Also.Also.Also: DIY Abortions, Homophobic Tweets and Other Stories for Your Week

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Have you ever worn sandals and then dropped a jar of marinara sauce on the ground next to your feet? In a grocery store? In the checkout line? As you were moving it from your cart to the conveyor belt? So that the glass landed in between your toes? Along with the sauce? Which also covered your feet and most of your left leg and the bottom four shelves of candy bars? On a Sunday night?

Was that one jar of sauce also part of the Buy Five Get $5 Off deal at your local grocer? Then, to add insult to injury, because you didn’t ask for a replacement jar of marinara sauce, on account of you pulling the glass from between your toes and also underneath your feet and wiping sauce off your leg and also the hem of your dress, did you in fact not receive your $5 off deal after all?

And then did your wife examine and clean your stupid bloody foot in the bathroom upstairs bathroom while your weird little dog stared at you with watery bug eyes and you recounted the whole embarrassing ordeal?

Well then, little stardust pile, I hope you thanked your wife profusely and hugged your dog and forgave yourself for not getting that $5 off your total. You and I deserve a donut, bless our hearts.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Super weird, but a man said something smart. A politician, even! I know, I had to sit down. Nathan Deal’s Remarkably Forceful Opposition to Georgia’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Legislation.

“I hope that we can all just take a deep breath, recognize that the world is changing around us, and recognize that it is important that we protect fundamental religious beliefs,” he said. “But we don’t have to discriminate against other people in order to do that. And that’s the compromise that I’m looking for.”

+ Meet Brichibi Cosplay, the Queer, Plus-Size Diva Taking the Cosplay Scene by Storm. Let Briana Lawrence‘s awesomeness be the light at the end of your tunnel today!

Briana and her partner

Briana Lawrence (right) and her partner Jessica Walsh

+ What Queer Parenting Is Like When You Live in a Homophobic State by Katherine Clover.

+ Sagittarian Matters with Nicole Georges is a podcast you should be listening to! From Rookie‘s recommendation:

The Sagittarian Matters podcast is the latest venture from self-described “gay, feminist, vegan cartoonist” Nicole Georges. It features interviews, reviews, and advice from rad women: It’s basically like listening to a cool older sister talk while you both sit on the floor of her room and eat pretzels. Some of my favorite moments are when musician Beth Ditto shares stories of touring through Europe with her band Gossip, when artist Liz Prince talks about making comics, and when Nicole Georges talks about…anything and everything.

+ 10 Reasons Why Cherno Biko Is Not Cait.

+ The Most Homophobic Tweets in America Are Coming From These Cities. Come on, Buffalo.

Doll Parts

+ Ah yes, The Return of DIY Abortions.

In 2015, in the United States, there were about 119,000 searches for the exact phrase “how to have a miscarriage.” There were also searches for other variants — “how to self-abort” — and for particular methods. Over all, there were more than 700,000 Google searches looking into self-induced abortions in 2015.

+ Oh man. Ok this is really great, but also really upsetting and just a lot, re: rape/rape culture in general. But great! For Us by Christina Bartson.

+ Distant Echoes of Slavery Affect Breast-feeding Attitudes of Black Women

+ Here’s an interview with Thao Nguyen, which you will maybe like.

+ A Week’s Worth of Reflections On My Ugly, Sexy, Old, Beautiful Body by Tina Plantamura.

+ Gutsy Girls and Emotional Daredevils by Courtney Martin. Here’s Maria Popova’s review on Brain Pickings as well: The Gutsy Girl: A Modern Manifesto for Bravery, Perseverance, and Breaking the Tyranny of Perfection. Now I really want this book!

+ Eleven Canadian Women on Sexism and the Struggle for Gender Parity.

+ Intense Women’s Armwrestling Battles.

+ A Week on the Road with a Female Trucker.

+ How Female Computers Mapped the Universe and Brought America to the Moon FUCK YEAH. Thanks Natalie Zarrelli!

+ Women Who Make Art About Other Women.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How Can I Teach When My Students Are Packing Guns? by Keffrelyn Brown. “Texas’ new concealed-carry campus law will create an atmosphere of classroom standoff—and make it impossible to have certain conversations.”

+ Will the New SAT Better Serve Poor Students?

+ The Case for Closing Youth Prisons by Kanya D’Almeida.

+ We Need a Decolonized, Not a Diverse, Education by Zoé Samudzi.

+ Um, happy National Cereal Day?

+ People like Zootopia.

And Finally

Thank You For Being a Friend: The Oral History of The Golden Girls!


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  1. So I just read “for us” and now i’m crying at work. Welp. whenever I read a piece like this I always want to yell to the character / narrator / real person this happened to “DEFEND yourself ! Enroll the female cop, maybe she’ll stand with you !

    and then I remember that in the situation you’ve got the weight of the institutions and patriarchy and the uniforms, and you feel fucking small, and it triggers something in you to just shut up and keep your head down, only to be fucking angry at yourself once you’re on your own, two hours after the facts.

    This piece was interesting because it happens, and then she does try to fight back and of course she is called hysterical, and then she goes home and they process but nothing changes. Ugh. I want to flip a table right now.

  2. I’m gobsmacked! Nathan fucking DEAL, considered the worst governor in America*, said that and followed through with a veto!

    *I think my own, Maine’s Paul LePage is worse, but WTH, they’re both scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Personally, I think that the threat of industries pulling out because of the bill, especially the entertainment and even some auto manufacturing, which are pretty big here, was what really motivated him to do it, not whatever is left of a moral compass. (for those less familiar with GA politics, Deal is pretty gross, dealt with lots of ethics violations, etc).

      BUT I’m still SHOCKED he’s now on the record as saying that!!

  3. Omg Laneia that sounds like one of the all-time worst grocery store experiences ever. Nothing gets me more upset than when I look at my receipt and realize I only had 4 out of the 5 things I needed for the Buy 5 Save $5.

    This would probably be the wrong time to brag about getting 2-pound bags of rice for 89 cents each at my grocery store last night. I almost got 10 bags instead of 5 but I decided that would probably be too much rice.

    I definitely enjoyed that Thao Nguyen interview because I had no idea she had a new album coming out! Now I have something new to listen to at work today yay!

  4. There’s a woman in jail in Tennessee right now on attempted murder charges for a botched “DIY” abortion. Her name is Anna Yocca. There’s been so little press or advocacy for her. It surprises me a little–you’d think feminist groups would be talking more about her and trying to advocate for her, but not really. It blows my mind. If you can get pregnant, abortion affects you, as does the legislation surrounding it, even if, like me, you’re not having sex that can get you pregnant. These things are important. These women are important.

  5. That situation with the sauce sounds horrifying! I think I would’ve debated just running right out of the store and never coming back

    Once Alex’s dad sent her to the grocery store to get something and they had a coupon or something but it was crowded and stressful and she forgot and then when she came home with the stuff he made her go back and get the discount she’d forgotten to ask for. So it’s a good thing you live with Megan and not Alex’s Dad

  6. Oh my god “For Us”. Thank you for sharing. It’s beautiful and terrible and beautiful and terrble, repeating and cycling. It puts into words so many things.

    It brings to mind all the times I couldn’t protect a woman or girl because I didn’t have the power or means or because I was just to scared.

    It brings to mind “the next girl” (and the next), the girls who were assaulted after me because I didn’t know how to speak out against him.

    It brings to mind all the rage and fire and passion that comes up when I fight now and how despite everything, in those moments I still am incredibly cautious and careful to make sure I keep my emotions in an even tone so I am not “hysterical”.

    And it drives home how incredibly fiercely protective I feel about every single woman I meet. (I need to keep them safe. Every single one. It’s a lot and I can’t always get it right. But I have to try.)

  7. When you know your state or city is going to be high on the because both “in-group reclamation” and actual derogatory language which gets further split by over-privilege brats and the not privileged up holding what privileges they do have in cis heteronormative patriarchy, but still feel awkaaaaard.

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