Also.Also.Also: I’ve Decided There’s No Hellmouth Today and Other Stories for Your Reasonably Fine Week

Hello and welcome to another episode of Also.Also.Also, where I round up the links, and you read ’em! On today’s show, we have a lot of stuff you won’t want to confront, a couple of things you’ll want to share with friends, surely at least one thing that will make you cry, and more! Grab your toasted marshmallow candle and a kazoo because it’s time to get reading!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Filmmaker Debra Chasnoff, Who Made History at the Oscars, Has Died.

+ Liz Smith, Longtime Queen of Tabloid Gossip Columns, Dies at 94.

+ What Does Getting “Outed” Mean Anymore?

+ Dee Rees on Tackling Racism in Her Epic Southern Period Drama ‘Mudbound’.

+ Transgender, Latinx, Poly, and Pregnant: ‘I’ll Love My Child Without Conditions’.

+ The Barbaric Silencing of Transgender and Non-Binary People.

+ Church of England Urges Children to Explore Gender Identity.

+ ‘This Is How We Win’: Inside Danica Roem’s Historic Victory.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

No Hellmouth today. No.

Doll Parts

+ This Rebecca Traister piece that everyone’s been talking about since last night: Your Reckoning. And Mine. “As stories about abuse, assault, and complicity come flooding out, how do we think about the culprits in our lives? Including, sometimes, ourselves.”

+ The Inequality Beneath the Sexual-Harassment Headlines.

+ When You Can’t Throw All Men Into The Ocean And Start Over, What CAN You Do?

+ Breaking Down How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics.

+ Whitewashing NOLA by Jasika Nicole.

+ Eve Ewing on the Marvel Comics Shakeup.

+ A Deep Springs College for Women.

+ Spread the Love: An Interview with Dolly Parton.

+ Denied: On Mothering in America.

+ The Lose-Lose Life of a Female Comedian.

+ Diana Nyad: My Life After Sexual Assault.

+ Hope Solo accuses Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter of Grabbing Her.

Keep Up

+ ‘White Europe’: 60,000 Nationalists March on Poland’s Independence Day.

+ For Elites, Politics Is Driven by Ideology. For Voters, It’s Not.

+ Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale.

+ Powerful Lawmaker Wants to Invalidate the Endangered Species Act. He’s Getting Close.

+ A New York Courtroom Gave Every Detained Immigrant a Lawyer. The Results Were Staggering. I am staggered.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How to Fight White Backlash.

+ Small But Mighty: Independent News Outlets Are Making An Outsized Impact.

+ Between Sinew and Spirit: Are You a Body with a Mind or a Mind with a Body?

+ Support the music video for “Leave Them”, a project being put together by Robin Roemer (founding member of Autostraddle, erstwhile A-Camp co-director, all around great and excellent human) and musician Benjamin Doerr. “This music video project features adult survivors of childhood sexual assault screaming underwater. The concept is a reminder of how sexual assault victims are often silenced by a system that ignores their voices.”

+ The First Time I Ate an Oyster is a heartbreaking, howling, excellent thing.

+ You’re going to want to read this entire thread, so click on through:

And Finally

Enjoy this video of Jupiter and Venus meeting together at dawn over Cornwall, UK today.

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  1. Oh, that article with the oysters put the unfortunate thought in my head that I will never smell my grandparent’s houses ever again. 😢

    Anyone else having a Crying Night?

    Somedays at work a baby will hug me so perfectly that the memory of it will, later that evening, make me weep. Everything is so hard for babies. Everything gets so much harder.

  2. The inequality behind the headlines, the systemic, ubiquitous daily aggressions both minor and major all hurt. Even when it isn’t something that happened to me, hearing about the impact and pervasiveness and knowing its truth just fills me with rage and hopelessness. I keep waiting for it all to blow over and everything to be business at usual. Justice Thomas. President Trump. Meanwhile, I mourn the talent and voices that we’ve been denied as a society. It’ll be interesting to see whether this has legs.

  3. That Rebecca Traister piece, woof!

    “It’s an absolutely bizarre thing to go through, and it’s fucking exhausting and horrible, and I hate it. And I’m glad. I’m so glad we’re doing it. And I’m in hell.”


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