Also.Also.Also: Home for the Holidays and Holding It Together, with Science!

Well I finally bought a pair of suede mules and here we are. Adults. Adult women with mules. I am grown and alive and in possession of these shoes. These facts cannot be denied. I’ll be wearing the mules to our Thanksgiving situation this afternoon. Wish me luck, and thank you for your time.

Queer as in F*ck You

Fight Over Wedding Invitations for Same-Sex Couples Heads to Arizona Supreme Court.

A Queer Ukulele-Strumming Harmonica-Blowing Beatboxer Is About to Blow Up the Music Scene. COOL I LOVE GAY EXPLOSIONS.

Finding the Real St. Vincent

13 Legendary Transgender Pioneers on Survival, Resilience, and Joy

On Instagram, Seeing Between the (Gender) Lines

Channeling the Past: Black Trans Women Celebrate Resilience on Trans Day of Remembrance

It’s Transgender Awareness Week and Trans People of Color Are Still Being Erased

Here’s Mo Welch and Sam Martin getting married and being real gorgeous about it!

Going Home for the Holidays As a Newly Sober Person

Saw This, Thought of You

Science Stories to Save You From Awkward Thanksgiving Conversations

How Native American Women Inspired The Feminist Movement

The Writer of Addams Family Values Says It’s a Satire of Bush-Era Conservatism

How a 6-Year-Old Survived Being Lost in the Woods

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