Also.Also.Also: Laying Matthew Shepard to Rest 20 Years Later and Other Stories for Your Week

Well I watched Salt Fat Acid Heat over the weekend and CRIED LIKE A CHILD LOST AT KOHL’S and that is how you know I am on my period today. Good morning!

Queer as in F*ck You

Matthew Shepard Will Be Interred at the Washington National Cathedral, 20 Years After His Death.

Kehlani Is Pregnant.

Shakedown Documents the Overt Sexuality of Lesbian Strip Clubs, and Then Shifts Our Gaze.

What’s The Future Of Gay Slang?

Those Same-Sex Bachelor: Vietnam Contestants Ended Up Together After All.


From Boos to Captain’s Armband, Megan Rapinoe Is Better Than Ever.

Queer Sex Freed Me From the Shame and Discomfort of Compulsory Heteronormative Sex.

This Afro-Brazilian Activist Has Become the First Transgender Woman Elected to State Congress in São Paulo.

DID U HEAR Scientists Just Created Healthy Mice With Same-Sex Parents.

Saw This, Thought of You

A survey you can participate in! The ‘Help Us Help You’ PMDD/PME Survey.

Code Name Jane: The Women Behind a Covert Abortion Network.

Powerful Women Talk About Power (And Powerlessness) is a whole series publishing this week and it’s packed with women you want to hear from (and maybe a few you don’t). Chapter 1 is up now and includes Lena Waithe and Anita Hill.

What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

Fat, Black Women’s Bodies Are Under Attack. Why Did It Take a Thin White Man to Get Our Cries Heard?

As part of my eternal quest to make sure you have plants in your house, The Very Best Indoor House Plants You Can Buy.

Political Snacks

The Myth of the Lazy Nonvoter.

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  1. I’m tired, really. I’ve already sent you three messages throught your ‘contact’ applications as well as a plead on Twitter and you keep ignoring it. The whole LGBTQ community here in Brazil is under attack (physical and psychological attack) because the man most likely to be elected president next October 28th is an openly fascist candidate who’ve already been clear about his will to eliminate gay people. People are dying, people are desperate, some of my friends who have have financial resources are thinking of leaving the country, but most of us won’t have this opportunity. His supporters are daily threatening us on the streets. Dozens of articles in the international media have already compared him to Hitler himself and yet, Autostraddle seems to have nothing to do with this.

    • My friend who is bi and straight passing was recently moved back to Brazil becuase she could not get her visa renewed for the USA(only place she wants to move to). She one of the few fortunate ones to have some money. So, what can those who can’t move(like visa denied because our current guy doesn’t want anyone here) do?

      • Thanks, the latest pool just came out and he managed to increase the distance with the other candidate. He’s gonna be elected. I’ve been twice to the hospital this last week due to severe pain in the body caused by anxiety attacks. Right now I’m under heavy medication. My girlfriend is also suffering from depression and the reports of agressions promoted by his supporters (many identify themselves and neonazis) are increasingly close. I can’t hold my girlfriend’s hand in public now, and all of this happened too fast. They want to kill us and although we’ll resist until the very end, it’s truly devastating having this feeling we’re about to enter another war in a continental country where millions and millions of people are voting against their own lives. I don’t wish this to anyone.

    • we have been trying to find someone to write about this for two weeks.

      writing about situations in other countries we don’t live in and in many cases haven’t been to or don’t speak the language of is complicated — we used to do it with abandon and were routinely criticized for not being part of the culture we were condemning some aspect of, even when the story seemed very clear-cut to us. so now we stick to international stories where someone on our team or an outside writer actually lives in that country or lived in it before, or who at the very least has the background necessary to write a solid piece. we don’t have reporters. we don’t have a full time staff of writers.

      right now our plan is for yvonne to write something by friday. if you or anybody you know has first-hand experiences they can relay to her to help her reporting, it’s yvonne at autostraddle dot com.

      • I’ve sent you an article more than a week ago under the “I want to submit or pitch an article” tag. So much has happened since I wrote that, but there are many things that can you can use to understand the bigger picture.

        • yes, we got that and also we do know how to find articles on the internet! there’s no lack of information out there on the world wide web. that’s not what i was saying — it’s just that what we’ve learned from experience here is that nothing can substitute for the first-hand accounts of people who are in a place and understand the place, especially when it’s another country, you know?. as we’ve gotten bigger, often we’ll write stories about things in the U.S. and a commenter who actually knows the people or community involved will pop in and radically transform everything we’ve come to understand about the situation. we are scrutinized pretty intensely by our readership so we have these structures in place to do right by the communities we cover.

          we are working on a story, though, i promise! and i’m sorry for everything you’re going through right now, this sounds like hellfire. <3

    • That man, if we can use that word to describe that douchebag, scared me shitless. I live in Argentina but 4 or 5 times a year I go to Brazil, and not on holiday; the last time I spent 8 months there.

      Just like any other place, you can have laws that protect, in some form, our community, but laws don’t mean shit if the higher office in your country gives permission to attack a community. And that’s what’s happening in Brazil (and I think you Americans can see this happening with President Cheeto and those far-right fuckers).

      Brazil is now another example of what can happen to a country when people lose faith in their institutions, in this case their political parties. And I cursed the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) to hell and back for this. This party could have been so different, it was different in their social agenda/policies, but not different enough about the ever-present rampant corruption in Brazil (let me just say that corruption is a major problem in every single Latin American country, mine included). As a result, we now have Bolsonaro giving easy answers to very complex problems: Violence? Easy, just kill somebody and ask questions later.

      Latin America has a long history of dictatorships, of governments (even democratic ones) violating every single human right you can think of. And I never thought that those days could come back once again. I just hope that our people will be willing to fight against that as we once did.

  2. Reading about Matthew Shepard still chokes me up. I had just started my freshman year of college when he was murdered, and it was a very intense time to be a newly out baby queer in the world.

    On a happier note, Kehlani is so adorable with her little baby bump I almost can’t handle it.

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