Also.Also.Also: Another Study Finds Lesbian and Bisexual Women Are Just Doomed 4-Ever I Guess and Other Stories

Well hello there! Look at you, ready for the weekend and so hydrated!

Queer as in F*ck You

These Trendsetting Lesbian Lovers Fled 1920s America for Paris and Lived Their Best Life.

Meet the Lesbian Running Planned Parenthood. HI, LESBIAN!!!!

#MamasDay Is A Digital Campaign Striving To Uplift Incarcerated, Queer, Trans And Other Non-Traditional Black Mothers.

Mansfield Teacher Was Accused of Promoting a ‘Homosexual Agenda.’ Now She’s Suing.

Pakistan Passes Landmark Transgender Rights Law.

Lesbian and Bisexual Women More Likely to Develop Diabetes Because They’re Stressed, Say Experts. It’s like, can we get a fucking break here? We’re probably also more likely to have a piano dropped on our heads I JUST NEED A SPA DAY OK.

Queer Scandal Star Jasika Nicole on Her Creepy Horror Podcast. How much do you love Jasika Nicole, hm? Like, almost too much? Just enough?

Save this one for later, when you’re feeling like there’s nothing good or stirring left in this dumb world. There Are No Happy Loves: A Retrospective of Forgotten Films.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Inside the N.R.A. Convention.

Trump Administration Wants to Train Teens in ‘Hazardous’ Jobs. Oh.

The Childlike Strangeness of Melania Trump’s “Be Best” Campaign.

Doll Parts

45 Stories of Sex and Consent on Campus.

#MeToo in the Pews: A Backlash to the Southern Baptist Patriarchy.

Bailing Out Black Mamas Means Bailing Out Trans People.

Julie Murphy’s Quest to Humanize Fat Girls.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules That Abortion Care for Rape Survivors Is a Human Right.

There’s (Still) No Crying in Baseball.

There Is a Hidden Epidemic of Doctors Abusing Women in Labor, Doulas Say.

Suicide Is A Leading Cause Of Death For New Moms But Awareness Is Low.

Why Abortion Access Organizations Are Suing Anti-Choice Internet Trolls.

Trump Accuser Rachel Crooks Wins Democratic Nomination for Ohio State Legislature.

Eric Schneiderman And The Myth Of The Irreplaceable Male Ally.

Teddy Geiger Walks the Red Carpet for the First Time Since Coming Out as Transgender.

Keep Up

A Black Yale Student Took a Nap in a Dorm Common Room. A White Classmate Called the Cops on Her.

How Free Speech Warriors Mainstreamed White Supremacists.

Saw This, Thought of You

This made me scream for a full minute on a single breath. The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest.

Why Do I Get Congested When I Drink Alcohol? Just looking out for you.

“Ugly Delicious” Wants Us to Love Our Foods and Ourselves.

Ancient DNA Study Pokes Holes in Horse Domestication Theory so stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

How to Keep Your Body Cool When the Weather Is Scorching. None of these tips include Rachel’s ice hat trick, so.

Saw this and thought about me and then thought about you: For Memories’ Sake. Ashley Maynor started out to make a film about her grandmother’s obsessive photography habit. But eight years after she finished the film, what she ended up with is a story that healed old wounds in her Tennessee family and bridged the chasm that always opens when a small-town Southern kid decides she has to leave.

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  1. Those “Forgotten Films” totally cracked me up. Insane imagination. For gawd’s sake, why did no one make those movies ???

    Of course I stopped dead in my tracks at this one : Lauren Bacall opposite Natalie Wood in the Price of Salt (1960), a mad sex romp through America’s hotels, motels, flophouses and rich houses — ohhh, how I yearn to have seen this movie that was never made, dammit. Instead we got Lolita. Really.

    They’re all utterly fantastic and maybe in some other universe they exist. As does another me, who loves film very very much.

  2. Interesting to read about ‘Ugly Delicious’. Stereotyping based on foods is such a weird thing. I was always that one kid who got sent a lunch of fresh food, when most others had various forms of packaged chips etc, and even that little difference was enough to make me bullied. Cultural difference makes the behaviour even nastier.

    I’m white Australian and grew up being fed a very multicultural range of foods. The fact that I am white, yet ‘can handle’ very spicy foods gets a lot more comments than it ought to. The idea that chili-tolerance is biologically linked to ethnicity is absurd, but clearly that’s one of the stereotypes out there…

    I remember when my family visited America, we found the Chinese food in American restaurants was vastly different to how it is in Australia. Not that I’m assuming it’s more ‘authentic’ here than in America – just that it really shows the extent of the alteration of foods to suit a local cultural taste, like the article talks about. Australia also has racist issues with minorities and cultural foods, but on a surface level at least, it seemed different and worse in America. The staff always seemed really astonished when we actually asked for chopsticks, and knew how to use them. There were (white American) people sitting around pouring bottled tomato sauce onto their meals, apparently ignorant of any incongruity. It was a weird experience.

    • I’ve noted the spicy food stereotype growing up as well, but being from a Latino and Filipino family in America I was on the other end of things. Reading your experience brought back memories of a classmate sharing chili lollipops with me and she told me she keept a separate non spicy bag for the white people at the school.

      Although there were many instances where I visited a white friend’s house I would always get looked at like I was insane whenever I asked for a bottle of hot sauce.

  3. Haha oh man this was an unexpected place to find links to articles about two of my favorite topics: the evolution/domestication of horses and the fact that almost all of us have horseshoe crab blood in us. If anyone ever wants to have an unnecessarily thorough conversation about either, you know where to find me.

  4. Mansfield ISD was the school district I grew up in and graduated from. When I first heard about that I was so shocked! I thought they were better than this. Also they don’t make any sense. I hope she takes them for all they’re worth.

  5. As an aside, the Yamnaya are also part of the Celtic Euopean bloodline. In fact their cultural fusion with the Monument Builders may be in fact the root cause of Celtic culture. Of course more research is still needed.

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