Also.Also.Also: Ah, Behold the First Signed Anti-LGBTQ Law of 2017 and Other Stories for Your Week

Hi hi hi good morning hello! It’s been four whole days and I haven’t killed my sourdough starter! Her name is Butch.

Direct Action

+ Perfect Protests Don’t Exist, But We All Have a Part to Play.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ South Dakota Governor Signs First Anti-LGBT Law of 2017.

+ Why Justice for Queer and Trans Youth Goes Beyond Bathrooms.

+ Kristen Stewart: “It’s not confusing if if you’re bisexual. For me, it’s the opposite.”

+ Follow Debbie-Jean Lemonte (The Loc’d Bella) and Sara Geffrard (A Dapper Chick) on their 52 Weeks Across America!

+ Giving Voice to Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Sexual Violence.

+ Iconic Transgender Bodybuilder Janae Kroc Isn’t Finished Dreaming.

+ The Advocate is running a series of Queer Women Who Paved the Way and each installment is a blessing — Motorboat Racer Joe Costairs, Political Pioneer Elaine Noble, and Playwright Lorraine Hansberry so far.

+ Now Use Yelp to Find Gender-Neutral Restrooms.

+ SAY YES TO THE DRESS LESBIANS !! It aired last night, so I’m sorry that I didn’t find out about this sooner.

+ After Having Her Heart Broken, This Queer Woman Started Living Her Dream In A Van In The Desert. Even better news, you can follow her on IG.

+ Exploring Female Masculinity, in Photos.

+ The Life-Changing Power of Lesbian Monica Lewinsky Fanfic.

+ Support Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 2)!

+ Join the Barbara Smith Caring Circle to help support one of the original founders of the Combahee River Collective. Smith was a key figure in the creation and realization of modern intersectional feminism and her contributions to your life today can’t really be overstated. Make a monthly donation and share the link with your friendos.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Margaret Atwood on What The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump. Related: Hulu is Filling SXSW With Silent Handmaids.

+ If the EPA Doesn’t Believe in Science, What Is It Good For?

+ LGBT Centers Are Getting Vandalized and No One’s Talking About It. To be fair, this country’s a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord of fiery fuckshit these days, it’s almost like, where do you even begin? What do we eat/scream about first, truly.

Doll Parts

+ It’s Time to Tax Liquor Before Ladies — Lawmakers trying again to end sales tax on diapers and tampons in California.

+ Fat Girls Hiking Wants You to Love Your Body — And Take it Outside.

+ The Quest to Reveal Science’s Hidden Female Faces.

+ Not a Girl, Not Yet a Cannibal: Julia Ducournau Talks Her Body-Horror Film Raw.

Keep Up

+ What’s Next for Gavin Grimm’s Case.

+ Daniela Vargas, Detained After Speaking About Deportation Fears Is Released.

+ Because White Men Can’t Police Their Imaginations.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ A History of Coin Elongation Machines.

+ How Doctors Treat Mental Illness with Psychedelic Drugs.

And Finally


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  1. I was literally sitting at the computer yesterday evening wondering why all the cabin and van life accounts are run by other-sex hipster couples. “Surely, there must be some queer women cabin and van accounts” I thought, but my searches came up empty. Thank you, Laneia and Autostraddle!

    • I’m not a full-time car life person, but if my health things settle down a bit, this summer will be summer #4 of living out of the civic (not a car I’d recommend living out of…but you take what you got and what I got is a honda civic) and my instagram is viaholliday so feel free to follow me if you want. And if my health things don’t settle down, then instead of whitewater and the whole dirtbag life shebang, you’d get lots of photos of my fricken adorable cats and my dog instead so like win/win for potential followers.

  2. I just read The Handmaid’s Tale for the first time finally (well, listened to the audiobook – narrated by Clare Danes) and when they finally got to the “how the world got like this” part it scared the pants off me. Bad, bad world.

  3. Oh man, this was so good! I read a bunch of the links! Hopefully, the bill to get rid of the sales tax on diapers and tampons gets passed. Also, I’m so glad that Daniela Vargas was released! The Margaret Atwood piece was SO GOOD.


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