Also.Also.Also: Ah Yes Religious Liberty, That Old Chestnut and Other Stories for Your Weekend Jr.

Good morning! Not sure if you’ve heard the good news but we launched our 13th theme issue yesterday and it’s pret-ty great!

Queer as in F*ck You

They keep interviewing King Princess and by jove, I keep sharing those interviews with you! IT’S WHAT I WAS HIRED TO DO. I take this job VERY seriously ok. King Princess Is Here To Make Queer Youth Feel Like Royalty.

His Gay Daughter Killed Herself At 23. His Message: “Don’t Mess Up Like I Did.” An interview with Nathan Mathis (the dad who protested outside the Roy Moore rally 2017) by Tori Truscheit. You will cry so like, just be ready for that. Ok.

Coming Out Twice, and Being a Lesbian in 2018 by Catherine Bouris.

Study Finds LGBT Youth Face Tougher Time As First Offenders.

Project Contrast: What It’s Actually Like to Be Queer In This Country.

Why Are There So Few Queer Female Coming-of-Age Movies? Wait I know this one.

Half of LGBT Millennial Adults Haven’t Come Out.

Consider supporting Transcapsule! The transition-tracking app! Or how about this project that Alexis thought you’d want to know about, Heartwood: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy!? There are so many things to support in this world!

Beyond Representation: Visibility in Media Won’t Save Us by Hari Ziyad.

Senate Bill To Require Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Data By 2030 Census.

Jeff Sessions’ ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ Declares Holy War on LGBT People. (This is such a good headline.) (The fact that appreciation for the headline is my first inclination here instead of like, you know, misery and dread, sure does say something! Wheeee!)

Listen, Vanessa wanted me to share this with you: House of Kens. You’re welcome.

Tiara thinks you’ll like this! Shezam: a podcast about women in magic!

Black, Queer, and ‘Super-Size’ BBWs Challenge What Society Sees as ‘Acceptably Fat’ by Jessie Sage.

I Thought My Transness Would Betray My Blackness. I Was Wrong. by Loni Amor.

Megan Rapinoe Is Still Pulling All The Right Strings by Lauren Theisen.

Saw This, Thought of You

How to Spend Your Privilege by Brittany Packnett.

New Robyn song:

Also here are The 200 Greatest Songs By 21st Century Women and Nonbinary People.

Set aside some time for this one — like, you probably don’t have it in you to read it right now, so don’t try. Just save it for tonight maybe. The Graveyard Game by Kristen Arnett.

Aidy Bryant-Led Comedy ‘Shrill’ Picked Up to Series at Hulu.

Please join Carmen in thoroughly enjoying this slice of greatness: 4 Solutions to Under-Boob Sweat, Illustrated by Emily Flake.

Sometimes Your Car Goes in the River by A.E. Osworth.

The Decline and Fall of Diet Coke and the Power Generation That Loved It. Moment of silence.

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  1. My trump-voting mom has been addicted to coca cola/diet coke since the early 80s (she became diabetic sometime in the early aughts and made the switch) and it gave me great joy to inform her that trump’s aluminum tariffs will be driving up the cost of her precious elixir. She only drinks it out of a tumbler with ice and a straw so those straw ban think-pieces have had her riled up for awhile now.

    • Without context, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into except that it was written by A.E. and therefore very much worth reading because they are Very Talented. I WAS NOT PREPARED TO CRY, but like, I also kind of NEEDED to read it and cry, you know? It did not disappoint is what I’m trying to say.

  2. 2day i was like “ma i’m really freaked about the religious liberty task force” and she screamed “I’M SO MAD ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY DO” & was like “ok but like, i’m literally nervous for literally myself” but it was too late she was ranting about Sarah Huckabee Sanders again

    • I feel this. My parents have been really closely following the international stuff (russia, tariffs, etc) and that’s always the first thing they get amped up about and I’m like, ok I get that given your career history it makes sense you’d notice this stuff and it’s definitely concerning on the macro level but guys? This is fucking personal and I don’t think you’ve fully grasped how scared I am/we are. But at the same time I recognize that I’m lucky that at least my immediate family is on the same page politically, so I don’t really address it head on?

  3. Reading the second headline reminded me of what inspired Prayers for Bobby. I’m guessing Sessions is fighting for the sake of that religious pedo judge even though they like to do anti LGBTQ+ things “for the sake of the children.” Um.

    I only drank Diet Coke because I have diabetes but I eventually stopped once I found out what aspartame does. It never occurred to me that people would turn it into something worth analyzing dramatically.

  4. I saw from Heather on twitter that The Miseducation of Cameron Post is out in the US and her comment about not reading any more reviews from men re films about queer women (a. Jealous it is out in US, b. I hope we’ll be getting a review from Heather, c. absolutely re the male reviewers). I googled to find UK release date (7 Sept, so long to wait) found a review of The Miseducation in The Guardian by a man. Then searched The Guardian website and found two other articles about the film by two different men. Emailed the Guardian to point out that having 3/3 reviews written by men is not even statistically representative (I mean of women in the population as a whole), and suggested where they might find queer female reviewers for future reference, pointed out that there are number of non mainstream coming of age lesbian films and one of the reasons they weren’t classed as mainstream is because mainstream media isn’t reviewing them. Then this evening I saw you had linked to the Guardian article.

    The Guardian frustrates me. They’re more left wing than a lot of the mainstream press but they still lack diversity in their writers (I mean they have some diversity but not enough) and they have in the past given TERF views uncritical coverage.

    I am not sure what my point is other than autostraddle is far superior to any media run mainly by straight people.

    • Yes, this. I would extend that to the Labour party too- lots of talk, not much action- considering that the Tories have had 2 female PMs now, while Labour are still trying to work out how they feel about Judaism.

      To extend the parenthesis, do you ever feel like you slightly don’t want straight people to sully lesbian films by watching them and having opinions that don’t have the right context? Especially if they think the film’s rubbish- and you’re like- it’s speaking to me! Don’t judge the community because you didn’t like this film! It isn’t for you!

      • Absolutely. Straight people having views on queer things they don’t understand is currently annoying me a lot. I just read Heather’s review of this film. I related/connected to her review. I did not connect with The Guardian’s review at all.

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