Also.Also.Also: Imagine Kehlani’s Baby Wearing a ‘New Order’ Onesie by Céline Dion

Excuse me, have I already told you about this white bean soup? It’s so good and so EASY, you can make it even when you’re preoccupied thinking about how your mom is coming in a few hours and you still haven’t done your laundry or wiped down the fronts of all the cabinet doors. Try it! Lmk what you think.

Queer as in F*ck You

Kehlani, In Full Bloom.

LGBT Members Of The Caravan Went Ahead First To Dodge Danger And Discrimination.

How the Same-Sex Marriage Vote Changed the Lives of Queer Teens in Australian Country Towns.

If there’s one thing I know about you — like, know it deep down into my bones and such — it’s that you love a survey, so I do my very best to bring you topnotch survey action! For the next month, we’re helping Community Marketing & Insights and the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association learn more about you (a gay) and how you travel (gayly, as a gay). It’ll only take about 10 minutes! CMI’s 23rd Annual LGBTQ Travel Survey.

Did It Hurt When Indya Moore Fell From Heaven?

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace on Motherhood, Musical Non-Monogamy and American Decline.

Guess Which Lesbian Author Stan Lee Once Had a Blind Date With.

Trump’s Anti-Trans Policy Efforts Aren’t New—And Their History Is Horrifying.

Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread, Comrades!

A Queer Look At Jonestown At 40.

Please Watch This Video of Céline Dion Destroying the Gender Binary.

Saw This, Thought of You

2 Dope Queens Says Goodbye With an Extended Interview With Michelle Obama

“I Never Thought I Was Going to a Concert Again” — wherein Common visits the Central California Women’s Facility and imprisoned women are listened to with compassion.

Suddenly, there are smiles. Common has the first of them as he walks into the gym. The rapper and actor greets each of the “residents,” the in-house CCWF term for the women serving their sentences here. He is here, on this October day, to perform his third concert in three days for an imprisoned audience, completing his second Hope & Redemption tour in two years. This will be his first show at a women’s institution.

Khadjou Sambe: The Senegalese Surfer with Olympic Dreams.

Here’s the FBI’s Warning Signs of a Mass Shooter.

The California Wildfires: How Experts Track a Blaze to Its Origin. And if you want to help out in California, donate to the North Valley Community Foundation’s Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund (Queer Girl, your Comment Awards Academy, has verified and recommended this fund!).

Firearms And Dementia: How Do You Convince A Loved One To Give Up Their Guns?

My Parents Give Me $28,000 a Year: “We want diverse voices in the arts. But we don’t like to talk about money.”

Political Snacks

19 Black Women Judges Swept to Victory in Texas. Here’s Why It Matters.

‘We Hope to Change Trump’s Heart’: A Policy Advocate On Her Travels With the Migrant Caravan and How You Can Help.

Divided We Stand: “The country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?”

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  1. Hi, are you aware that the Linda Bellos article you shared is incredibly transphobic, and published by a TERF website (Feminist Current). This surely goes against Autostraddle’s ethos as a website for queer women, including trans women and non-binary people.

  2. Common is wack and a huge hypocrite. I am an ex fan and I mentioned before he has a anti-choice song(from the 90s feat./Lauryn Hill), where he regrets that his then partner had an abortion. Really dude? He dedicated the song to his young daughter. Then later in his show he mentioned supporting women’s rights. He lost a fan in me. In fact the WOC and my friend(who seen him a few times live in the rust belt) next to me were clowning him for being a phony. He really gave of those vibes in his performance. Thankfully, the only Queen that matters, Latifah did an excellent performance.

  3. I am so, so sooooo proud of Celine Dion, and have always been a lifelong fan!! I admired her and her husband Renee’s beautiful, somewhat unconventional love over a 30-year age difference. But now, in her post-Renee chapter, she may be more open to thinking outside the box and taking charge of her own career! I hope all of her boys are growing strong and healthy, and I can’t wait to see where their lives & careers take them!

  4. OMG, Celine Dion and beautifully bonkers gender subversion.

    “Queer lady camp humour” is something there is a sad dearth of, but I vote for Celine as inaugural patron saint. The Topp Twins in NZ are leading exponents of the art form. Anyone else come to mind?

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