Also.Also.Also: Keko’s Gay Ass Is Free and Getting Married, and Other Stories for Your Weekend!

Look at that, it’s Thursday’s link roundup published on a Friday! DO WONDERS NEVER CEASE!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Faces of the Future: Stories from the Next Generation to Come of Age in America. Ughghghhh I love stuff about generationssss and this one is SUPER QUEER. Nice work out there, everyone!

+ 2017 Now the Deadliest Year on Record for Transgender Americans.

+ In Honor of Laura Aguilar, Artists Consider the Role of Queer Art.

+ Popular Hip Hop Artist Keko Comes Out as Lesbian After Being Granted Canadian Citizenship.

+ Queer Signs and What They Tell Us.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Rogue Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump’s Account on Their Last Day at the Job.

+ I don’t know, I could read this every morning for the next couple of weeks to be honest: “You Can’t Go Any Lower”: Inside the West Wing, Trump Is Apoplectic as Allies Fear Impeachment.

+ Awaiting Trump’s Coal Comeback, Miners Reject Retraining.

+ Trump Was Expressing Political Opinion by Calling Sexual Harassment Accusers ‘Liars’, His Attorneys Argue.

+ Government Scientist Blocked from Talking About Climate and Wildfires.

Doll Parts

+ Lego’s ‘Women of NASA’ Set Is KILLING IT.

+ What’s Happening at NPR? “A timeline of a firing—and a reminder of the stubbornness of the status quo.”

+ Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’m Always Afraid of Failing”. Let me be 100% honest and say that I’ll be obsessed with Michelle Pfeiffer even after I’m dead.

+ ESPN Must Decide What It Wants to Be.

+ Inside the Most Popular Panel at the Women’s Convention: “Confronting White Womanhood”.

+ Miss Peru Pageant Contestants Give Statistics on Gender Violence Instead of Their Measurements.

+ Federal Agency Director Admits to Interfering in Immigrants’ Reproductive Health Choices. “The director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement confirmed reports that he has visited pregnant minors in his custody to persuade them to carry unwanted pregnancies.”

+ The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Are More Than a Scandal—They’re a Call to Arms.

+ Lauren Wasser: How One Model Lost Her Leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome and Found her Life’s Purpose

Keep Up

+ Russia’s Social Media Propaganda Was Hiding in Plain Sight.

+ On Russia, Tech Doesn’t Know What It Doesn’t Know.

+ After Charlottesville, More Counterprotesters Are Being Arrested Than White Supremacists.

+ The Cities That Will Be Drowned by Global Warming. Just some light cheery content for you.

+ DNAInfo and Gothamist Have Shut Down and under some very fucked up circumstances.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Cloud Twitter: the palate cleanser you deserve.

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