Also.Also.Also: Imagine a World Where Lesbian Farmers Find True Love and Other Stories for Your Week

I want to take this opportunity to thank CVS for sending me reminder after reminder about my Wellbutrin being ready to pick up. I think today might be the day guys!

Queer as in F*ck You

Lesbian Archive Preserves a Time When the Bay Area Changed Radically.

Egypt’s LGBT Crackdown.

CDC Denies It Will Remove LGBT Questions.

Excuse me: This Dating Service Is Helping Gay and Lesbian Farmers Find Their Dream Partner.

Sephora’s New Free Makeup Classes For Trans And Non-Binary People Is Coming This Summer.

Planning My Wedding as a Non-Binary Bride.

Doll Parts

Ireland Votes to End Abortion Ban, in Rebuke to Catholic Conservatism.

Keep Up

What You Should Know About the 1,500 ‘Missing’ Immigrant Children.

Stabbed at a Neo-Nazi Rally, Called a Criminal: How Police Targeted a Black Activist.

There Are No Lone Wolves.

Saw This, Thought of You

I Also Went to the Royal Wedding. Caity Weaver, friends.

The Decline of Snapchat and the Secret Joy of Internet Ghost Towns.

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  1. So- of course I’m delighted that the world is paying attention to the OMFG AMAZING THING that we did here in Ireland last week. (And wow, wow, wow- I’m still pinching myself and on a high. And also exhausted cause oh gawd this is something we’ve been fighting literally all my life and now it’s.. done? What happens now? Should I get, like, a hobby?)

    But also GAWD is it tiresome that the coverage from outside Ireland keeps on focusing on Catholicism. Like sure, we used to be a strongly Catholic and religious country. But these days church attendance is at, what, about 20? If even that? And most of those people are cheerfully making their own minds up on issues, no matter what the church says.

    It’s not that we’re rebuking Catholic conservatism, so much as that Catholic conservatism is utterly irrelevant to most of our lives and has been for decades and we really do wish the rest of the world would catch up to how progressive our society really is these days?

      • I know right?

        I just wanna be all HEY WORLD WE ARE WORKING SUPER HARD TO TRANSFORM INTO A BEACON OF PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION which, in fairness, is the kind of beacon that lots of the planet could seriously do with right now?

        (And like a completely imperfect one with a serious homelessness crisis and a pretty terrible legal situation for immigrants/asylum seekers but.. we’re working on it? As hard as we can? And actually winning stuff!)

        • Just for the record, I’m German and I honestly love Ireland’s openness and spirit.
          I remember when Irish living abroad flocked to the island to cast their vote in favor of marriage equality and it really lifted my heart and gave me hope when it succeeded,at a time when we couldn’t even remotely think about getting marriage equality ourselves.

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