Also.Also.Also: But What Are Your Teeth Made Of, Though? And Other Stories to Read

Happy Day After the Blood Super Moon Eclipse! Do you have a pumpkin yet? Maybe several pumpkins? Have you gathered your Halloween decorations? I bought brass salad tongs in the shape of bird talons! Living my best life.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Honey Lee Cottrell, Lesbian Photographer, Filmmaker and Pioneer of Women’s Erotica Died Last Week.

Cottrell revolutionized the female nude, validated women’s right to pleasure, and opened possibilities for women to see themselves and their desires in new ways through her engagement in a variety of feminist, artistic, and sex education projects.

+ Advocating for the Bisexual Community: A Reading List compiled by Emily Perper.

+ Stonewall tanked.

+ Miss Manners is not fucking around when it comes to respecting people’s pronouns.

Doll Parts

+ See Powerful Photos of Women Boxers by Brittany Carmichael and Katie Van Syckle

Saw This, Thought of You


+ Here are 15 Famous Songs with Misunderstood Meanings that you can sing along to, now with a deeper understanding.

+ Your Tooth Enamel Might Have Started as Fish Scales. Or maybe it started as birch trees? Or, fuck it, maybe your tooth enamel started as quinoa. You don’t know. You don’t know anything. You woke up like a brand new amoeba this morning. Can you even read this with your watery new eyeballs? Your eyeballs started as the ripples made in the ocean when fish scales passed through at a steady clip, maybe. Might be.

And Finally

Why don’t you build yourself a Netflix Switch??!

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  1. Tanked seems like a too nice word for what happened in the box office with that crap.

    $112,414 in 2 days? Not even Emmerich’s relatives went to the theaters. Probably he thinks that the idea of a movie for gay people sounds a lot better now.

    • The Advocate: “If the movie Stonewall were a bottle thrown by rioters, it would be an empty plastic bottle that bounced on the ground several feet short of making contact with its target, to the pitiful sound of “boop, bop, boing.””

        • Actually that wasn’t a part of The Advocate’s review, just a paragraph in a article about how the movie did in the box office.

          The main review of The Advocate about that piece of crap was entitled “In Defense of Stonewall”, and includes things like the need to differentiate between “films”, that have art as a goal, and “movies”, that have entertainment as a goal(WTF!!!!!).

          Particularly I always thought that The Advocate has something in common with GLAAD: the habit of giving awards and recognition to practically any shit that calls itself LGBT.

          • Oh, yes, this nice words “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” made you person of the year.

            I never understood why that happened, especially when you considered that catholicism and christianity teaches you that the only judge is god, and as the big boss there he should know that.

            Maybe I have another view on Jorge Mario Bergoglio because I did now the man before the crazed global fan club.

  2. this is perfect because I just had my first boxing class yesterday and though my arms each feel like a 1000 brass salad tongs maybe, just maybe, scrolling through photo after photo of powerful women boxers will somehow manifest my future

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