Also.Also.Also: Jesus Just Let the Lesbians Wear the Tuxedos!

Hello and welcome to today’s link roundup, brought to you by iced coffee with a shot of espresso, ordering self-help books at 4am, and… the Beach Boys? Sure! Love you!

Queer as in F*ck You

Supreme Court Notebook: Gender Pronouns Part of LGBT Fight

A Student Wore a Tuxedo for Her Senior Portrait — And Was Left Out of the Yearbook.

Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays’ Path To Parenthood

I Deal With Grief Through Extreme Makeup to Make People Look at Me

The Best (and Worst) Lesbian Photo Shoot Scenes in Film and TV History

After Leaving The Church, Tarot Became My Salvation

Having A Baby Meant Making Friends With Straight People

Why Some LGBTQ Parents Still Have to Adopt Their Biological Children in 2019

This Woman Started A Campaign To Take Back The Meaning Of Lesbian On Google

MariNaomi is Making Space for Marginalized Comic Artists

Here Are Five Ways You Can Support Palestinian Queers, According to LGBTQ Group Al-Qaws

Once-Taboo Images by a Minnesota-Born Photographer Reveal Lesbian Lives in the 1970s

A Study Backing Caster Semenya’s Track Ban Was Seriously Flawed

Gabby Rivera’s New Comic Book Series Is a ‘Love Letter to Queer Kids Everywhere’

Saw This, Thought of You

You Are More Than The Best (and Worst) Thing You’ve Ever Done

Speculative Fiction and Black Feminist Thought

Afro-Latino Software Engineer Julio Rivera Created a Meditation App for People of Color

America’s First Generic Abortion Pill, Explained

The Swole Women of Sparta Wrestled, Danced, and Drank

Well this is truly horrifying!! Yay! High Country News speculates on how climate change will be absolutely fucking ruining us in 2068.

Great news for those of us who’ve watched every video Bon Appetit has ever put up and still don’t feel whole lol, The First Full Episode of Good Eats: The Return Is Up on YouTube Right Now

Ten Years of Taylor Swift: How the Pop Star Went From Sweetheart to Snake (and Back Again?)

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