Also.Also.Also: Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual, OK? and Other Stories You Can Read

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Button & Bly are back with Season 4! You can watch the first episode right here!

+ Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual Will Never Not Be Bisexual; Will Champion the Bisexual Cause Forever and a Day, alright? And don’t you forget it!

+ Hm this article takes an interesting stance. At Last, Celebrity Women in Lesbian Relationships Are No Big Deal by Hannah Jane Parkinson.

+ Report Finds That One-Fifth of Queer College Women Experience Intimate Partner Violence and Reina Gettuso susses that out for you.

+ Siya Speaks on Being an Openly Lesbian Latina Rapper.

+ Gay Women Get a Rough Deal When It Comes to Fertility Treatment by Shelley Silas.

Doll Parts

+ Grace Bonney talked with Qimmah Saafir, founder of Hannah Magazine, a print magazine “devoted to celebrating the voices of black women.”

+ “It Happened to Me”: How I Became a First-Person Human Trafficker by Mandy Stadtmiller.

+ Margaret Cho chats with JD Samson about power bottoms and surviving bullshit! Ugh you guys I had the video embedded but then it AUTOPLAYED so I swan dived into a lava pit and peeled off all my fingernails and ate an entire head of cabbage while I wept under my desk, then I removed the video and I feel much better now. You’re welcome!

+ He Named Me Malala Shows the Making of an Activist Icon by Anita Little.

+ Listen to Dana Bolger and take some time to watch Who Cries for the Black Girl.

+ Jazmine Hughes‘s One Big Question: What do you want people to say about you after you’ve left the room? I want them to say “That was a super weird outfit, but it worked, somehow?” Or maybe “Now that’s the kind of person you want to binge-watch Netflix with. Bet she makes great nachos.” Because I do, reader. I do make great fucking nachos. You can put that up there with ERWB always being bisexual, ok? You can take that to the fucking bank.

+ Hannah Gregory interviews Juliet Jacques about her memoir, Trans, an expansion of her column at The Guardian, “A Transgender Journey.”

I picked out this quote from Trans, which speaks to a relationship to time: “Suddenly I was feeling that division just as sharply as before I came out. The transition had done strange things to my sense of lived time, simultaneously making me feel pubertal and prematurely aged, as if I’d existed twice.”

I think I’m talking about a photo I’d seen of myself in Manchester in 2004, where I’m wearing lipstick, I’ve got a headscarf on and I’m wearing a twenties-style dress. I’d somehow forgotten that there was this long intermediary period in which I was moving – not necessarily smoothly, but continuously – from male to female. Other aspects of the transition, like changing my name, made a sharp break in how I was living, which did kind of make me feel like I’d lived twice. Very odd things happened to my sense of lived time.

+ Patti Smith speaks with Kathleen Hou On Being Strong, Happy and Alive, all noble things!

+ Oh lord this is a satisfying watch, isn’t it now?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Black Lives and the Sate of Distraction.

+ The Doctrine of Discovery originated from a series of papal bulls issued in the era following the Crusades, and here’s why that’s still important today.

+ Katie Herzog brings you I Used To Be An Alcoholic. Now I’m A Stoner Who Has A Drink Sometimes.

+ This week in How I Know I’m Not Alone In This World, Songs From a Bon Iver Album in Which Everyone Is Emotionally Stable and Living in the Suburbs. Thank you Riane Konc.

+ I enjoyed this piece by Alexandra Molotkow: Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

+ Whiskey tastes different in space!

+ This is interesting! A New Netflix Study Reveals When Viewers Get Hooked on Their TV Shows by Nicole LaPorte.

+ A Brief History of Live Concert Bootlegging. Too brief, says I.

+ More thoughts on kitchen food waste!

+ Top Five Things You Should Know About the Sage Grouse. Guys, these are just the top five things — imagine what your life would be like if you dug even deeper into the sage grouse.

And Finally

Let’s mix up a batch of this dough tonight so we can bake bread on Sunday! COME ON IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Sorry GF friends, sorry.

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    • i’ve been thinking about that piece for like three days now! i think what i can’t get over is the ending — the last three grafs or whatever feel as if they were written for a totally different essay, the conclusions in them just don’t follow from anything inside the essay, and it feels so bizarre to try to suggest it even!

    • yes! it’s like she’s walking you through a disgusting abandoned building, and the whole time you’re both agreeing that it’s so horrifying and sad, and then you make it out and she tells you THAT’S LIFE AND YOU LIKED IT. it’s so confusing and manipulative! like the entire post is trying to manipulate you, twice.

  1. I remain sceptical that the lack of media attention aimed at gay male relationships is because the media are more accepting of gay men. In fact I wonder whether or not the masculine dominated media is just living another version of homo-panic and pretending gay men don’t really exist (so don’t report on them).
    Yeah, super, some media outlets are less beside themselves when reporting on women who happen to be in a lesbian relationship, and being the first to ‘out’ a lesbian now seems so 90’s, buttttt I still get the feeling the media are quietly feeding the ‘they just need to find the right guy’ readership.

    Also, also, what would I like people to say about me after I left a room: ideally nothing that wasn’t true. We can all dream.

    • I agree with you. The media (and the public) aren’t the least bit accepting of gay male celebrities — especially actors — and there are far fewer male than female actors who are out as gay or bisexual. Why? Because it’s still considered (accurately or otherwise) to be more damaging, and perhaps fatal, to a male actor’s career, especially in movies, to be out. I sometimes wonder what world people live in when they assert that cis gay men are accepted in society.

    • I actually thought the whole article was complete bullshit. Yes, those women are not closeted. That means that *they* do not have an issue with their sexuality. It does not eliminate all the very well known news stories about it and all the conflict over whether we are allowed to assume women who act exactly like straight couples are allowed to be referred to as straight couples.
      And also, straight men tolerating two attractive women has nothing to do with acceptance of homosexuality and everything to do with the fact that they’ve gone from seeing lesbians as a threat to seeing them as porn.

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