPR is so wonderful but jesus fuck their comments stank of middle class white men who’ve got nothing to do with their live but whine and just ugh.

    My hands itch with need to smack knuckles with a ruler.

  4. The Psychology Today article on male fragility had me chanting AREYOUFUCKINGKIDDINGME?? over and over again. Men are lost and disoriented in a changing social landscape – oh for fuck’s sake. The overall tone of the piece as well as some of its claims were highly problematic, like the author choosing to cite regret over drunken encounters as a powerful motivator for rape charges, according to “many observers” (?) As long as we’re being scientific!
    Seriously though, my fave part was when men complained about not being facilitated by women in transitioning to a new model of masculinity; like men supported the feminist movement, you mean?
    I could rant all day, but I’ll just let the rage fuel me instead.

    • That article was absolute garbage. I kept sending quotes from it to my girlfriend and she was begging me to stop. She’s in psychology and I’m in biology, and we were likewise calling out its “science”.

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