Also.Also.Also: But Seriously, a Hetero-Free Nation Would Be So Chill and Other Stories for Your Week

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Wheeeeee Monday! The HOA for this condominium complex in which I reside has recently decided to rip up and replace all the landscaping and its outdated irrigation system. Only they’ve been stuck on the step right after “rip up all the landscaping and dig 87 trenches” for a few weeks now, meaning A) the trees are just super dying and B) the neighborhood stray cats (who are, on some days, my reason for living) have no shelter from the oppressive Arizona sun. I don’t have to tell you how awful and tragic this is, so instead I’ll leave you with a visual of Megan (Megan looks like this) coming home from work each night at around 10:30 to give me a quick peck on the face and then head straight out the back door, where she takes to watering all the trees in the common space behind our building, armed with only a short garden hose and using her thumb to press the stream of water into an arching spray that just barely reaches the second tree on the left (and sadly does not reach the last tree in the very back), for nearly half an hour. Then it’s on to the front yard, where she soaks the dusty ground so that the dirt around our front door will be cooler for the cats to lay on when they come for the food and water we leave out for them. (It’s worth noting that she also devised a bowl-in-bowl solution that makes it impossible for the ants to swarm the cat food: small deep bowl full of cat food rests in wide shallow bowl filled with water; an ant moat.)

Damn the man, save the cats and trees!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The Radical Queer Quest for a Hetero-Free Nation. Weirdly, this is not about A-Camp. But also, it is, you know?

+ Right to Party: 20 Years of Black Queer Love and Resilience.

+ Making Queer and Trans Asian American Identities Visible.

+ A Look Back at Rene Portland’s ‘No Lesbian’ Lady Lions.

+ Why Donald Trump’s Presidency Finally Made Me Cut My Long Hair.

+ Paralympian Theresa Goh Shows the Way for Queer Athletes to Be Themselves.

+ Looking Back at Pride Month. A Longreads list for you, featuring two Autostraddle articles!

+ The Constant, Unfiltered Joy of Nu Disco.

+ 10 Remarkable Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Youth Activists of Color.

+ The Christian Lawyers Quietly Working to Erase LGBTQ Rights.

+ Chinese Government Bans LGBT Content From The Internet.

+ Texas Supreme Court Rules Gay Couples Not Guaranteed Spousal Benefits. ?

+ Timor Leste Just Had Its First Ever Pride March.

+ Alaina alerted you to this yesterday in the Sunday Funday and I’m reminding you today: support Her Voice Carries, “a mural project featuring the stories of five remarkable Rochester women” which includes your very own KaeLyn Rich!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Trump’s Travel Ban Could Be a Death Sentence for Queer Muslim Refugees.

+ Scott Pruitt’s EPA Working to Undermine Climate Science.

Doll Parts

+ Save Free Speech From Trolls.

+ Why This Island Is at the Center of the Search for Amelia Earhart. The fact that a prominent clue is an old jar of freckle cream just makes it even more like a Nancy Drew book and honestly I’m fine with that.

+ Interrogating the Limits of Trauma Language. This article discusses sexual trauma (and gender, language, art, and queerness), and contains nudity.

+ Mothers of the Struggle.

Both Espinosa and Irizzary lost children to the rash of San Francisco Bay area police violence that occurred before the Black Lives Matter movement made the issue part of a public conversation on police accountability. Irizzary has said of her son, Idriss Stelley’s, death: “The night he died I felt my soul tearing apart. He was my only child.”

+ Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment.

+ A League of Their Own Stands the Test of Time. THIS IS AN ORAL HISTORY OF A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, OK.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Good and Bad Ways to Help a Dog Afraid of Fireworks.

+ Beyond Cannibalism: The True Story of the Donner Party.

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    • I’m not taking it too seriously, but it IS a stupid, exclusionary concept. There’s plenty of people in the LGBT+ community that would be excluded under those terms. It kinda reminds me of Israel. Colonize a place to get away from harm and danger, while taking over space that didn’t belong to most (indigenous Jews aside), and then excluding others and dictating who is and is not a Jew. If Israel has taught us anything, it’s that it’s a ragingly idiotic, problematic, flawed, completely fucked up idea and little more than an inane fantasy that doesn’t resolve any real problems.

  1. Sounds like you have the cat bowl thing figured out but if you ever need another option, ebay sells food bowls with built in moats for pretty cheap. We got those to feed the stray cats on campus

  2. Love the article about the girl who cut her hair. Hair is such a great and perfect form of expression and protest and self-love and a tiny bit of control that can be such a comfort in this administration. Plus, I just think everyone looks good in short hair. Also, thank you for saving the cats!!!!!

  3. Texas: Get over yourself and stop wasting our damn time. The SCOTUS *just* reafirmed itself last week by quoting Obergefell in the Paven decision! “The Constitution entitles same-sex couples to civil marriage ‘on the same terms and conditions as opposite-sex couples'” and that same-sex couples have “the constellation of benefits that the states have linked to marriage.”

  4. Why is nationalism bad except for when it’s us doing it?
    Living surrounded by straight people can often be shit, I understand the importance of an escapist fantasy, but that doesn’t suddely make nationalism ok.
    Having queer-only spaces is vital, but I’m not sure living in one 24/7 is viable.
    Also, what would we do with straight babies? Raise them until the age of 12 and send them back? Just have the island for one generation? Families are often complicated, especially when you’re queer.

    • That’s not nationalism. You’re overthinking a joke made by an oppressed and marginalized segment of society. You recognized it as an escapist fantasy. There was no reason to go further. If you want to talk about REAL nationalism then do so, but this isn’t it.

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