Also.Also.Also: Evan Rachel Wood, A Masturbation Sofa, and Other Stories We Missed

This week’s roundup is weirdly short and maybe you’ll forgive me for it! We’ll back to normal on Monday. Here are some things we missed while I was cleaning out my refrigerator.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Give to Janet Mock’s Trans Book Drive for trans people in prison!

Queer As In F*ck You

+ Sara Centry has a list of 10 Films Featuring Queer Women of Color that she loves and you’ll probably love them, too.

+ Know and Tell: The literary renaissance of trans women writers.

+ Devi Lockwood has an Encounter with Queer Culture in Fiji.

Doll Parts

+ Born This Way? by Cathleen O’Grady: “Why an evidence-based stance on sex and gender is good for science and for feminism.”

+ This is old but you don’t care: Evan Rachel Wood Talks Befriending Ellen Page.

+ The votes are in and the new word for female masturbation in Sweden is…. KLITTRA! Here’s how some Autostraddle staff members felt about the results:

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 12.55.14 PM

+ Meet the 100 year-old doctor who saved America from thalidomide.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Showing Up For Racial Justice put together an amazingly comprehensive resource for how white people can show up for Ferguson in a helpful way.

+ Who Really Burns? Quitting a Dean’s Job in the Age of Mike Brown by Eve Dunbar.

Living in the wake of the deaths of so many black and brown, cis- and trans- men and women around this nation, I remember my grandparents’ lessons in quality work and the willful neglect of black voices and knowledge. The national reckoning on display in the wake of the Ferguson grand-jury decision illustrates that decades-long racial problems can’t be treated with Band-Aids. They, and we, require thoughtful structural overhauls.

We—from the highest ranking administrator to faculty, staff and students—have to be vigilant in bending ourselves toward equity and care for the most marginalized members of our communities. We cannot avoid implicating ourselves in the way we have contributed and benefited from race and gender inequity and inequality.

+ See an Uncut Broad City Scene and Listen to Ilana’s Spotify Playlist you fucking stoner.

+ Did you know that only 133 of the US’s 401 National Parks charge an entrance fee? Well on these dates in 2015, even those 133 parks will be free! So you can plan ahead and save $5 and breathe in the fierce beauty of NATURE HECK YES.

+ Hey Sci-Fi is for everyone, ok? And Emily Perper put together a Longreads list for you to prove it. And Autostraddle’s on it because we’re awesome. And you’re here because you’re even more awesome. Damn just look at us all being the fucking greatest. Nice work, everyone!

+ 1989: America’s Malls

Bless these women. via Mashable

Well just bless these women.
via Mashable

+ Let’s talk about the babies real quick! The youth! The people who can’t vote yet but are still paying attention to everything! Teach Your Child to be an Advocate for Change is great and if you have any interaction with kids at all, you should be living this truth. Students Are Watching Ferguson has a list of resources for people who want to help kids understand what’s going on in Ferguson and all across the country right now. It’s geared towards educators but I think it’s useful for parents/caretakers, too.

+ Who Has the Privilege to Protest?

+ Google Launches a Santa Tracker to Teach Kids How to Code. When I was a kid, the Santa tracker was my grandfather pointing up to a starry sky, promising that if I didn’t go home and get in bed soon I’d get worms in my stocking, so.

+ Check out this list of Autostraddle Holigay Parties happening all over the world!! It’s updated daily, and if you don’t see your city on the list, consider hosting your own meet-up this year! Basically nothing is more fulfilling than hanging out with smart new friends in cute sweaters.

And Finally

Look what Intern Raquel found for you! Aren’t you glad she uses her powers for good and not evil?

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    i am really emotionally invested in the second dude from the left that did not receive a banana. what the fuck? everyone else got one. and also, they are eating them sideways. guys…you’re doing it wrong. do they not use their hands to eat? that is the obvious strategy here, right? so dont worry i did some research and there is a video of a possum eating a strawberry on youtube that indicates they DO use their hands to eat but not with any kind of efficiency because it looks equally as awkward even with a smaller piece of fruit. and i would also like to say that the sounds in that video could easily double as rain sounds on a noise machine. and i think that about covers my feelings on the possum video for now, but you never know there could be more.

  2. Who knew possums were almost semi kinda cute? One of the free entrance days for the National Parks is my birthday next year. I feel like this is a sign. …of what? Not sure yet, but I have quite some time to think about it.

  3. The “Born This Way?” article by Cathleen O’Grady: YESSSS. It touches upon all the methodological issues with sex difference studies. There is some good science out there, but it getting misinterpreted and misused. Even when sex differences are confirmed because science, they really are because stats: “The important thing to remember is that any differences referred to in research are differences in group averages, based on observations of slightly shifted, but highly overlapping distributions between sexes.” A female-identified DFAB might have more “male” brain features than a male-identified DMAB. By over-interpreting scientific findings, we are shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of setting the stage for true gender equality, because we can pick and choose whatever we want to our liking if we want, but at the end of the day what really matters is equal treatment regardless of gender identity or assigned gender (and whether or not the two align).

  4. 1989 malls photos were fantastic. Those glasses! That hair! I wish I had memories as an infant. I think 1989 would’ve been an interesting year to remember.

    Thanks for the national park free day link. National parks, national forests, and state parks truly have a special place within my soul. My big goal is to visit every national park in the US, but for now, I want to just try to hit as many of the state parks in Washington as I can.

  5. I find it kind of neat how Sweden adopts new words into its language. (And maybe I’m in the minority that’s totally down with “att klittra.”) Unfortunately that’s one I don’t think I’ll be bringing up in class.

  6. The, “Who Has The Privilege to Protest,” article is super interesting. I’ve been talking about this situation (of wanting to do show support/outrage via something that isn’t just donations) a bunch with friends, all of whom are white, and while I’m a POC I feel like being raised in a tiny hamlet in the suburbs doesn’t give me the right to be angry/offended on the behalf of others? Even though I one hundred percent am. I just agree that people who are dealing with this ridiculous discrimination (far more often than I am) shouldn’t have to worry about going out and expressing concerns/frustrations/anger, because someone like me is lessening the cause. Or even jesus I mean because of fear of unwarranted repercussions.

    It is the worst kind of absurdity that people can’t even feel safe protesting something this inherently wrong, without worrying how our fucked up justice system would treat them as a result.

    Ugh. Ughs all around.

  7. Okay, I clearly have a lot of feelings because I read that interview with Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual and cried. Like, actually cried. Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page co-starring in a seemingly feminist movie and becoming best friends, OMG.

    • Oh that is a totally normalsauce reaction. Honestly, not only do they both legitimately seem to be in really good/happy places right now, but also (and perhaps not as relevant to my original point) Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual mentioned that there were hugs, so.

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