Also.Also.Also: Get In We’re Going to This Queer Diner in the Desert

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s make cookies for ourselves and read books! xoxoxox

Queer as in F*ck You

This Diner Is a Queer Oasis in the California Desert, please excuse me while I writhe in the desperate but exquisite agony of needing to be at this establishment immediately.

Menopause When You’re Gender Neutral

“The Gospel of Eureka”: Inside the Small Town Where Evangelists and LGBTQ Folks Co-Exist Peacefully

This Artist Collects the Everyday Objects That Define Lesbian Life

Study: LGBTQ Youth in Unstable Housing and Foster Care

AfterEllen Was a Refuge for All Queer Women — Until It Wasn’t

Priest Explains Why He Cancelled Speech by Black Lesbian

In Iowa, Religious Student Groups Get a License to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People

Gay Former Students Sue USC, Sexual Health Physician

Number of Trans People in ICE Custody Is Almost Double the 2018 Average

Gay Muslim Cartoon Disappears From Instagram Following Pornography Complaint From Indonesian Government. Additionally:

LGBT Community in Chechnya Faces ‘New Wave of Persecution’: UN Human Rights Experts

Annie Leibovitz Revisits Her Early Years

Roxane Gay Would Prefer Not to Have to Be Exceptional

Saw This, Thought of You

READ THIS: White Witchery — “I just want a version of the occult that isn’t built on plunder, but I suspect that if we could excise the stolen pieces, there would be nothing left.”

The next season of Chef’s Table on Netflix includes Mashama Bailey, a Black woman and the chef behind The Grey in Savannah, Georgia, and Asma Khan, and Indian woman and chef/proprietor of Darjeeling Express in London, which is staffed entirely by women. EXCITED.

In Landmark Move, L.A. County Will Replace Men’s Central Jail With Mental Health Hospital for Inmates

Two Months After Tumblr ‘Adult Content’ Ban, I Miss The Fat Naked Bodies

How a Heart-Shaped Candy Box Came to Stand for Love. I don’t like Valentine’s Day but I do love origin stories, so.

Barbie Introduces Dolls With Wheelchairs and Prosthetic Limbs

What Do Early KonMari Adopters’ Homes Look Like Now?

The Oil-Pumping Adventures of Rachael Van Horn

Political Snacks: Parkland Edition

Would Congress Care More if Parkland Had Been a Plane Crash?

How the Parkland Shooting Led to a Generation’s Political Awakening

A Remembrance of the Victims From the Parkland Shooting — As Told by Their Classmates

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  1. re AfterEllen: it breaks my heart what that website has become. I was on that website all the time when I was a young in-the-closet queer, and that website was my safe space. And AfterEllen’s heyday was so great! Their articles, their video blogs, they produced great stuff. And, most importantly to me, it’s where I met my wife and it will hold a special place in my heart, even if that place is tainted with their TERF-y beliefs.

    What the heck happened to it? Anyone friends with Sarah Warn or any of the original bloggers and writers? I wonder what their thoughts of it’s demise it.

    R.I.P. AfterEllen.

  2. The comment section on that afterellen article is steeped in transphobia and in turn ideology that is a form of racism. It’s a shame that these people are soo steeped in western culture to call trans people a cult. I am not cult, and I am pretty sure my people had a word for the trans community like our neighbors in the Indian Subcontinent do.

  3. It’s so sad what happened to Afterellen. I discovered it in 2008 and for the first time I felt like I wasn’t alone, and I made online friends which was so great. Then in 2013 everything was gone. The forums, friends, and my profile was pretty much wiped.

    I’m glad I found Autostraddle.

  4. The menopause article was a bit odd to me. I’m trans masculine, on testosterone, and no doctor ever mentioned to me that starting T basically induces menopause. I would have thought I was absolutely insane if my trans friends weren’t like “oh yeah awful hot flashes and waking up drenched in sweat are normal”. Being menopausal, mid 20’s, and passing as male is not something I ever expected to do in life

  5. It makes me sad and angry that TERFism has taken over AfterEllen and a few other places. Years ago I had an older lesbian friend who interpreted trans identity as “a man defining what it means to be a woman,” and she just could not let go of that. When I first came out over 30 years ago I occasionally felt threatened by bisexual women in our tiny college gay student group. It was the usual “just a phase, come out all the way already.” I think that I felt threatened because I was still insecure in my own identity and worried that acknowledging bisexuality would somehow mean that I would be forced to “choose” heterosexuality. As I grew older and more secure, the feeling of anxiety over bisexuality faded away. I’m not sure exactly what TERFs would feel threatened over by transwomen, but I’m guessing it is a similar pattern.

    Bless you, Autostraddle!

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