Also.Also.Also: How to Help Hurricane Victims, Where To Be Gay in America, and Other Stories for Your Week

Do you have some peaches and sugar and buttermilk, and a freezer and a food processor? COOL, BRO you can make this peach sherbet that’s changed my life. Cameron suggested I add some fresh basil to it and guess what, I’m trying that later tonight. Anyway I’m just saying, take control of your life by making yourself some sherbet. You are a powerful beautiful creature of earth and you can make a sherbet! It’s totally legal!

Direct Action

+ Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund.

+ This is a thread!

+ Here How’s to Help LGBTQ Victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Don’t You Forget About Me.


+ The Worst (and Best) Places to Be Gay in America.

+ Liliana Bakhtiari Is Running for Atlanta’s City Council. She could be the first queer Muslim woman to serve.

+ Supreme Court’s Right to Privacy judgment opens door to gay sex being decriminalised in India.

+ ‘Humans Of New York’ Will Become A Facebook Docuseries.

+ How Grassroots Activists Opened Up Baseball To Its Queer Fans.

+ Blair Imani Gets Real About Queer Muslim Representation.

+ Traumatized And Trans: We Are Allowed To Be All Versions Of Ourselves At Once.

+ The Lesbian Couple Behind a Multi-Million Dollar Haunted House Empire.

+ Queer and Swarthy in Portland: “The image Portland portrays—of a city of progressive attitudes—does not line up with the reality when it comes to race.”

+ This Former Homeless Woman Is Setting Up Britain’s First Shelter For LGBT People.

+ Hand Habits’ Tender Queer Tunes.

+ This Woman Says She Is ‘the Most Hated Lesbian’ in Egypt.

+ Just Friends? “Sisterhood” And The Queer Female Experience.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Leaked Chats Show Charlottesville Marchers Were Planning for Violence. Autoplay video of the car plowing into counter-protesters.

+ As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police ‘Never Moved’. Autoplay video of a white nationalist firing a gun into a crowd.

+ Joe Arpaio: Accepting Pardon Is Not An Admission Of Guilt.

+ Why Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Follows Law, Yet Challenges It.

+ ‘People Were Gasping and Terrified’: Excessive Police Force in Phoenix After Trump’s Rally Tuesday.

+ Trump Administration Cancels Local Hiring Plan for Public Works Projects.

+ Zinke’s veteran daughter excoriates Trump in response to transgender military ban.

+ ICE Left 50 Immigrant Women And Kids Stranded at a Bus Station Before Hurricane Harvey Struck.

+ Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal ‘Will Get Donald Elected’.

+ ‘We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation’. Joe Biden wrote this.

+ Trump Hotel at Night.

Doll Parts

+ The New War on Birth Control.

+ Celebrating National Women’s Day at Afropunk.

+ To Be Young, Breastfeeding, and Black.

+ A New Festival Wants Equality for Women in Extreme Sports.

Keep Up

+ A Texas Newsroom Predicted a Disaster and no one listened, basically.

+ Class Dismissed: When a state divests from public education. This is about Arizona and it’ll really light a fire right under your bum!

+ Houston Officials Defend Their Decision Not to Evacuate.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ In the Wake.

+ The Story of the DuckTales Theme, History’s Catchiest Single Minute of Music.

+ Former Village Voice Editors And Writers Remember Its Outsized Impact On Music.

+ Deaf Music Fans Are Finally Starting To Be Heard.

+ ‘Dragnet’ Was Straight Up LAPD Propaganda.

+ Amazon Prime Will Be Whole Foods’ Rewards Program. Wheeeee cheap kale!

+ Hello I do this: To De-Stress, Try Talking About Yourself in the Third Person.

And Finally

Girls and Their Cats dot com.

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    • Ooops posted before finishing. I didn’t realize it was LAPD propaganda, but it totally makes sense, especially after catching it in re-runs a few years back on that Retro TV or whatever that hard to find channel that show Gidget(Sally Field) is on.

  1. When I moved back to California in 2014 I landed in the bizarre field of the education industry. The Class Dismissed article is just the thing I have been wondering about. As soon as DeVos was appointed I wondered how soon this voucher business would take over. I already knew it was a bad idea, but reading about Arizona’s experience has left me feeling even more concerned.

  2. I’m glad you’ve given us links where we can send money to help. Too many people are already wanting to send thousands of donated goods, many of which will never reach the victims and, in some cases, may just sit there. I also enjoyed reading the memories of the Village Voice staffers. The paper hasn’t been edgy and relevant for decades and when the corporate overruled the content, disaster struck. If you look up Village Voice firings 2006 and then 2013, you will see how absolutely appalling long time staffers were treated and then ousted. They can have their online Village hasn’t been ours for a very long time.

  3. I wish I was good at writing because as life long resident of the Gulf Coast I what to scream and scream in an educational academic way about how fucked up it is that local officials are using the failed evacuation of Rita in 2005 as an excuse to condemn their citizen to suffering and death.

    When you fuck up, you learn what you did wrong so you won’t fuck up that way again.
    Not sick your fingers in your ears and pretend things aren’t/won’t be happening.

    I understand a mandatory evacuation means officials have to find ways to evacuate people who do not have the means to evacuate themselves and that it’s HARD to do.
    But if it’s too hard to work at learning from past mistakes, too hard to make contingency plans to keep your citizen safe then what the fuck are you doing in public service or public office? Feeding your ego.

    Hell what do they do when they shrink something in the dryer? Never use the dryer again? Never wash their clothes ever?

    Just oh my gods.
    I can’t.

    I mean I realise with public office comes personal ego and power hungry people but lately I wanna just take a fly swatter to so many people.
    It’s almost like my nihilism is all gone and I believe in humanity can change and be better or something. That I’m holding us as accountable rather than think of everyone inevitable pieces of shit. My inner 12 year old clucks at my possible optimism in humanity.

  4. Liam thinks maybe talk about yourself in third person with people close to you or with yourself/in thought and talk about yourself with in first person once you’ve composed your thoughts with the sorts of people who might judge speaking in second/third person about yourself to be odd/egotistical.
    He thinks that it doesn’t have to be an either or thing.
    His experience of doing this speaking in third person about himself comes mostly from an academic context where it is indeed the first person which is looked down on. However he is aware that even this comment comes across a little bit strange in a more casual context of reading Autostraddle.

  5. Also I hope you don’t mind that I nicked ‘saw this thought of you’ as my way to introduce the deaf music article to my deaf mum/mum who works with deaf kids. She says the music being louder is daft though, a lot of people damage their hearing at music concerts & she thinks nobody should go to the typical noisy ones without ear defenders.
    She’s old (ok nearly fifty) and English so that might influence things but she suggests local acts at pubs with the music not amplified & respectful enough crowd that you can hear the singer. Then if you’re deaf get as close as you can. Intimate setting basically. I have to agree, you don’t get the most polished of acts or often someone you’ve heard of but it is a great & traditional way to enjoy music.

  6. Um I want to make a suggestion of pet related disaster relief linkage too because in some cases people aren’t allowed or able to keep their pets with them where they end up evacuated or settled.
    And it has been well established us queers cherish pets so very much.

    Also local animals shelters are often running on a shoestring budget for day-to-day up keep with little nothing that can be set aside for disasters like floods and hurricanes. And when something like this happens they have to transport all the animals in their custody out of town to other shelters and foster families across the country.

    Austin Pets Alive

    Houston SPCA

    Annnnddd uh at some point soonish there will be donations set up or requests for tampons and pads etc, keep an eye out for that O Wise and Powerful staff people I hope I’m not annoying with suggestions.
    Later will be donation requests for clothes(that style that’s not you my blossomed queermos DONATE IT), furniture, dinner and silver ware.
    Later still will donation requests for books to refill school and public libraries.

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