Also.Also.Also: Brandi Carlile Recommends Debilitating Empathy and Other Stories from Your Week

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Eat some fucking fruit today you wild spinning angel!! I’m going to have a pomelo.

Queer As In F*ck You

Hey how much T Kira Madden do you need to make this Thursday a great one? How The Wicked Witch Of The West Taught Me About Lust And Evil // Womanly Things

The Female Chef Making Japan’s Most Elaborate Cuisine Her Own

A Heathen’s Love Affair with Churches

LGBTQ Methodists on Whether the United Methodist Church Will Ever Affirm LGBTQ People


Exclusive: ACLU Threatens Legal Action if North Carolina Doesn’t Transfer Trans Inmate to Women’s Prison

Brandi Carlile: At Home With the Folk-Rock Rebel

H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient, a Milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic, and The Treatment That Cured Two HIV Patients Cases Won’t Work for Most Patients

Saw This, Thought of You

‘Not Dead Enough’: Public Hospitals Deny Life-Saving Abortion Care to People in Need

The Women Rewriting Feminism for a Late Capitalist World

Meet Five of the Women Racing in This Year’s Iditarod

Warriors Draft First Woman Into NBA 2K League

Apostle of the Cacti: How Minerva Hamilton Hoyt Saved the Desert

Mark Zuckerberg Discovers Privacy

Elderly Trump Critics Await Mueller’s Report — Sometimes Until Their Last Breath

For Some Food-Service Workers, Unions Are Finally Gaining Steam

Groundbreaking Feminist Artist Carolee Schneemann Has Died

Recycling Is Broken

From Video Game to Day Job: How ‘SimCity’ Inspired a Generation of City Planners

Political Snacks

New Generation of Campaign Managers Brings Diversity to 2020 Presidential Bids

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  1. That article about Nakayama is geat. I am very familiar with the area n/naka is in and drive by it frequently. I am now curious to know which supermarket in the area they shop at and if it’s a hidden gem of a place or not.

  2. My town stopped accepting recycling this year for this reason, except for corrugated cardboard and aluminum beverage cans. I can’t bring myself to throw out plastic and paper, so instead we’re just stockpiling them until there’s a solution, but it’s such a larger problem than my tiny town can solve. I think the government needs to require a certain percentage of recycled material in new paper, plastic and metal products. Otherwise there just isn’t going to be a market for these things, and no point in separating them out when there isn’t enough demand for them. And/or switch to more reusable packaging like glass milk bottles.

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