Also.Also.Also: I Have Not Read the Heteropessimism Article

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Queer as in F*ck You

Emotional Photos From Outside the First Trans Rights Supreme Court Case Ever

Photos Of A Butch Woman That Challenge What Pregnancy ‘Should’ Look Like

From Online Discourse to IRL: 4 Bisexual People Define Bisexuality for Themselves

Remembering Forgotten Lesbian History

The Grapevine: A Southern Trans Report

An 84-Year-Old Elder Volunteer Was Fired Because She’s a Lesbian

The Struggles Faced by Queer Asian Teenagers

The Difficulty With Presenting As Bisexual

A Group of YouTubers Is Trying to Prove the Site Systematically Demonetizes Queer Content

Uganda Plans Bill Imposing Death Penalty for Gay Sex

Ellen DeGeneres Was a Lesbian Hero — But Who Is She Now?

Saeed Jones’s Sensual Memoir of Race, Sex, and Self-Invention

I have not read this: On HeteropessimismHeterosexuality is nobody’s personal problem.

How Does an Internet Astrologer Chani Nicholas Do Her Job?

California Makes PrEP and PEP Available Without Prescription

Facetune And The Self

Why We Need More Sober Safe Spaces for Marginalised Communities

Outside of the Folder, the Box, the Archive: “Moving toward a Reparative Video Game History”

Saw This, Thought of You

Zora and The Blackness Present Moonrakers 2020. Well this series is just gorgeous and perfect !

Florida Women Are No Joke. I Should Know. “What is it really like to love, work and struggle in the Sunshine State? The characters in a new wave of books and TV shows have not just survived — they’ve thrived.” This was written by Kristen Arnett have you ever heard of her.

Reader I screamed. We Toured the Official Lisa Frank Apartment, And You’ve Got To See the Bathroom.

These Apps Make a Game Out of Relieving Anxiety

Why All Parents Should Talk With Their Kids About Social Identity IT IS LITERALLY YOUR JOB.

Black Women Entrepreneurs Bring Self Care to Life

Women’s College Basketball on ESPN Networks Increases for 2019-20 Season

What’s Left of Generation X

Political Snacks

Fighting for the Future of Our Planet Is Reproductive Justice

The Supreme Court May Soon Deal a Final, Fatal Blow to the Voting Rights Act

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    • Well, I know one or two who are doing alright, but, yeah. I mean, my response to that “it would be so much easier to be a lesbian” is always along the lines of, “Yes, it’s much easier to navigate the world when you’re constantly worried about losing your job, your home, your children, your family, your life…”

      • There’s always some holdouts skewing the curve.
        Although after reading that entire frat article from #299 I am hardly shaken in my suspicion that men are, indeed, often trash. So where are all the dudes wishing they could be gay and have that total Greek experience? Preferably not involving coma due to wine enema and ass rockets though.

    • I thought the point about the various social and economic justice movements that we (many of us!) participated in being effectively shut down by 9/11 was really illuminating.

      I mean, of course we all knew around the world about “security theatre”, but damn if those strings weren’t pulled anyway.

      Although I can really do without thinkpieces written by middle-aged hipsters reminiscing about how 80s music was “the best” and how it was a time of excellent money-making and yuppiedom. They sound like embarrassing old dad boomers, not to mention the questionble accuracy of some of their views on history. (Talk to the Brits about how awesome the Thatcher years were for them, for one glaring example.)

  1. Omg that heteropessimism article is so much fun, so many gems, “…’men are trash’ is not something I am personally invested in disputing. Yet in announcing her wish to be gay, the speaker carelessly glosses over the fact that she has chosen to stay attached to heterosexuality – to remain among the (slightly more than 2 or 3) women who are, despite everything, still straight.”

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