Also.Also.Also: Hairy Women, Golden Girls and Other Stories We Missed

Oh god everything everywhere is about the Grammys or 50 Shades of Grey and I want to throw myself down some stairs and into a basement filled with corn chowder please lord make it STOP. Here are some things that are not those things!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Join the Ms. Fembot Edit-a-Thon and Hack-a-Thon in March!

ms fembot announcement

+ Acts of Greatness is now accepting submissions! Be part of a new LGBTQ youth magazine!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Niki Quasney, who fought for gay marriage in Indiana, has died. She was 38 and is survived by her wife, Amy Sandler.

+ Florida Bill Seeks to Ban Trans People for Using Public Restrooms.

+ Here’s Uganda’s LGBTQI magazine, Bombastic, for freebles.

+ Rosie O’Donnell is quitting The View.

Doll Parts

+ This is brilliantly done and you have to see it: “All the Time. Every Day.” Surviving Street Harassment in Mexico City from Fusion and produced by Anna Holmes and Diana Oliva Cave with art by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

+ Episode 26 of the 92Y Talks podcast, Pass the Mic — Millennial Feminism, has your girl Janet Mock!

+ Every Breath a Black Trans Woman Takes Is an Act of Revolution by Lourdes Ashley Hunter.

+ Jess Mack has written a Love Letter to Sleater-Kinney and Reproductive Rights.

+ In Australia, a 17 year-old has been allowed gender treatment without parental consent.

+ Alexa Tsoulis-Reay interviews Renae M. Gylbert for What It’s Like to be a Really Hairy Woman.

+ Tom Tom Magazine Celebrates Five Years and Founds a Drum School and does an interview with Emilly Prado.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ If you’re going to the Eaux Claires music festival in July, please call me and tell me everything.

+ The worst/best idea you’ll have all day: How to Make the Bottom Line: A Coffee Cocktail That Gets Shit Done.

+ Complaining, For Your Health by Barbara Neal Varma. Seems relevant.

+ A butterfly is living with a family in Park Slope and I know this is some bougie bullshit but seriously, imagine there’s a butterfly living in your mossy, sheeted bathroom and you can go hang out with it whenever you want. Fuckin’ A I would seriously love that. I went to a butterfly habitat once and those little angels will just land right on your shoulder and hang out there, WHILE YOU WALK AND EVERYTHING, as long as they please. It was like being a fairy princess. I should go back there.

+ Oh Sweden has adopted a national font, which sounds like a very Sweden thing to do.

+ Homemade Microwave Popcorn because I’m hungry.

+ Here’s the difference between where tourists and locals take photos and it’s really fascinating and pretty.

tourists and locals photo

Local Autostraddle Meet-Ups

+ 2/13 Long Beach, CA: Queer Speed Dating

And Finally

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  1. 1- So the font tries to embody “lagom” – not too much, not too little. Who knew a font could teach you how to live life in moderation? I’m guessing comic sans does not embody lagom.
    2- That butterfly article is just too much. You know it’s an okay day in the world when there’s a news article about a pet butterfly. I would’ve loved that as a kid – I made little homes for wooly bear caterpillars in cages one summer and tried to nurture them into butterflies, but they died and my parents didn’t have the heart to tell me. “They’re just sleeping… now let’s release them outside.”
    3- That Bombastic publication is so cool. I wish the best to the Ugandan activists who are making it happen.

  2. Also, transphobic ppl trying to protect their precious toilets is the most apallingly selfish/ignorant thing.

    It is a place to do your 1’s and 2’s. Trans folk just wanna do their 1’s and 2’s as well. My friend will hold on for hours until he gets home rather than use a bathroom in fear of abuse from cis people.

    Also that arguememt about how if anyone wants to perve on showering ppl they can just walk into wny bathroom and stare at them because they don’t have to prove they ‘belong’ in the bathroom is the biggest load of shiiiitake i have ever read. What the heck??? This has nothing to do with anything. Creepers can already do that and trans folk just wanna pee in peace just like everyone else.

    If protecting the exclusivity of an otherwise communal toilet is that important to you then maybe you should be the one holding on until you get home.

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