Also.Also.Also: California’s ACLU Says White Supremacist Violence Is Not Free Speech, and Other Stories You Need

I can’t think of anything chill to say because I can’t think of anything other than the doctor appointment I have this afternoon!! I hope you dance!!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Health Experts Outline Ways to Provide Better Care for Lesbians.

+ Atari Partners with LGBT Media to Make More Inclusive Games.

+ Louisiana Governor Seeks Reinstatement of LGBT-Rights Order.

+ St. Vincent to Direct Film Reimagining ‘Portrait of Dorian Gray’.

+ Could FaceApp Have Told Me I Was Trans?

+ Pakistan May Soon Put The U.S. To Shame On Transgender Rights.

+ ?.

+ It’s Not Too Late to Save ‘Take My Wife’!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ So You Want to Fight White Supremacy.

+ 3 Democrats Call on Congress to Censure Trump Over His Disgraceful Response to Charlottesville.

+ Taqiyah Thompson, Woman Who Pulled Down Confederate Statue In Durham Arrested, Charged With Two Felonies. Also: Crowds of Residents Line Up to Turn Themselves In After Activists Remove Confederate Statue.

+ These Are the Locals Who Get the Story of Charlottesville Right.

+ “This Isn’t Us”.

Doll Parts

+ Dashcam Video Shows Police Sexually Assaulted Texas Woman, Lawyer Says.

+ Women of Color Are Exposed to More Chemicals in Beauty Products Than White Women Are, Researchers Say.

+ Oregon Becomes the First State to Make Abortion Accessible to All Women.

+ A New Look at How Autism Affects Girls.

+ On TV, the Only Good Girl Is a Dead Girl.

Keep Up

+ ACLU of California Statement: White Supremacist Violence Is Not Free Speech.

+ The Whole Point of Confederate Monuments Is to Celebrate White Supremacy.

+ In Appalachia’s Opioid Crisis, Children and Teens With Addiction Issues Are Overlooked.

+ How to Describe Extremists Who Rallied in Charlottesville, according to the AP.

+ Baltimore Takes Down Its Confederate Monuments.

+ They Got Hurt at Work, Then They Got Deported.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How to Watch the Solar Eclipse From Anywhere.

+ America’s Craft Breweries Are on an Environmental Crusade.

+ Mixing LaCroix and Booze.

And Finally

Dolly Parton.

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    • Ah no that was Sherman’s March and people like Colonel Spoons.

      There’s also an essay’s worth of how Post-Reconstruction was the South shooting itself in the foot. The North let us destroy ourselves. That Facebook fellow is a grasping fool, but like majority of America I think is pretty ignorant past the Civil War leading to the 13th Amendment and that Lincoln was assassinated.

  1. What happened to that lady in Texas is absolutely horrifying. It somehow seems even worse that it was a woman police officer who apparently believes/was instructed that this type of horrific assault is how she should routinely perform her job of “protecting and serving”.
    My stomach literally turns thinking of it.

  2. That’s exactly who I looked up to…

    “Butcher says that when growing up in Akron, Ohio, she never saw women on television that reflected who she was. “The closest I got,” she says, “was a Punky Brewster, Rudy Huxtable, or Jo from the Facts of Life.””

  3. Every time I read about aspie girls I wonder if I should have been diagnosed or not. I think retaining aspergers as a diagnosis & teaching ppl its upsides would have helped a lot.
    Part of me is just normal. Part of me is normal if I accept my mind works like a guys mind/I just can’t fit sexist expectations (I identify that as my male side, I don’t nurture or empathise as women are expected to but I’m better than most men I know). Then part of me actually is definitely is aspie. Some of that is bad (meltdowns, sensory processing, tied into routine) but some isn’t (I have a whole imaginary world, I refuse to say that’s bad as it comes from same bit of my brain that’s a writer & I’m aware it’s imaginary, my routine actually keeps me very focused on work, I’ve met friends & deepened my knowledge of the world through my specialist interests, I was a reader from 3 and like an adult at 7).
    I think more articles on aspie adult women/afab ppl would help me.
    I’m not some tragic tale of autism as seen on tv, I know that much. But then who is?

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