Also.Also.Also: Be Aware of the Wolves, Please, and Other Stories

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Well you just continue to be a vital part of the universe, even on Mondays! I hope you have a brilliant moment of peace and satisfaction this week, and that when you do, you remember that you deserve it. You also deserve a really phenomenal sandwich.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Kristin Russo brings you this very interesting read: An Athlete Makes the Case for Gender Not to Matter in Sports.

Doll Parts

+ Hillary Clinton Called Violence Against Black Trans Women a “National Crisis”.

+ Ghost Tours Turn Women’s Abuse Into Family Friendly Entertainment by Elena Gormley.

+ Martha Kempner reports California Schools Required to Teach Comprehensive Sex Ed in 2016. Amazing!

+ Adventure Time is Finally Telling the Whole Story of Marceline and we rejoice.

+ Indiana Roller Derby Woman, Karen Dolley, Subdues Home Intruder with Medieval Combat.

+ Chantal Ackerman Documents the Inner Lives of Women in Her Final Film by Emma Myers.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ 10 Haunting Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction. The Imposter was fascinating, but a lot of these are truly upsetting to watch, so just keep that in mind! La la la I am your mother.

+ Chernobyl and Other Places Where Animals Thrive Without People.

+ God I love this playlist I want to eat it: Small Town Royalty on Rookie.

+ When We See Something Cute, Whey Do We Want To Squeeze It? Why indeed.

And Finally

Excuse me, it’s National Wolf Awareness Week!

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    • Yes! There are so many options!



      A former special-ops soldier with nothing to lose parachutes into Chernobyl to conduct scientific testing. Soon learns radiation is the least of his worries — the animals are working together to hunt him systematically. Along the way, he *Rescues mutant girl raised by wolves *Sexes her *Explosions


      Title: The Wolves of Chernobyl

      Growing up on the outskirts of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, lonely, overworked young mother Nastia has always known the rules: stay out at all costs. But then one day, gathering firewood at dusk, Nastia notices the wolf. He is different from any wolf she’s ever seen. Larger, his eyes more intelligent — almost kind. Every day she goes to the clearing and sees him. One day, he turns to walk back into the inclusion zone, and Nastia knows she is supposed to follow. With a glance back at the cabin where her only child sleeps, she does so. Featuring *wolfsex *undying love *the chance she’ll lose everything


      Title: The NuWolf Chronicles: Just Pups

      *Just like the Warriors series but with wolves instead of cats

      and finally, MARKETED TO US

      Title: THE ROAD TO HER

      Ostracized by their classmates and forced back into the closet by their country’s oppressive anti-LGBT laws, fifteen year-old girlfriends Sasha and Alex decide to run away to the only place they can live in peace — the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The girls run out of provisions and are weakened quickly, only to be saved by…a pack of wolves? Clearly, Chernobyl is not as empty as they thought. Will there still be space for their love? Featuring *first times *animal friendships *gross politicians *sworn eternal love *learning self-love from wise wolves

  1. WOW okay so I was reading the article about creepy documentaries and then got stuck in the Wikipedia wormhole reading articles about con artists. have you guys heard of Helga de la Brache???

    apparently she was a 19th century Swedish maid who pretended to be a long-lost princess and actually got away with it–as in the king paid her a monthly allowance because her con was so convincing! in the end, she finally got outed, and she lived out the rest of her days quietly with her lifelong “companion,” a woman named Henrika Aspegren (hint hint).

    history is so cool, guys!!!

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