Also.Also.Also: Cryptocurrency But It’s Gay and Other Stories for Your Week

Hello and a happy end of this Monday to you and all of your many compartmentalized woes. I’ve spent so much time in bed with this sickness (is it a cold? Megan thinks everything is either the flu or strep so don’t ask her) that when I finally got up and came downstairs last night, I didn’t recognize my house at all. It was completely dark except for the very almost nearly completely set sun and the porch light coming in through the open curtains. I don’t know if it was the cold medicine (it could’ve been, friend, it really could’ve been) or just a beautiful moment of clarity but I thought, “Wow, this is my house.” I was walking around inside of it like it was the most familiar thing, but I’d really never seen it like that. The only noise was coming from the refrigerator and for some reason I remembered being on the walking track at the only park in my hometown — I guess because the lighting and time of day was similar — at this specific section where the people who owned the property on the other side of the chainlink fence had let their bushes (or vines?) become overgrown and they’d crowded through the fence and up against a nearby oak tree. There were always two or three tires in the backyard and a kiddie pool, and the grass was incredibly green. I don’t know y’all, it was like I’d left my normal bedroom and walked down the stairs and landed in a separate dimension where I was watching someone else’s life!

Aren’t you ready for some links now?

Queer as in F*ck You

4 Ways Queer and Trans Parents Are Raising Revolutionary Children During the Trump Era.

Brandi Carlile Rejects Bitterness And Self Pity On ‘By The Way, I Forgive You’.

How Is It Still Legal to Fire Someone for Being Gay?

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” Reboot Is Less of a Makeover Show and More of a Lesson in Queer Culture.

We Know How to Do This: “If you don’t remember a time when your government hated you, those of us who do will help you learn how to survive it.”

Hawaii Appeals Court Sides With Lesbian Couple Denied B&B.

Another State Eyes Barring Queer Couples from Adoption. It’s Georgia!

Federal Court Rules LGBT Discrimination in Violation of Title IX.

This Court Ruling Could Help Change the Scope of Gay Rights in America.

Here are the Top 20 Cities for LGBT Retirement in 2018.

Kansas Republicans Mostly Silent on Party Resolution Invalidating Transgender People.

Transgender Woman Survives Hail of Gunfire in Vegas.

Toshi Reagon Is Playing Out Octavia Butler’s Legacy and Creating Her Own.

“It’s About Restoring Hope”: Inside Melbourne’s First Trans And Gender Diverse Swim Night.

How I Fell in Love with Performing as a Drag King.

Albania’s LGBTQ Activists Are Transforming Their Community.

Why the LGBT Community Is Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency.

Doll Parts

It’s Going to Be a Tsunami: Garbage’s Shirley Manson on Music’s #MeToo Movement.

Monica Lewinsky: Emerging from ‘the House of Gaslight’ in the Age of #MeToo.

Depression Takes My Body Away.

Yoga Pants Are the Best Pants. This is a response to that stupid fcking NYT piece from a week ago!

Putting This PUA Game On PlayStation and Steam Normalizes Stalker Behavior.

I’m Ready to Go to Battle: Inside Planned Parenthood’s Organizing Boot Camp.

Keep Up

Parkland Student Emma González Opens Up About Her Fight for Gun Control.

Black Teens Have Been Fighting for Gun Reform for Years.

Why — and How —Parkland High School Students Can Succeed on Guns Where We Have Failed.

Dana Loesch and the NRA’s Maternity Theater.

Union Leaders Say Education Strike in West Virginia Will Extend to Fourth Day Tuesday.

Saw This, Thought of You

This Teacher Created A ‘Wakanda Curriculum’ So Students Can Better Learn About African History, AfroFuturism.

Thank You for Asking.

Young Artists Explore Coming Of Age In The Middle East.

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  1. The gay cryptocurrency article failed to mention what they’re going to call it, which I think is the most important part of any cryptocurrency! Unless they’re literally just calling it Pink Dollars?

    I’ve previously spent time thinking about what I’d call a queer feminist cryptocurrency; Clitcoin leaps out as an obvious choice but I think it’s too gender/genital essentialist. Maybe ASScoin if it was Autostraddle-specific?

    Can I pitch an article about how to make a cryptocurrency just so we can all determine what the best name would be?

    • What about Clickcoin? It’s a I’ve seen trans people all over the spectrum use(if I remember correctly was even used on Transparent when referring to Moira’s genitals) so it’s not really gendered. But, then that less of a known term so it might not sound queer enough.

      Other names that crossed my mined, QueerCoin, NoDude, Coinsent, GlitterCoin, or ERWB.

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