Also.Also.Also: Hannah Hart’s Show ‘I Hart Food’ Looks Tasty and Cute, and Other Stories You Need

Hello let me tell you a true story about a grown woman, an adult woman in her mid-thirties, who literally forgot what day of the week it was last Thursday, and therefore did not publish a link roundup. She’s the selfsame woman who, this very morning, forgot what time zone she resides in and was thus an hour late to her weekly Monday morning meeting. (In her flimsy defense, she lives in Arizona, where they don’t observe daylight savings and instead just swap timezones from Pacific to Mountain and back again forever.) Does this grown woman need to up her vitamin intake? Maybe sleep more? Dedicate one entire wall of her home to a large calendar, with her timezone clearly stated?

I don’t know. I truly do not know.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Lesbian Rapper, Brittany Johnson, Shot to Death in New Orleans.

+ Authors of the Combahee River Statement Mark the 40th Anniversary.

+ Therapist Sued for Allegedly Trying to Turn Lesbian Straight.

+ Tiffany Masters is a queer MMA fighter and you’d probably like to get to know her.


+ Why I Choose ‘Queer’, written by Naomi McPherson who is in a band called MUNA, so.

+ Hey Queer Brands, Stop Stealing Independent Queer Designer’s Ideas for Profit.

+ Phoenix LGBTQ Youth Center, one.n.ten., Needs Donations to Rebuild After Fire.

+ LBGTQ People of Color and Their Experiences with Law Enforcement Explored.

+ How to Talk to Religious Conservatives About LGBTQ Rights.

+ We Rocked Out at an Anti-July 4th Queer Country Music Festival in Brooklyn. Even that sentence is just super gay.

+ Being Queer at Virginia’s Oldest Commune.

+ Move Over, Barbie — This Queer Chicana Made Her Own Dream House.

+ Who Cares What Straight People Think?

+ The first commercial for Hannah Hart’s new show on the Food Network is here!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Voter Fraud Commission Releases Public Comments, Email Addresses and All.

+ Trump’s Wall Sees Windfall and Many Don’t Know Why.

+ Let’s Get it Straight: Which Trump is Which Bluth?

Doll Parts

+ Maryam Mirzakhani, Only Woman to Win a Fields Medal, Dies at 40.

+ R. Kelly still horrible to this very day.

+ Missy Elliot’s Style Brought Black Women Together.

+ Rape Choreography Makes Films Safer, But Still Takes a Toll on Cast and Crew.

+ I’ve Never Had a Period But I’m Still a Woman, written by Jen Richards.

+ The Financial Burden of Having Bigger Breasts.

+ Blood and Guts in High School: How Seventeen Made Traumarama.

+ What Happens When You Examine Sex and Violence Through a Female Gaze.

+ Artist Creates Giant Snow Globe with Hillary Clinton’s Unused Election Night Confetti.

+ The Women Saving Elephants in Their Free Time.

+ Support this Modern HERstory Book because it looks very cool!

Keep Up

+ Here’s a handy timeline of the NRA’s divisive actions.

+ Lead Culprits: Profiting from Poison.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ I Want the World to Know About This Place. This piece is written by Kari Mugo and you will absolutely love it.

+ Here’s a Day in the Life with Ashley Ford.

+ My Friends Are Dead.

+ What Happens After Prison.

+ NatGeo’s Antarctica Maps Show the Larsen Ice Shelf’s Stunning Decades-Long Decline.

+ How to Tell a Better Cult Story.

+ A Visit to the Grand Canyon, Without Handrails.

+ Are You Ready to Consider That Capitalism is the Real Problem. OH I’VE BEEN CONSIDERING THIS, SIRS.

+ Arks of the Apocalypse.

+ Death and Taxonomies: “The habit of humanity has long been to fix the natural world on the end of a pin, to arrange all flora and fauna into a museum of death and order.”

And Finally

Here’s Cheryl Strayed telling Vanessa that she liked her piece, What It’s Like Being the Fat Girl on a Hiking Trail.

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  1. Fuck that therapist. I hope they have their license pulled.

    Absolutely donated to Phoenix.

    I adore Hannah Hart.

    I know this isnt open thread, but I just need to… vent? Mourn? Maybe mourn is the best term. I have a friend from college, she used to be my BFF. Shes always been a bit ditzy, bless her, but now shes really become an asshole. When I came out to her about 6 months ago, her first question was “are you attracted to me?” (, and her second comment was “Well I still love you in spite of that” (thanks?) Shes very conservative, and I’m really liberal, but we always managed to converse respectfully about politics, etc. Lately shes been posting more and more right wing rhetoric and really transphobic shit on her Facebook like “Why have gendered bathrooms anymore when people just “identify” however they want?” I decided I cant be around her anymore. Being gay is part of me, always has been even though I’ve only acknowledged since my late 20’s. I refuse to be the token gay friend, or expose myself to her snide commentary. So, rip 17 year friendship. :(

  2. I had been saving that Brandon Taylor essay to read and wow I’m so glad I did! “It is not enough to merely write queers in comfortable bourgeois captivity. You have not conquered some artistic challenge. You are not artistically pure for turning away from queer suffering. Our comfort and our agony are of a piece… Queer suffering and queer joy dominate the ordinary instant. We are everything at once.”

  3. The rest of the world just needs to stop with this daylight savings time nonsense. Its stupid and I want nothing to do with it. And yet, regularly I bodge up other people’s times because they have to participate in this outdated and stupid ritual that doesn’t do what they want it to do anyway.

    I have Feelings And Opinions (TM) on it, clearly.

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