Also.Also.Also: Female Scientists on Trading Cards and Other Stories for Your Weekend

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Good morning, you wild thunders!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Moving Forward for LGBTQ Rights, Not Just Fighting Back by Melissa Moore and Monica Simpson. With a barrage of discriminatory laws around the nation, it’s time for a bolder vision based on the fact that none of us live single-issue lives.

+ How the 70s Shaped the American Queer Experience.

+ Author Sarah McCarry On Writing Honest YA Books That Include Sex.

+ Cool news, you guys! Kim Davis’s Lawyer is Behind the Anti-LGBT Bills in 20 States.

+ Laura Jane Grace is Still Performing in North Carolina and her reasoning is sound as fuck.

+ American Doctors Are Failing Their LGBT Patients and Here’s How to Fix It.

+ “The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment” Celebrates the Wild Joy of the Liberation Movement.

+ This, though: Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Due to State’s Anti-LGBT Laws.

+ In the Crusade Against Anti-LGBT Legislation, Corporations Are People, Too.

+ Get in here and read Latonya Pennington‘s review of Gabby Rivera’s Juliet Takes a Breath!

+ Dannielle Owens-Reid wants to help you love your life! On letting go of toxic people:

Doll Parts

+ Grimes Says Male Producers Have Tried to Coerce Her Into Sex.

+ You Can Now Search 2,000 Films for the Movies Where Women Get the Most Lines.

+ Evocative Illustrations Show What Women Do When No One’s Watching.

+ The Thing About Women’s Voices…

+ The Mother of Modern Witchcraft Was Also a Pro-Choice Spy, so.

+ Prison is Horrifying. For Transgender People, It’s Hell.

+ One Third of Trans Employees Have Left Work Due to Discrimination. Damn.

+ Can Restorative Justice Change the Way Schools Handle Sexual Assault?

+ Social Club at Harvard Rejects Calls to Admit Women, Citing Risk of Sexual Misconduct.

+ Judge Tells Woman to Stop Breast-feeding in a North Carolina Courtroom.

+ House Considers Bill That Stigmatizes Women of Color in Order to Restrict Abortion Access.

+ Parental Support May Help Transgender Children’s Mental Health.

+ The People Who Examine Rape Victims Are Undertrained, New Report Says.

+ Meryl Goldsmith on Fighting a Medical Standard in The Syndrome.

+ Here are some trading cards of SCIENTISTS! Including women scientists! You can buy them! Natural Inquirer’s Scientist Card Series.

+ WOMAN is coming to VICELAND and this is the trailer. Vice really likes all-caps and I support them.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Farm to Fable: “At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants,
you’re being fed fiction.”

+ Letting Them Die: Parents Refuse Medical Help for Children in the Name of Christ.

+ A Call to Action: Your Fat Friend is Going it Alone.

+ Hey, here’s the fastest way to chill a can of beer, you brilliant beast.

+ How Music Helps Us Grieve.

+ New ‘Time Slice’ Theory Suggests You’re Not as Conscious as You Think You Are.

+ The Secret Rules of the Internet. The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech.

And Finally

Look, I could’ve passed this link to Carolyn for the LLL, but I’m a greedy monster: Why do Cats Love Bookstores?

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  1. I wish everyone in the world would read Your Fat Friend is Going it Alone.
    It’s a very tiny, very real glimpse into what it’s like to leave your house every day and exist in the world as a fat person.
    If more people could be convinced to just treat us like human beings, it sure would be nice.

  2. The consciousness article was fascinating. Got me thinking about abduction of thought as well. Dragging up my MA research from the dark recesses of my brain. Also made me think about how pigeons see images at a faster pace than us so movies look like still images to them…

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