Also.Also.Also: Get on Daisy Duck’s Level and Other Stories You Need

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Queer as in F*ck You

+ Survey Finds LGBT Population in Decline Among New Residents to San Francisco’s Castro District.

+ Arkansas School Board Caught Cyber Bullying Student Advocate for LGBT Rights.

+ Ireland is looking forward to more older queer couples to come out, now that the country voted and said it’s cool for them to love each other. Yay! Old love is the best love.

+ Carol Wins the Queer Palm Award at Cannes.

+ Cuban LGBT Advocate Challenges Mariela Castro.

+ Vikki Reich and Why I Don’t Say ‘Wife’ When Talking About My Partner.

+ Americans Grossly Overestimate Size of Gay and Lesbian Population. You’re even more special than you thought!

Doll Parts

+ La la la this is fascinating forever and ever: Nurturing Baby’s Microbiome, Before and After Birth, brought to you by Kate Gammon.

+ Well what in the fuck. Science is Still Trying to Figure Out What Makes a Female Athlete by Sarah Fecht.

According to regulations from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), female athletes’ testosterone levels must be below the normal male range. The International Olympic Committee has similar regulations. In an opinion piece in Science, medical anthropologist Katrina Karkazis and her co-author explain that two scientific camps are duking it out over whether biology supports the controversial policy.

+ Gloria Steinem, Female Peace Activists Cross Korea Border.

+ The Insults of Age by Helen Garner.

+ The one where Daisy Duck hates men.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ I’m one of like seven people left in our office that hasn’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road so this means nothing to me, but perhaps it will ignite a fire in your Lego lovin’ heart today: The Vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road in Shiny Lego Form.

+ I meant to tell you this sooner but the link got lost in my Feedly: This Year, Summer is One Glorious Week Longer and it has nothing to do with climate change!

+ Why am I obsessed with the idea of confetti-ized popcorn? I do not know.

+ EXCUSE ME, PRINCESS. Would you like some new emojis next summer? Well good because you’re gonna get some. Still no fucking tacos but you’re getting bacon, avocados and clinking glasses, so your brunch-related emoji situation is getting better. [ETA: YOU ARE ALREADY GETTING A TACO EMOJI, I did not realize this. Carry on.]

+ Carmen found you 81 Awesome Resources for When You Can’t Afford Therapy. Thanks Carm!

And Finally

Burned cat and baby fawn become best friends? Burned cat and baby fawn become best friends.

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  1. Vikki Reich’s article speaks to me even though it’s directed at an older generation. I’m still saying ‘wife’ with an accent even after yesterday’s landslide victory in my motherland. Also also also, thank you for the birthday cake popcorn idea!!

  2. I totally relate to Vicki Reich’s piece. We had a commitment ceremony with family and friends, and then 19 years later made it legal, which felt like an afterthought. I cringe when I have yo use the word “wife” for legal or medical purposes. It feels like I’m saying she is inferior, and I can’t shake that.

  3. I have had birthday cake popcorn before! my friend brought it to book club a few months back. it was amazing slash terrible if you know what I mean. it is definitely an experience. pretty sure her recipe had actual birthday cake mix in it though so maybe it was different? anyway. reaction piece or it didn’t happen is all I’m saying.

  4. I love calling my wife my wife. And she loves calling me that too, I think partially because she’s 38. She never thought she would have a legal wife or be a legal wife. When we got married, we were pronounced “wife and wife.” Nobody is inferior. We are equals. Often times, when we wake up or come home from work, we greet each other with, “Hi, Wife!” “Hi, Wife!” It’s still so exciting to us. Once in a while, I’ll refer to her as my partner, but what’s funny (in comparison with the article) is that it makes me feel odd to call her my partner because that’s not the language we’ve really ever used to describe each other. It was always girlfriend, fiancee, then wife. I’m not saying any of this to discredit this woman’s feelings towards the language of marriage and I completely understand her point-of-view and why she chooses not to use the word. I just think having these conversations within our community is so fascinating as couples and individuals find how to place themselves within this language that is newly available to us to describe our relationships. Culture!

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