Also.Also.Also: Activism and the Importance of LGBTQ Bookstores

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Queer as in F*ck You

Authors and Activism: A History of LGBT Bookstores

In 1993, Team Dresch Started a Riot. Now the Queer Punks Feel More Vital Than Ever.

How I Got My Job: Cookbook Author Julia Turshen LOVE JULIA TURSHEN.

How a Conspiracy Theorist Father Inspired This Super Queer Podcast

Activist Forms Two Spirit Society for LGBTQ Native Americans in North Dakota

Once Hidden, Black LGBTQ Community in Virginia Finds Voice

Saw This, Thought of You

Want To Know the Future for Climate Action? Listen to POC

Seven Rules for Working From a Coffee Shop — this article waits until the very last sentence to answer the only question I’ve ever had about coffee shop work etiquette.


Do Works by Men Toppled by #MeToo Belong in the Classroom?

The NCAA Will Evolve, or Die

Political Snacks

Human Rights Campaign Partners With 6 Prestigious U.S. Law Firms to Challenge Trump on LGBT Rights

A 29-Year-Old Mayor Gave His City’s Poorest Residents $500 a Month. Here’s How They Spent the Money.

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  1. Shout out to Chosen Books in Michigan for keeping it going after all these years. When I worked at Noir Leather in Royal Oak they were still next door, but last year they had to move down to Ferndale. I’m glad they were able to reopen!

  2. I read that Stockton UBI article and it reminded me that Alaska for years, even under Republican control, has had UBI for years. Everyone gets between $1000-$2000 depending on income. From my understanding, it has worked well enough that repealing it has become a hard task.

  3. I just came here to say that I read Giovanni’s room in a daze and don’t remember much of it except for this line that broke me: “you bring me fever but no delight”.

    At the time I was like “wow, this seems deep” and then I went and had a huge lesbodrama and YUP, it checks out.

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