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Queer as in F*ck You

+ Going It Alone: “What happens when an African American woman decides to solo-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine during a summer of bitter political upheaval? Everything you can imagine.”

+ Redefining Butch-Femme Relationships.

+ How Lady Gaga Captured America’s Queer Imagination.

+ The Invention of AI ‘Gaydar’ Could Be the Start of Something Much Worse.

+ How Did a Bunch of Mythical Monsters Become Queer Icons?

+ Ask a Grown Woman: Lena Waithe.

+ Transgender Hockey Player Postpones Hormone Treatment to Keep Playing.

+ Strange Fruit: Parenting While Black and Queer.

+ Laverne Cox Makes the Political Personal in Transgender Bathroom Documentary Gavin Grimm Vs.

+ Michigan Mom Defends Her Trans Kid Against a Hostile Town.

+ “I’m Not Afraid of Who I Used to Be”: Miley Cyrus on Younger Now

+ Monologue: I’m Diana from Anne of Green Gables and I Am Fucking Drunk.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ New Order Bans Almost All Travel from Seven Countries.

+ This Is What Football Fields Looked Like After Trump Said Any “Son Of A Bitch” Who Refuses To Stand For The National Anthem Should Be Fired.

+ They Can’t Fire You for What’s In Your Head: Why A Cop With A Tattoo That Looks Like A Nazi Symbol Is Still On The Job.

+ Obama Tried to Give Zuckerberg a Wake-Up Call Over Fake News on Facebook.

+ Kushner Used Private Email to Conduct White House Business.

+ No One Is Tracking the Illegal Political Ads in Your Facebook Feed.

Doll Parts

+ How DeVos’ New Rules on Campus Sexual Assault Discriminate Against Survivors.

+ Gloria Allred’s Crusade.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Puerto Rico’s Agriculture and Farmers Decimated by Maria.

+ Three Signs Gentrification Is Coming to Your Neighborhood.

+ (Legally) Selling Weed While Black.

+ The Unfulfilled Promise of Black Capitalism.

+ For Puerto Ricans Off the Island, a Struggle to Make Contact After Maria.

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  1. I’m so glad to see the link to Strange Fruit here! It’s one of Louisville’s best exports. This particular episode (Parenting While Black and Queer) is great, but TBH I’ve never heard one that didn’t teach me something.

  2. The ‘Going It Alone’ piece is extraordinarily good! I just read it a couple weeks ago and I’m happy to see it in this roundup.

  3. I’m so happy Rahawa’s piece was featured! I followed along her journey on the AT and read this when it came out. The trail is always political – I loved this piece.

  4. I went to the HuffPo article on Redefining Butch/ Femme and it linked to an ancient video called something like “Lesbian Lexicon.”

    They frickin showed a picture of Ellen DeGeneres with the label BUTCH across the bottom of the screen. That’s right people, Ellen De frickin Generes.
    For FEMME they showed Raven Symone. It was so weird.

    Just had to share.
    Did anyone else see that? Was that just me? Were there too many ads to actually wait for the content?
    Who was this video made for????

  5. Did the Stanford scientists only use white people in their data set (see the “composites”). mmh of fucking course.

  6. Also. Not a fan of that butch/femme article. I get what it’s trying to do. And yay femme visibility!

    But you’re still not convincing me that “butch and femme are like yin and yang”. No matter how you try to mix the gender norms in there (‘butch women are very caring and have a soft core!’ – sidenote, are butch women the new Ben & Jerry flavour? ; ‘femmes are very strong!’), you’re still saying that people fit when one fulfills a masculine ideal and the other a feminine ideal.

    Holy Butler! Let’s please decolonise the idea that ‘care’ is feminine and ‘strength’ masculine!

    Let’s recognise that having “slot A matching slot B” (whether it’s a penis and a vagina, a man and a women, a ‘strong’ person and a ‘nurturing’ person) is not what makes a relationship!

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