Also.Also.Also: Bees, Happy Bisexuals and Other Stories for Your Weekend

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Another Friday, another reason to hang upside down from your bed and think about life!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Qulture Collective has a new installment exploring queer Black mythology, so if you’re in Oakland you should hightail it over there.


+ Call for Submissions! Matrix Wants Your Trans Lit! Deadline is February 15.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Hey gay face, here are some SUPER CUTE valentines you can print at your leisure, all courtesy of Karen Campos Castillo at Heartbeats!

+ Lesbian Couple Faces 20 Years in Kuwaiti Prison.

+ Trans Punk Icon Laura Jane Grace Talks Love In The Patriarchy And Writing A Memoir.

+ How to be Bisexual and Happy!

+ How Many Diverse Families Can You Fit Into a Health Insurance Advert?

+ The Forgotten Ones: Queer and Trans Lives in the Prison System

Doll Parts

+ The Battle for Female Politicians to Breastfeed at Work like CAN A WOMAN LIVE? Jesus. I can’t believe we’re still catering to the [white! cis!] male fucking gaze and their fragile ego when it comes to feeding baby humans! In 2016. Still! Like men can’t even for a hot second de-center themselves from the reality of mothers feeding their own babies. I just cannot! I want to swim in a pool of yogurt I’m so aggravated.

+ Related: My Baby Comes With Me: Jade Sanchez-Ventura on Sharing “The Burden”.

+ Hot Sauce in Her Bag: “Southern Black identity, Beyoncé, Jim Crow, and the pleasure of well-seasoned food.” Mikki Kendall unpacks some of the deeper things happening in “Formation” while giving us a glimpse into her own history. It’s really beautiful and I’m grateful for it.

+ Anita Corbin is The Photographer Taking Pictures of Women Who Were First in Their Field.

+ Gogo Graham: A Bespoke Designer for Trans Women.

+ Slack Sent Four Black Female Engineers to Accept an Award and Make a Statement on Diversity.

+ Sarah Deer on Sexualized Violence in Native America. This is from December but you need to read it and then buy her book!

+ Target to Launch Gender-Neutral Bedding Line for Kids.

+ Gender Bias in Hiring: Interviewing as a Trans Woman in Tech.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness: “Black poverty is fundamentally distinct from white poverty—and so cannot be addressed without grappling with racism.”


+ Alsooooo Hundreds of Galaxies Found Hiding Behind the Milky Way!

+ Horses can read human faces, so now you can’t ever lie to your horse again.

+ Natural History Museums are Teeming with Undiscovered Species.

+ How Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Exactly Like Tiny Toon Adventures and now you have the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song in your head! SO HERE’S ACME ACRES IT’S A WHOLE WIDE WORLD APART!

+ Dairy Queen loves you, even if nobody else does.

+ BEES??


And Finally

I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day you buncha freaking weirdos! XOXO

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  1. One way I’ve found to be happy and bisexual is avoid most LGBT sites’ comment sections when they have articles about bisexuality and/or bi folks (excluding here, of course <3 ).

    And Happy Valentine's Day back at ya. Eat lots of chocolate, if that's your thing!

  2. Not only are gravitational waves awesome, but take note of Nergis Mavalvala! She is a professor at MIT working on LIGO who is a bad-ass queer woman. She won the NOGLSTP (LBGT STEM organization) Scientist of the Year award in 2014, and was out in the physics department long before that (probably since being hired).

  3. bees are the fucking coolest.

    manatees are great big sea potatoes who love to party and I love their faces.

    I’m going to focus on these feelings and these feelings only in order to survive this ungodly cold friday.

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