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Let me tell you a cautionary tale. It goes like this: don’t let your 18 year-old son be in charge of the key to the storage unit, ever, but especially not a week before your holiday decorations need to be taken down and the containers in which those decorations must go are locked inside that very storage unit. WHERE IS MY KEY, SLADE. If I don’t get this tree out of my house by Wednesday I’m setting the router on fire and moving to Fresno.

Queer as in F*ck You

Eat Pray Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert Mourns Partner Rayya Elias’ Death.

“Some LGBT Mormons Feel Like Outsiders in Their Own Church” from Vice News on HBO.

How I Created a Monthly Shabbat (And You Can Too).


India’s Gay Prince Opens Palace to LGBT Outcasts.

Ryan Murphy On Why It’s “not An Option” To Cast Cis Actors In Trans Roles.

‘I Feel A Harmonious Hum’: The Stories Of Women Who Left Men For Women. Listen,

A Place for Us to Skate.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

200,000 Salvadorans May Be Forced To Leave The U.S. As Trump Ends Immigration Protection.

Doll Parts

Black Lives Matter Activists Reflect on Erica Garner’s Life and Legacy.

“Black Museum” and the Toll Activism Takes on Black Women.

From Y2K to Today: A Timeline of Celebrity Feminism.

Examples Of Toxic Femininity In The Workplace.

She Quit Working For Trump. Now She’s Running For Congress To Fight Him.

Inside A Juvenile Delinquent Facility For Girls.

Hollywood Men Completely Ignored Sexual Harassment at the Golden Globes.

The Best Thing About the Red Carpet Was Celebs Calling Out E!

The #MeToo Moment: What’s Next?

Senior BBC Editor Quits Over Gender Pay Gap.

I Read Decades Of Woody Allen’s Private Notes. He’s Obsessed With Teenage Girls.

Keep Up

Senate Bill To Reverse Net Neutrality Repeal Gains 30th Co-sponsor, Ensuring Floor Vote.

Sessions’ Weed Adviser Wants to Drug Test Everyone. Yes, Everyone.

Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether To Make Jeff Sessions’ Pot Crackdown An Election Issue. Lol.

Nevada Judge Dismisses Case Against Cliven Bundy And Sons, Says Government Cannot Retry Them.

Problems Hide in Plain Sight at Texas’ Youth Lockups.

New Policy In New York Allows Prisoners To Receive Only 77 Specific Books. 24 Are Coloring Books.

Other Countries Have High-Speed Trains. We Have Deadly Accidents and Crumbling Infrastructure.

Saw This, Thought of You

How An Art Museum Is Reaching A More Diverse Audience.

Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History.

Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents?

A Selfie for Your Shelf.

Watch The Trailer For FredHeads, A Documentary Look at the Eclectic Freddy Krueger Fandom:

And Finally

Relatable content.

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  1. Ending the TPS program is so inhumane. It kills me that I’m not home to do more than call/email Congress. If this goes through without major protests, “the Resistance” has become a mere fashion statement.

    Also, I didn’t read that article about drug testing everyone but the headline alone made me want to get high out of spite. And I don’t even use drugs.

    I am sad about Christmas decorations coming down. There’s nearly 2 months of winter left and we won’t have pretty lights to get us through. :(

  2. just in case other folks are also share this concern/ commitment, the Shabbat hosting link is about/ markets, through which you can get money/credit for hosting guests to Shabbat dinner. It doesn’t appear directly on their materials, but they do list their sponsors. If you’re not one to take money from zionist organizations or participate in activities that take zionist positions, you may consider avoiding this organization as a platform. maybe you already have Jewish friends and can simply forgo taking the money, or you can make friends through a progressive, Palestinian rights supporting, Jewish organization in your area and y’all can have a rad potluck… good luck with your dinners!

    • Sigh. I hate to have be continually be the clean-up crew but…

      People who throw “Zionist” around like a bad word often don’t understand it.

      First, what does it mean? It means different things to different Zionists. Some of them are:

      – You think Israel should exist
      – You think Jews should have self-determination
      – You think Jews should not always having to be at the mercy of whichever of their neighbors are killing them this century

      There are Zionists so dedicated to Palestinian causes (IRL, with their actually time and money) that they’d make even your hair curl, dear Internet Stranger.

      There are hardcore settler Jews who are so anti-Zionist they’d also make your hair curl, because they believe only *God* can declare the state of Israel.

      People who use “Zionist” as a slur also don’t usually know its history. The movement originated in the late 1800’s when Jews were one of the mos persecuted minorities in Europe. It was a movement to instill pride and community, with Israel being a distant pipe dream for most.

      Some European Jews did go there, as a way to escape horrifying anti-Semitism, like my grandmother. Most didn’t, and died in the Holocaust. Many survivors were not able to resume their lives afterwards–their entire communities were dead, their homes and lives and belonging gone–and also immigrated. The death of 6,000,000,000 people shocked their neighbors into okay behavior for a generation, but anti-Semitism is again dangerously on the rise in Europe.

      Meanwhile, in the Arab world, Jews like my grandfather who had lived there for hundreds and thousands of years were violently expelled with nothing. They also went to Israel, the only country that would take them. (The world not want a bunch of brown immigrants. My grandfather tried to immigrate to Australia and was told no, in no uncertain terms.) Their descendants now make up over half of all Israeli Jews. They are emphatically unwelcome in their ancestral homes.

      Finally, some Jews, like my great-grandmother, were from families that had always lived in what is now Israel. There was no Palestinian state that was stolen by Jews–it had been part of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years, which encouraged an ethnically and religiously mixed population. After that empire’s dissolution, the land was administered by the British.

      Zionism is not inherently bad. Israel is a real country, not a theoretical one, and it and its people and supporters are like America and Russia and Britain and Australia and South Africa and India and everywhere, existing in a complicated moral universe with good and bad.

      • As a middle eastern jew, thank you.

        Also would like to say it’s odd people condemning Israel, but never see people condemning China, America, Canada or you know England for everything they have and still do. Or the fact the early 1900 England was/is some of the reason the middle easts problems.

        • The bigger picture isn’t as important or personally fulfilling as castigating an easy villain that is distinctly Not You so that one doesn’t have to examine their own culpability for the situation or any of their own sins. >_>

    • It is bigoted and harmful to interrupt a minority group organizing–one of their oldest rituals no less–to give a purity test and make sure they’re doing it the “right” way, with the “right” views.

  3. So that Mormon video is how I found out that President Monson died and as an ex-mormon I just really love that I learned about the death of the Prophet on a lesbian website. (Also I find it interesting that IN the church he is usually referred to as The Prophet, and OUTSIDE the church he’s called The President of the church.) However, that white guy at the end is way too optimistic about queers in the Mormon church. The church isn’t coming around on LGBTQ issues in 20 years. It took 150 years for them to let Black men have the Priesthood. This is a cult rooted in patriarchy and misogyny and oppression at its very core.
    But I’m also a bitter Ex-Mo so.

  4. Thank you for linking those marijuana articles even though they made my blood boil. Not only because I strongly believe that drug use shouldn’t be criminalized and the history of the US using drug convictions to target people of color, especially black Americans, but because access to medical marijuana has literally been lifesaving and life-changing for me because it is so effective for treating my chronic pain that I can actually do things–not only things that I enjoy doing but things that Need To Be Done like unloading the dishwasher and doing laundry and making meals without suffering days or weeks of repercussions and potential ER visits and all the fun suicidal thoughts that come with being in excruciating pain for days or weeks on end and there is an uncomfortably real chance that I would not be here today without the pain relief given to me by marijuana. It also infuriates me that anyone would suggest mandatory drug testing in order to access medical care. Such a measure explicitly targets the disenfranchised, and especially disabled and chronically ill folks who have chronic pain as part of the array of things to live with because as if we needed one more thing to worry about on top of being treated like a drug seeker for not wanting to live in a constant state of pain and whether or not we’ll be able to get the treatment we need to get pain down to bearable levels but now someone has the gall to say that no actually we shouldn’t have the ability to self-medicate (or legally medicate) because Drugs Are Bad, Actually. Fuck you, buddy, living in excruciating pain in every waking moment of my life is far worse for me than drugs could ever be (and not just like, experientially because of suffering but because living in that much pain and with that much stress FUCKS SHIT UP in your body big time). I generally wouldn’t wish my everyday pain on anybody because this fucking sucks, but I’ll make an exception for anyone in favor of this policy.

  5. My Senators don’t even respond to my letters and calls anymore. Richard Burr is kind of always in hiding at this point. He used to be in Winston Salem somewhat regularly but can’t seem to find him anymore. Last week I sent him an email calling him morally reprehensible so he’s probably not in a hurry to get back to me. He’s retiring after this term. Tillis is just an idiot. But I’m going to keep bothering them.

  6. That New York anti-book legislation (whatever they want to call it, restricting access to 77 books, TOTAL) is unconscionable. I’ve emailed Cuomo using the handy form on his website and encourage anybody else reading this from NY to do the same. Or call if it’s a more reasonable hour.

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