Also.Also.Also: A Tiny Tegan and Sara Concert and Other Stories From the Week

Happy Pie for Breakfast Day!! I had pecan.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Give to this Urgent Launch Funds for Local Muslim Organizing Collective.

+ Help for Flint.

+ Standing Rock Syllabus.

+ Standing Rock Allies Resource Packets.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The Trans People Who Are Detransitioning To Stay Safe In Trump’s America.

+ Jack Gutiérrez Talks Being A Non-Binary Journalist And Real Tips To Help You.

+ Alison Bechdel had to make a new Dykes to Watch Out For: Same As It Ever Was, Only Much Worse.

+ Is Mike Pence Being Trolled After Gay ‘Cure’ Ban Bill is Named After Him?

+ Wall Street Opposed HB2, But Will They Oppose Bigotry in the White House?

+ Tegan and Sara Doing a Lil’ Tiny Desk Concert.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Wall of Us: Four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox each week.

+ 10 Ways to Resist Donald Trump.

+ How Hard (or Easy) It Will Be for Trump to Fulfill His 100-Day Plan.

+ Jesus Electoral Christ, Jill Stein Actually Raised Over $2 Million to Fund a Vote Recount.

+ Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Ivanka Trump for One Fucking Second.

+ What I’m Doing To Get My Black Ass Ready For The Next 4 Years.

+ ThinkProgress Will No Longer Describe Racists as ‘Alt-Right’. Same!

+ STEM Women in the Time of Trump: An Open Letter From and To Female Scientists.

+ Brietbart News Blacklisted by Ad Tech Company for Violating Hate Speech Rules.

+ Denial Maintains Supremacy.

Doll Parts

+ Pushing Back on the House’s Abortion Provider “Witch Hunt”.

+ The NYPD Arrests Women for Who They Are and Where They Go — Now They’re Fighting Back.

+ How Women Are Going From Climate Victims to Climate Leaders.

+ I’m Not Brave, I Just Have Cancer.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Who, What, Where, and Weaknesses of Sanctuary Cities.

+ Hackers Can Use Your Headphones to Spy On You.

+ Turkey Withdraws Child Rape Bill After Street Protests.

+ Shop at These Worker Friendly Stores This Black Friday.

+ How Pessimism Can Impact Your Health.

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  2. Still don’t see the big deal about Tegan and Sara but whatever makes you gay is fine by me.

    I had to create a lot of tabs and bookmarks for the links. There is a lot of good stuff to read. I might comeback later to comment about it. I’m not too thrilled about reading more stuff about Voldemort especially after reading more about his tax plan. Ugh.

    My advice: learn the differnce between credits and deductions for your taxes. Do research on tax laws before the tax season starts ince the human cheeto takes office. Speak to tax professionals to maximize your tax savings. Get some investment income that is federal tax free people. Use tax deferred accounts like 529 College Savings plans and charitable plans….. anyways, i went on a tangent here but it is important.

  3. Thank you for the “I’m not brave, I just have cancer” link. While I don’t have cancer, it really captures a lot of the feelings that go with being chronically ill and very unhealthy at 23. It’s been a full year since I’ve been healthy. It’s frustrating that my answer for what I want for Christmas this year is the same as last year: to not feel sick, a body that works, a healthy body. To not be in pain every single day. Hell, I’d settle for a diagnosis, so I could stop having stress dreams that this undiagnosed pain is something that will kill me.

    Though nobody has called me brave–because chronic pain is invisible I get called lazy and useless and told I’m not doing enough. Not that I want to be called brave (because people have said that for being queer, for being trans and it always leaves a sour taste in my mouth) because that’s awkward at best, but it would at least acknowledge the struggle.

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