Also.Also.Also: Feeling ‘The Con’ 10 Years Later and Other Stories You Can’t Miss

Good evening, space travelers! I rewatched Hunger Games last night and it was just perfect. You know how sometimes you rewatch a favorite movie, but maybe it’s too close to the last time you saw it? Or your heart’s just not in the right place to see the film with the same feelings you had the first time around, so it ends up just feeling too nostalgic or too far away? Well this was nothing like that. It was a very satisfying rewatch and I think I’ll run it right into the ground by watching Catching Fire tonight!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Children of ‘The Con’. This made me cry so many times and each time was unexpected!

+ Who Gets To Decide What Belongs On the Gay Pride Flag?

+ Bisexual Teacher Came Out to Help Suicidal Students, But Then Lost His Job.

+ I’m an Autistic Lesbian and No, I Don’t Wish I Was “Normal”.

+ Why Mothering As a Queer Black Woman Is Inherently Political.

+ Lesbian Singer’s Archives Captures Pre-Internet Gay Life.

+ Save All the Work of Lesbians: A Mantra on the Back Issues of Sinister Wisdom.

+ Magic Is Queer.

+ LGBT Groups Tell State Leaders: Protect Your Trans Students.

+ A Transgender Political Candidate Raised 20 Times More Than Her Bigoted Opponent Last Month.

+ On Transgender People and the ‘Biological Sex’ Myth.

+ Why don’t you catch Julien Baker on her fall tour?

+ Consider taking part in the National LGBTQ Taskforce’s Trans Mental Health Survey.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The Trump Administration Says It Will Allow More Property Seizures Without Criminal Charges.

+ Trump’s Voter Suppression Efforts Start Now.

+ Wonkette has some thoughts on Trump’s NYT Interview.

Doll Parts

+ Lost Mothers is a database of 700 to 900 women in the U.S. who died from pregnancy-related causes in 2016. ProPublica is updating the database as they gather new information. The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of any country in the developed world, and because there are no federal regulations for reporting maternal deaths and their connections to childbirth, allowing hospitals to self-report them as childbirth-related (or, you know, never report them as such), most of them go uncounted and unexplained. If you can’t or won’t track a problem, you can’t fucking fix it.

+ 10 Years Ago, Mad Men Began As a Story of Men Who Tried to Change — And the Women Who Actually Did.

+ Out of Hell, Into the Blaze: These Women Firefighters Are Like No Other Crew in Arizona.

+ You Have a Lot to Teach Your Grandkids so maybe that’s the deal with menopause.

+ Stop Giving Me Advice About My Big Boobs.

+ The Curious Case of Motherhood and Longevity.

+ Time to Shatter the Silence About the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Women and Girls.

+ Maxine Waters Loves You. I am paraphrasing.

+ How Do You Make a Responsible Movie About Anorexia?

Keep Up

+ Oh, White Men With Your Never-Ending Need to Dictate the Democratic Platform.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Call-Out Culture’s Generation Gap.

+ The Men Who Never Have to Grow Up.

+ Where Did Amoxicillin’s Flavor Come From?. Hands down, the best part of getting ear infections was the refrigerated doses of Amoxicillin.

+ How Twitter Fuels Anxiety.

+ When the Desert Pushes Back Against Human Engineering.

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  1. I am so confused by the amoxicillin article. I mean I get it – I’m allergic to it, so I’ve never had the stuff (at least in memory). But what??? Some sort of liquid, sweet, goo antibiotic?? to cure ear infections?? That’s weird. I’ve had a bajillion ear infections in my life and I just can’t imagine having to take some weird sweet goo for them. I didn’t even know that’s what that was, it’s just been a name of the one medicine I’m allergic to. This makes me question things. Is it good? is it cough syrup-y? What is this whole side of antibiotics I didn’t know about??

    • Counterpoint: Nah, amoxicillin was gross and you are not missing out. It had a flavor profile that tasted like chalky antacids mixed with cloyingly sweet “bubble gum” artificial flavoring but also somehow mixed with cocktail bitters. Also, it was opaque and looked like milk that someone dyed with Barbie-pink food coloring.

    • I havent read the article yet but im assuming that amoxicillin is the antibiotic i used to know as ‘banana flavoured medicine’ and loved as a child, despite the fact that everytime i had it i was struggling to breath from recurrent chest infections. Bloody hell i loved that stuff.

      • Having read the article it looks like it was only banana flavoured in the UK. Also i cant imagine trying to please all the children in the world with one acceptable flavour for medicine, but not please them too much so they don’t want more. Thats a job someone else can have.

  2. I am going to keep reading these nuanced articles that call out call-out culture until the paradox rips a hole in the fabric of space-time and I can escape to Earth-2 where Hillary is president.

  3. Stories about gay/bisexual teachers losing their jobs are always so messed up. I’ve been very lucky to work in a pretty tolerant school and district, but it still makes me nervous. Just one person feeling weird about it and voicing that could derail an entire career.

  4. “There are a myriad of reasons why there are so few older members of our community – AIDS, suicide and a harsher social context with older generations – to name a few. I can only imagine the bittersweet feeling they must have of watching their dreams come to fruition as “the gayest generation” blossoms in front of them, only to be so excluded and brutally treated by it.”

    • When I was much younger, I wasn’t willing to give people space or time; to absorb, to learn, to adapt. I presented them with my truth and demanded that they reflect it back to me immediately, or they were wrong, or worse. The older I get, the more willing I am to give people that room. Things take time, and that’s the tragedy of youth- especially queer youth. Youth doesn’t have time to give. Queer youth doubly so. We still don’t all make it, after all. I’m not sure how to impress on someone who’s 15 or 18 that a third of their life is (to someone else) no time at all. I’m starting to lose my grasp on that frantic immediacy myself. I can hope that we can nurture compassion and respect in our communities, so that more of us survive to the point where we can look back on ourselves as kids and think “wow, was I really that impatient? was I really ever that sure?” because honestly that may be how you know you’re a grown-up.

  5. So excited to see Julien Baker in December!!! Now if only Tegan & Sara would come here again. I read that NPR story on The Con at 6:30 am so that’s probably the only reason I didn’t also cry at it.

  6. The Twitter link reads: “@grrreen fondly remembers The Con and wonders why white men are still allowed to have opinions.” I linked the two together in my mind, since my least favorite of the commentaries on The Con were the ones written by the white men. It should have just been all women!

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