Also.Also.Also: Hard to Believe But Americans Apparently Don’t Know Jack Shit About Federal LGBTQ Protections?

HELLO DID YOU MISS ME probably not because you had Natalie!! Who is incredible! Hey real question though: how many times can a person legally rewatch the Gentleman Jack finale?

Queer as in F*ck You

Americans’ Perception of LGBTQ Rights Under Federal Law Largely Incorrect

The Lack of Dedicated LGBTQ Media Is a Disaster

Why and How I Am Choosing to Be a Mother: “Despite the all-too-real threat of maternal mortality, medical racism, and homophobia, I’m ready to be a Black, queer mom.” Written by Charlene Carruthers!

Author Nicholas Sparks Tried to Ban LGBT Club and Student Protests at His Christian School, Emails Reveal

Ecuador High Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Botswana Scraps Gay Sex Laws in Big Victory for LGBTQ Rights in Africa

How L.G.B.T. Couples in Russia Decide Whether to Leave the Country

Germany Plans to Ban Gay, Lesbian ‘Conversion Therapy’

‘Put Homos to Death’: Sheriff’s Deputy Says LGBT ‘Freaks’ and ‘Animals’ Should Be Executed in Tennessee Sermon — he’s been put on paid sick leave, if you were wondering.

Written in the Cards: What Reading Tarot Taught Me About Gender

10 Young Black LGBTQ Authors Reclaiming Their Space Through Words

These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ Away from Oklahoma

Greed, Mismanagement and Private Equity: How Iconic LGBTQ Magazine “Out” Almost Died

10 Things I Learned at A-Camp

How Do You Choreograph a Good Queer Sex Scene? 6 TV Creators and Filmmakers Explain.

What I love about shooting sex is that it’s a real opportunity to have a dialogue about something that people never talk about — particularly queer sex, because queer sex is so improvisational. There are no rules. You make it up as you go.


Queer Artists in Their Own Words: Sarah Zapata Wants an Anti-Hero Society

Why Pop Music Is Getting More Queer

Look at this incredible headline: My Little Pony Brings Lesbians to Equestria – Just in Time for Pride Week

Young Lesbian, Gay and Bi Women Share Their Experiences of Homophobia Today

A Beloved Trans Woman Was Brutally Murdered by Her Boyfriend. Her Story Reveals a Nationwide Problem

California Wants To Shut Down A Christian School Accused Of Punishing Students For Being Gay

Saw This, Thought of You

In Plain Sight: “The killing of a student, one in a growing list of victims, opened her university’s eyes to the unseen danger of intimate-partner violence.”

American Women Are Dying From Pregnancy Up To A Year After They Deliver

Atlanta’s First Unisex Children’s Clothing Store Launched by Black Woman

The Boondocks Reboot in the Works With Original Series Creator

Anti-Abortion Hypocrisy Has Never Been Clearer

⚽🏆 Saw This, Thought of You: Women’s World Cup Edition 🏆⚽

A special section from Natalie!!

Why the USWNT had to keep fighting for all 90 minutes against Thailand

Thailand’s World Cup Formula: A Wealthy Donor and a Rival’s Doping

Too-Early Reactions After Each Nation’s First Women’s World Cup Match

Nigeria’s Asisat Oshoala Finally Shows The World Who She Is

Crystal Dunn Will Attack From Everywhere

What it’s like to play against (and with) Brazil’s Marta

FIFA’s scheduling congestion further proves women’s soccer is treated like a second-class citizen

How Argentina stole the heart of a Nadeshiko fan

Pity the poor man who’s had the Women’s World Cup shoved down his throat

Political Snacks

Sex Work Decriminalization Could Have Saved Layleen Polanco

Beto O’Rourke Just Unveiled a Comprehensive Proposal to Protect LGBTQ People

How the Supreme Court Could Use the Census to Bless White Power in America

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  1. Katelyn Burns’s article on LGBTQ media was very good! I really appreciate her point of view and her focus on the actual every day life queer/trans person issues that are being distorted by mainstream media. Thanks for sharing!

  2. tbh i love that the uswnt took their game against thailand so seriously and scored 13 goals, both because i *love* (i cannot emphasize this enough it’s the only time i feel like a good american) *LOVE* seeing this team kick ass, but also because as a competitor it’s humiliating to be played down to – sometimes you come, you lose hard, and you move on and that’s way better than being condescended to – they’re all adults and it’s classier to play that way <3

  3. Agreed on not slacking off the scoring, but as a competitor who has been playing soccer since I was 7 the celebrations after goal 8 or 9 absolutely felt tasteless. Pinoe, this is your 4th World Cup, no need for those antics.

    In queer women’s soccer coverage, go to zoe_zeca Instagram page for cute photos of Marta and Toni’s dogs wearing tiny Marta jerseys to cheer her on; Sam Kerr’s “suck on that” comment epitomizes why I would have chosen Polks as captain; Australia and Spain battle it out for the gayest team; Brazil’s goalkeeper Barbara has the most beautiful eyes; and is there something going on between New Zealand’s Sarah Gregorious and Australia’s Elise Kellond-Knight?

  4. Thanks for continuing the world cup section!

    I’m still holding out hope for a standalone post, because I have a lot of feelings to process about this thing I read on the Sun website (don’t ask why) about the girlfriends and boyfriends of the England women’s team…

  5. Nice to know that our good for nothing health minister does some positive things with a 46 person expert panel from time to time, if he is, you know, actually interested in the issue.

    Unlike, let’s say, (female) reproductive rights*, the situation for our midwives and the general state of the birth sector in Germany.

    *(He’s planning to spend millions on a study to find out if abortion has negative psychological effects on women.)

    Also Laneia, this link roundup is super great! Thanks!!

  6. Probably this could be a controversial opinion, but I’m not sure the problem with that article from the NYT was that the journalist wasn’t a trans person or even part of our community.

    The real problem was sloppy, lazy journalism and a very one-sided point of view. And yes, the NYT usually does this, takes one or two positive opinions on a subject (maybe a good review on Amazon? I kinda think they do this lazy shit) and the rest is a bunch of crap. But hey, we have an article showing all the sides!!!

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