Also.Also.Also: Get Your IKEA Emojis and Other Stories We Missed

It’s a GORGEOUS 72 degrees here in Phoenix, Arizona and I need to put my face in the sunshine. Here are some things I missed because we just keep binge-watching Friends and losing touch with reality. Remember the one with the leather pants you guys?? THE LOTION AND THE POWDER HAVE MADE A PASTE.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ The NYC Feminist Zine Fest is a free event happening at Barnard Hall on March 7 and y’all should totally go! I wanna go. Go because I cannot.

+ Join Werk Those Pecks in fundraising and partying for a top surgery!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Most LGBT People in San Francisco Experience Violence, Study Shows.

+ Verónica Bayetti Flores has created this for you and it’s beautiful. For Those Whose Bodies are Dangerous.

Your bodies are dangerous to the status quo. Your bodies bust through the armor of the gender binary and the patriarchy. Your bodies fuck up neoliberalism. Your bodies are ending white supremacy and heteropatriarchy. Your bodies are evidence that the colonial project has failed; you are here despite it all. We are here despite it all.

+ Get Yr Rights: A Toolkit for LGBTQTS Youth and Youth-Serving Organizations.

+ Kansas’s Big Gay Rollback a Sign of Conservative Desperation.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s mean-spirited revocation of employment protection for LGBT people is but the latest Hail Mary from a Christian conservative camp that knows it has lost.

+ What David Axelrod Got Wrong About Gay Marriage and ‘The Black Church’.

+ Conservatives Seize on Hugely Flawed Study About Same-Sex Parents because what else does a conservative have to do, I guess? Vacuum? Make dinner? What do conservatives even do really? I’ve been alive for 34 years you guys and I’ve never seen a conservative vacuum or make dinner. Think about it.

Doll Parts

+ Fucking read this right now. Read this and then read it some more. Live in an infinite loop of reading this. Maria Catt with Wild Creatures. Jesus.

I’m gonna do that thing where I blockquote part of the piece so you’ll be like yeah I want to see more of that, but please know that more of it is also more than this. I mean I can’t distill it for you. Do you know how often that happens? Not often enough.

I wish we had some space for us to be able to put down these illusions for awhile. My friends can’t hear when I tell them who they are. They think I’m bullshitting them to be nice. They trust tv and movies and the reactions of strangers on the street more than they do me. The fact that I love them means I have no credibility as a judge. My eyes, which have studied them, which have inventoried the beauty they embody and create around them, cannot be trusted. I can’t blame them. I trusted the opinion of the guy who raped me. When that guy told me how I ranked as livestock, my internal 4H kid went, “Sure, sure you’ve made good points.” I didn’t say the perfectly natural comeback, which is of course, “Why are we talking about what I could charge for sex when you have to rape people to have any?”

You know why some bears dance and play the trumpet? Because they’ve forgotten about their sharp teeth.

+ Emma Green brings you Helen Keller Puts the Smackdown on Mansplaining.

In her 1932 Atlantic article, “Put Your Husband in the Kitchen,” the writer mocks people who have lost sight of the purpose of work—men, mostly.

Also worth noting is that someone over at The Atlantic approved the word ‘smackdown’ in a title, so carry that with you throughout your life as you’re met with your own opportunities to make unapologetic decisions. Remember this forever.

+ Bryn Mawr Widens Admissions Guidelines to Allow Trans Women.

+ Sara Benincasa with John Stewart’s Replacement Should Be a Woman. It’s Time. Why stop at John Stewart though?

+ This Is How Few Women Landed a Top Hollywood Role Last Year. Even fewer than in 2013! Oh world, you’re so neat.

+ Black Girls Matter: New Report Exposes Gendered and Racial Disparities in Education Too Often Erased.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ “We’re All One” Chapel Hill Shooting Victim Said in StoryCorps Talk. This is so much.

“Growing up in America has been such a blessing,” Yusor Abu-Salha said in a conversation with a former teacher that was recorded by the StoryCorps project last summer. She later added, “we’re all one, one culture.”

The recording gives us a new insight into Abu-Salha, 21, who was killed Tuesday along with her husband, Deah Barakat, 23, and her sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 19, in Chapel Hill, N.C

+ Dying on Facebook Just Got a Little Less Awkward.

+ Crows Understand Analogies. This will be the name of my first album.

Local Autostraddle Meet-Ups

+ 2/13 Long Beach, CA: Queer Speed Dating

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  1. “of course girls are not meant for slaughter, they belong to the wild world”

    Thank you for posting the big block of text to convince me to go read that whole thing. It was so perfect. I so needed/need that.

  2. Thank you for posting about Chapel Hill. None of the queer sites I frequent have mentioned it and I’ve been desperate to see it somewhere around here. Muslim and Arab-Americans, myself included, are hurting right now and it’s nice to know that other communities of ours also care.

  3. I am a hobbit.

    The memorial page was interesting to me. I’m “friends” (not sure what the correct word is here?) with a person who was murdered, and his family manages the page with updates about the murder (and has for years– it’s still unsolved). It’s clearly hard to manage; you can tell just by the posts.

  4. Wild Creatures was indeed a rather stopping read and it did help to once again get some damn perspective on my (fortunately minor) body image issues.

    …although I have to admit to cheating by reading it only once instead of going about it in an infinite loop. I’m afraid Jesus was not involved either.

  5. “What do conservatives even do really?” lol I remember going to high school (in Phoenix) and being split up for debates in us history for the first time. Having grown up with liberal parents and all closeted baby queer, “conservatives” were just a kind of an abstract thing and not like real people. Then I found out in that activity that all my friends were conservative and I never trusted anyone again.

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