Also.Also.Also: Court Bars Trump from Banning Trans Military Personnel and Other Stories for Your Week of Indictments

Happy Indictment Day!! I hope you brought snacks.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ US Court Bars Trump from Changing Military Policy on Service by Trans People.

+ A Career Less Ordinary: Pioneering Lesbian Editor July Wieder Tells Her Tale.

+ Inside The Anti-LGBT Hate Group Trying to Block Marriage Equality Around the World.

+ Think a Baby’s Gender Determines Personality? That’s Dangerous.

+ When I Visited South Park as a Trans Woman, The Joke Was On Me.

+ Rosie O’Donnell Breaks Her Silence on Donald Trump: “I Seriously Worry Whether I Will Be Able to Live Through His Presidency”.

+ Kevin Spacey Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations By Coming Out.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Paul Manafort, Ex-Chairman of Trump Campaign, and Associate Plead Not Guilty to Money Laundering. ?

+ Trump’s Ban on Global Abortion Funding Has Already Hit Healthcare in Africa.

Doll Parts

+ Here’s How Toxic Masculinity Is Killing Us in So Many Ways.

+ Raquel Willis: The Women’s Movement Must Be More Inclusive of Trans Women.

+ A Short History of the ‘Biological Clock’: It’s Been Ticking Off Women for 40 Years.

+ Sephora Cast Its Own Store Employees for Its Most Diverse Campaign Yet.

+ The Future Is Black and Female: Afrofuturism and Comics.

+ Lesbian Youtuber Stevie Boebi Storms Out of Interview.

+ Meet Linn da Quebrada, the Baile Funk Star Giving Voice to Brazil’s Queer Femmes.

+ I Didn’t Grow Up with LGBTQ Kids’ TV Characters — But I Found Them Elsewhere.

+ A New Website Aims to Tell You Which Churches Are Queer-Inclusive.

+ Marvel’s Runaways Introduces Lesbian Superhero Karolina Dean in New Trailer.

+ What the Real Witches of America Eat.

+ All Consuming Women: “The same industries that exploit us turn around and sell our exploitation back to us.”

+ Our National Narratives Are Still Being Shaped by Lecherous, Powerful Men.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Fragility of Legalization: Who’s Cashing in on Marijuana?

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  1. Is there another link you could post for the Stevie Boebi story? Because that website is awful. They have a blurb for the reverend’s book at the bottom of the article that says, “The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has the antidote to the hatred and the dependency of the so-called black ‘civil rights leaders.’ Order your copy of ‘The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood’ from the WND Superstore today!” It’s their store.

    Actually, reading that, I’m not sure why Boebi wasted her time being interviewed by that guy. He clearly set her up to be offended so that he could then chastise her for being a close-minded liberal as soon as she shut down something he said. It’s the argument people like him always use. “Oh, you’re upset about my completely fucked up and heinous opinion? So much for the tolerant left!”

  2. As others have said fuck you Kevin. He really tired to pull a House of Cards, by deferring his actions by coming out. I really thought he was out personally, but that could be because he was playing a bi/queer President on the show. Really want to stop watching the show, because his actions are just soo awful, but Robin Wright and that writing have me hooked. Maybe they can write him out, by having his character have an accident or something.

  3. You go, Stevie Boebi!. I was so encouraged by her eloquence, how she was willing to engage in conversation until the conversation crossed the line from discourse into violent and abusive language. Then she just walked out. Excellent. I’ve been pondering the “Paradox of Tolerance”, lately. Basically, it’s a philosophical theory in which the only way for a society to be truly tolerant is to be intolerant of intolerance. Or a society of unlimited tolerance will actually become intolerant. I feel better being angry and intolerant of hatred, bigotry, religious violence, etc. because I’m comforted by the idea of my actions helping to preserve a tolerant society.

  4. The article about toxic masculinity was also an interesting one to me, as most discussions about gun control bug me, since they inevitably arise emotionally from the latest mass shooting, and the measures discussed would not have prevented the shooting that provided the emotional impetus for the conversation, nor get to the actual problem. But this linking of toxic masculinity at its root, along with the immorality of pure capitalism and the culture gun manufacturers might attempt to promote or encourage, really spoke to me about what actually underpins the “problem”.

  5. I cannot get over the article about “Our National Narratives Are Still Being Shaped by Lecherous, Powerful Men”. This. So much this. I’ve been so sad and angry lately with Trumpism, and those who either promote it, or are complicit through their inaction so that they can pursue their own agendas. Party over country. Etc. I’ve been so depressed that we didn’t get HRC elected, when she would have been a superlative president. I really believe that world-wide things would be so much better if we’d elected her. These paragraphs near the end of the article just gutted me:

    “And while it may feel cathartic for some women to finally get to say things they’ve been waiting years to say, this does not undo the damage. We can’t go back in time and have the story of Hillary Clinton written by people who have not been accused of pressing their erections into the shoulders of young women who worked for them.

    We cannot retroactively resituate the women who left jobs, who left their whole careers because the navigation of the risks, these daily diminutions and abuses, drove them out. Nor can we retroactively see the movies they would have made or the art they would have promoted, or read the news as they might have reported it.”

    My brother-in-law recently cautioned me about being too angry about sexism, and allowing it to blind me to the rest of life. I’m still incredulous, though I recognize that he was trying to be helpful; he’s certainly experienced types of oppression in his life as a gay man. But from now on, I just feel like my response would have to be along the lines of, “The issue isn’t that I’m too angry; it’s that you aren’t angry enough. Why aren’t you angrier?”

    • “The issue isn’t that I’m too angry; it’s that you aren’t angry enough. Why aren’t you angrier?”

      THIS. A thousand times this! ???????

      I wish I had thought of this comeback when I was raging about sexism and racism to my brother, and in response to my anger he asked “What happened to you??” As if I could only care so deeply about these issues if I had been personally traumatized. Because what the f!$& is empathy when you’re a white cishet dude, right?

    • Well, the little gender stork flies in from the gender factory and informs the parents about the appropriate gender clothes and gender colors that their little ball of gender is going to need.

      Then the gender stork helps plan the gender reveal party and plan out the gender roles, fears, anxieties, and pressures of the future.

      Eventually, the doctor will use the gender detection machine and the gender will be carved into a piece of gender paper so that the little bundle of gender can be forced into a lifetime of legal gender documents and harassed by the gender police, the gender doctors, and the gender conformity board.

      Have I engendered understanding?

  6. Omg, the babies and gendered personalities thing. I remember finding out that the way parents/adults speak to babies differs between boys and girls, like their inflection, intonation, word choices, grammar, everything, beginning as soon as they hear “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” And that those differences beginning in utero basically fuck up women’s voices/speech patterns forever, and I was enraged. Still am enraged.

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