Also.Also.Also: Lena Dunham Compares Herself to Bisexual Genius Virginia Woolf but With Emojis?

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The Price Is Right is playing in the background here (it’s the foreground tbh, this room is too small for anything to be in the background) and mostly it’s just a lot of screaming!!! If you’ve ever attended a taping of The Price Is Right, please tell me so I can ask you a million questions, such as what did you wear, and is the music as loud in the studio as the show would have you assume it is? Casual things.

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    • Seconding this. The minute she eventually fades from the spotlight, clutching her tiresome brand of grandstanding,controversy, white middle class woman femenism, and frankly bizarre behaviour will be a day in which I will cry big fat tears of joy. This is to say nothing of the fact that she decided her costar’s rape allegations were false because her friend was such a nice guy, and the fact that she seemingly sexually assaulted her own sister.

      • I’m STILL MAD about that. She still never really apologized for that. Nor did any of her co-signers, Konner and Jorma Taccone(they can eat shit too), who I will also never support. I don’t care about how many great shows or music they supposedly make. Not a getting a cent of my money ever.

        Dunham apologized to her followers and fellow white feminists for “not picking the right time” but apparently not to the victim. Definitely not publicly. And this happened like a year ago. If you are going to publicly drag somebody’s name through the mud like that and accuse them of trying to make a buck off of false rape allegations then the very least you can do is apologize just as publicly. Even in that “apology” she didn’t say that she believed the woman she just said she didn’t pick the right moment to talk about it. And after all of that it turns out the dude was a fucking liar. His lawyers had to get up there in court and admit he created that story about her blackmailing him for money. All his supporters have been quiet ever since.

        But as everyone of Twitter has already pointed out today, celebrities of color(or just POC in general) would NEVER keep getting the opportunities for redemption that Dunham is getting. All your favorite famous white feminists have taken her under their bosoms and shielded her from any real consequences and career damage for years now but can’t handle when a brown person corrects them about literally anything on social media without crying. This is why I don’t fuck with their “movements” anymore. Never forget that nobody wants to work with OSCAR WINNER and longtime comedienne Monique anymore because she’s just “too difficult” and outspoken about how Hollywood won’t pay her what she thinks she’s worth. Or that actresses of color in general are not getting paid nearly as much as their white counterparts while still fighting for more visibility. And yet this clown gets to tell funny little anecdotes in best selling books about molesting her sibling, allowed to be willfully ignorant about racial issues because “she went to private school”, PUBLICLY ACCUSED A SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM OF BEING A LYING OPPORTUNIST and not only still gets high-paying jobs but ones that are also centered around marginalized groups. I just cannot.

  1. Once again I find myself mad at the fact that the person who writes the article usually doesn’t get to pick their headline because that “Pilgrims were queer” piece was actually interesting and specifically calls the pilgrims “colonizers”, which you wouldn’t get if you just saw the headline like I first did last week.

  2. I really don’t like anything related to Lena, but that article had some issues (like a big one if it made me sympathize with her) about the whole antonoff/lorde thing. The press need to stop asking women to validate/comment weird behavior men related to them display. Also, you don’t go around asking if you think your ex of 6 years cheat on you with someone (and someone significantly younger with whom he has power over).

  3. Here is a little example of capitalism at its worst: the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) investigation into medical implants or how the industry and governments don’t give a shit about putting the health of millions of people at risk.

    Obviously this doesn’t have a lot of coverage outside of the journalists and newspapers that participated in the investigation, a clear difference with the Panama Pradise Papers.

  4. Honestly not sure why the “Pilgrims are Queer” article was shared here. I know it calls them colonizers in the article, but the overall narrative of queer history to queer present in the article just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t relate to white colonizers.

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