Also.Also.Also: Gay Agenda Works, More Americans ID as LGBTQ, and Other Stories You Shan’t Miss

Update on my feral cat situation: Samwise Agatha Butterbottom — also known as Darling and Cat — was conspicuously missing from my front walk all day yesterday. This was unusual because she usually greets me first thing in the morning to request that I feed her, and of course I oblige because I want her to love me and I believe food will accomplish this. So I checked the front walk every hour or so and she didn’t show up all day. I was worried but playing it cool. Then, just before heading off to bed, I checked the lock on the outside door and THERE WAS CAT. Hooray! Darling Butterbutt Cat was not dead, not at all. I invited her into the entryway — which is maybe nuts but whatever, this is where we’re at these days, nothing makes sense — and she ate her food and then walked around my living room like perhaps she might own it and reader, I was stunned! She’s only ever gazed curiously at the space under the sofa, once or twice she’s looked toward the shoe rack to her right, but never ever has she just sauntered into the room and right on over to the other side of it.

I think you’ll agree that it’s only a matter of time — perhaps just a handful of weeks — before she finally lets me pet her.

Or she claws her way inside the back of my sofa and scratches my face off? Who can say??! Life is a mystery.

Let’s read some articles!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ In U.S. More Adults Identifying as LGBTQ.

+ ‘We’re Still Here’ Captures L.A.’s Vibrant Chicanx Youth.

+ How Crowdfunding Changed the Game for Queer and POC Creators in Geek Culture.

+ Caster Semenya Got Married and you can look at the photos from her wedding and you should because they’re so sweet!

+ Untold Stories: Life as a Lesbian in Myanmar.

+ Read Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual’s Tribute to David Bowie.

+ Married Lesbian Couple to Lead Prominent DC Baptist Church.

+ Romy Madley Croft (from the xx) is Engaged!

+ Nominations Are Open for the Trans 100.

+ We Must Act Now in the Face of Transphobia.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Senator Jeff Merkley Patiently Exposed Rex Tillerson on Climate Change.

+ Hear from the Sexual Assault Survivor Who Testified Against Jeff Sessions.

+ U.S. Ethics Official: Trumps Divestiture is Hard, Pricey and Essential.

+ Two-Thirds of Women Who Work for Andy Puzder’s Companies Say They’ve Been Sexually Harassed. That’s Trump’s Secretary of Labor pick! Oh man.

+ Just in case you don’t have this bookmarked: All of Donald Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in One Place.

+ What Trump Can and Can’t Do to Change U.S. Vaccine Policy.

+ Will Trump Avoid a Constitutional Crisis?

+ Beyond Wild Allegations, What’s Clearly True About Trump and Russia is Disturbing.

Doll Parts

+ 21 Women Who Can Save 2017. Hey NBD but Heather Hogan and Brittani Nichols are both on this list, so you know it’s legit.

+ Beyoncé interviewed Solange and now you’re gonna read it.

+ Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its Future.

+ Women’s March on Washington Opens Up Contentious Dialogues About Race.

+ These Are the Women Organizing the Women’s March on Washington.

+ Do you want to cry? Danielle Brooks: The First Time I Saw Myself on a Billboard.

+ Trans Person Jack RR: ‘My Abortion Saved My Life’.

Keep Up

+ John Kerry Apologizes for State Department Abuse of LGBTQ Employees.

+ The United States is Doing Little to Stop the Carnage in South Sudan.

+ The Complicated Legacy of Our First Black President.

+ What the World Might Look Like in 5 Years, According to U.S. Intelligence.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What the Trailer for ‘XX,’ St. Vincent’s Feature Directorial Debut.

+ Keurig Wants to Make a Keurig for Beer and I want them to make that, too.

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  1. Speaking of crowdfunding and queer/POC creators…saw this project on Kickstarter yesterday and thought I’d pass it along. Fully funded with three days left, and they plan to release the book for free digitally after it’s published.

    Nameless Woman: An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color

  2. Congrats to Heather and Brittani Nichols for being on that list!

    I also have to say, speaking of your list mate Lauren Duca, that I love how Teen Vogue is increasingly getting recognized (last year especially) as a place for sharp political coverage. Good on them for reminding the world that yes, teen girls/femmes are absolutely capable of balancing interest in pop culture/fashion with critical takedowns of the assholes in power.

  3. Pleeeeease watch the video of the Ethics admin explaining how Trump could and why he should fully divest from his interests. It’s eight minutes long but worth every second.
    Half of Trump’s “press conference” yesterday was him bragging that he is going “above and beyond” ethics requirements when (spoiler alert!) he is going no such thing.

  4. Thanks for the link about ‘We’re Still Here.’ It sounds like a gorgeous book and reading about it and seeing some of the pictures has made me wish that I had lived in California for longer. Maybe I’ll see if the university library has it or can get it, to find a place for me to exist, even be that between the pages of a book.

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